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Isekai Shoukan Wa Nidome Desu - Chapter 55


Chapter 55
55 Yuuhi dog

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Author's note: She didn't become a total M .


Around the time Elka's group started their battle, at another place――――――


’’You've finally arrived here, everyone . ’’

The place Yuuhi was in which seemed to be a somewhat cleared plaza, finally Kouma's group and classmates have arrived there .

The field of vision was poor by the rain, but they mutually took off the hood of the raincoat and confirmed their faces .

’’Why......are you on that side?’’

’’It's simple, you know Kouma-kun . I am siding with the demons . ’’

’’Why......? Why are you siding with them! Yuu!’’

Shouted Jirou, unable to bear it .

He wished that it was a lie, he wished that she was brainwashed .

However her gaze was straight as an arrow .

Her strong eyes filled with definitive conviction let them understand whether it was true or false that she was sane .

That was hopelessly――――――sad .

’’Yuu......You got a reason for this don't you? Talk to us......You've always gotten along with us......with the four of us and the class, didn't you......’’

’’Reason? Ah, that would be......’’

Yuuhi once again thought about the reason for her to be hostile towards them .

However she thought and thought, but all what appeared was Setsu's face .

If he sides with the demons, then she would also go to the same place .

If he sides with the humans, then she would also fight together with those currently in front of her .

If he sides with the beastmen, then she would not be in this place, but in the beastmen continent .

If he doesn't side with anyone, then she would be next to him who would be walking freely .

In other words, her reason was because she wanted to be near Setsu who was her everything and everyone .

But, saying that in front of so many people is, as expected, something she was reluctant to do so .

’’......Well, I'll tell you if you can win from me . ’’

Yuuhi stopped talking any more than this and then orange flames spouted out from her whole body .

That was the combat ready Hanabashira Yuuhi nobody knew .

The raincoat she was wearing immediately dried and burned out and the special combat uniform produced for Yuuhi revealed its figure .

A short pants and clothes that were based around the color white and a chest protector attached to it;the classmates has never even once seen that appearance of hers .

With heat resistance that can withstand even her powerful flames and yet being mobile, those clothes which would not easily let an attack through would show its appearance when Yuuhi has decided the opponents she must take down .

’’Do we really......have to fight?’’

’’If you don't fight――――――you will just die, you know . ’’

A ball of fire appeared above Yuuhi's head .

That which was shining in orange gradually became gigantic and before long it released a sun like presence .

In an instant the words were stolen from Kouma's group .


’’Gh! Kouma! We're doing this!’’

’’Ye- yeah......Got it . ’’

Being hit by Yuuhi's clear intent to kill, each of Kouma's group reluctantly took their weapons in their hand .

Although Kouma was hesitating until the end, he perhaps hardened his resolve at the end and looked straight towards Yuuhi .


He drew out a golden shining sword from the empty air .

It released a a sacred light, seemingly wanting to say ’’This is a sacred sword . ’’

Yuuhi looked at everyone standing ready and smiled meaningfully .

’’That is good――――――’’

――――――I'll also show my full strength .

She said as the last part of her voice was drowned out by a mysterious voice .

’’Aaaaah! I ain't making iiiiit!’’

Someone was falling from the air while shouting with a loud voice .

That person landed a little in the center between Yuuhi and Kouma .

’’Ow ow......I knew I would get numb from that height . ’’

’’......Yo-, you're......’’

Everyone here knew him .

They didn't instantly notice it because his hair was cut and his appearance changed from the time they were in Japan, but it was certainly the man they also knew .

Being summoned, having no abilities, expelled in a few days and rumored to have died by the roadside, one of the classmates――――――


’’Ooh, it's Yuuhi . Long time no see . ’’

Suzaki Setsu, had landed on this continent .

’’This is bad’’

I'm currently in the clouds .

Even though I was supposed to have transferred from the beastmen continent, why am I in such a place?

And also what happened to Shironeko, Mineko and Roa?

I, who's in the middle of a glorified fall, was thinking of nothing but those sort of things .

Apparently the cause is that the guy who invoked the transfer magic circle kind of made a mistake with the transfer coordinates .

I was in a hurry, so a certain level of mistake can't be helped .

But how is it that I got transferred higher than the clouds?

If I fall down like this then I think I can put my feet on the continent right below, but......Is this really the demon continent?

Mmhhh......I can't really see with the rain......


While I was I was doing all that, I already got close to the ground .

If I'm this close then I won't be on time in casting floating magic and even if I do it'll be a crash course to the ground without me being able to drop enough of my speed on time .

’’Aaaaah! I ain't making iiiiit!’’

I twist my body out of necessity and forcibly landed on my two legs .

My knees went numb, but nothing else anywhere .

But someone would have died if it wasn't me you know......

’’Owow......I knew I would get numb from that height . ’’

It feels strange that I would only get numb from falling down from that height even if I say so myself .

’’......Yo-, you're......’’

Oops, I'm surrounded I guess .

Or actually, they're all my classmates on a closer look .

Them being here means this is the acclaimed battlefield on the demon continent .


Which means, this girl is also naturally here .

’’Ooh, it's Yuuhi . Long time no see . ’’

I look over my shoulder and at that place was my always familiar childhood friend Hanabashira Yuuhi .

Because the quality of her magic power became unbelievable, I couldn't immediately notice her .

Extremely difficult training must have been――――――



Letting out a stupid voice, I staggered forward .

Yuuhi suddenly jumped at me, so I didn't try to avoid her .

’’Ye- yeah......What's up?’’




’’Ye- yeah!’’

’’Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun Yuki-kun!’’


Yuuhi rubbed her face on my chest, sniffed me and ran her fingers through my body .

The itchiness and her head scraping on me is a little uncomfortable .

’’Yuuhi, separate a little from――――――’’

’’I don't wanna!’’

’’That's quick!?’’

Yuuhi's frolicking didn't stop .

Even my face was rubbed by her cheeks while she was at it, it's about to it's about to turn into a situation we can't shown to the public .

Uoh......don't rustle my hair......also don't squeeze my chest, give me a break already .

’’Kuh......Yuuhi! Stop!’’



Yuuhi's movement suddenly stopped .

Yuuhi, who didn't want to stop that much, began doing nothing and kept still at a terrifying level .




’’Oops, you'll get dirty like this......Stand up’’


’’......turn around’’




’’Turn right’’


’’Another turn’’





’’Ugh......The hell is thiis!?’’ (T . N . I think this was a reference to some comedy show called ばーん)


’’I've become healthy!’’

’’Your hand’’


’’Your second one’’


’’Say woof . ’’



’’No way......what are you trying to make me do in front of everyone, Yuki-kun......? But if it's an order――――――’’

’’What!? What are you talking about!?’’

I don't want you to react to a strange part . This was a solid performance .

Or rather why is only the part you talked back on so old are you......

Nevertheless......This is that right? A dog .

Hanabashira Yuuhi, has become a dog .


I came to see that girl's face as she says『I have trained her as your faithful dog . Please feel free to use her as you see fit』 with a triumphant look .

Elka isn't an M except towards me after all......It looks like she's been doing as she pleased quite a bit .

’’Yuuhi, how were you trained by Elka?’’

’’If I'm ordered by Yuki-kun, then I would show absolute obedi――――――’’

’’Alright already, I get it . ’’

Elka, I shall praise you for not polishing Yuuhi into the miss pervert like you .

But Yuuhi wasn't this kind of girl .

Yuuhi was a japanese who could say no .

What are you doing, breaking that into something else......

’’? What's wrong?’’ ears are growing on Yuuhi's head......I can actually see a tail......

I guess she'll be in for a punishment, that extreme woman .


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