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Isekai Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Obaachan - Chapter 61


Chapter 61 - Making Breakfast

Nto, what else can I make?

Epi for the side dish? Uun, I don't have soup stock, I wonder if I could mince sour leaf with and mix it with other vegetables in the vinegar and soy sauce? Also...... mugi gohan1? It will be whole wheat because I don't have rice, though...... it's a principle to eat rice with miso soup, isn't it?

Next is, let's see...... it appears they have poultry, let's make soboro2 then? The remaining bit of brown sugar should be finished with this. Kaien, brown sugar, Seu fruit with Onyo, and Poro?

I wonder if I could find natto or fish somewhere later.

Now then, let's make it.

Ufufufu...... Japanese style food after so long. Haa...... how happy I am. I haven't felt anything like this in the past......

Un. Let's stop thinking about the past.

Let's look forward.

A, ara?! Since when was everyone here?

If you are awake, a, at least do the morning greetings, okay?

Eh? They spoke to me, but I wasn't responding?

Ara...... is that so?

I'm sorry about that.

Now then, let's eat. I did my best to make this.

Hey...... I would like to eat while it's warm.

Isn't scolding fine to do later?

Eh? Do I want to deceive you again?

I, I won't do something like that.

F, first of all......




  1. Japanese rice made by mixing barley wheat with rice
  2. A dish made with ground chicken


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