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Isekai Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Obaachan - Chapter 27


After talking about this and that with Iva, the carriage stopped.

When I asked Iva with a gaze...... it appears that she somehow understood......

「Probably, camp site」

Ara, is that already that time? Well then, well then, let's get down and prepare the dinner.

Un. Iva got down first and installed the stairs. She's really attentive child. Ufufu.

「Iva, what would you like to eat?」


Ah, that. Then, let's make a hearty soup with dumplings.

I'm a little worried about the miso, though.

「Ah~ that hit the spot. Baasan's meals are delicious~」

「Thank you, Shien. Would you like tea?」

「I want. Uwa, what is that? It smells nice......」

「Right? I found it on the way」

「Baachan, this, chamomile?」

「That's right. The one from before」

「Short rest?」

「Yes. It's calming, right? Tasty?」


「Ha? Iva is holding a conversation...... Baachan? Since when?」

Ara, everyone is looking this way, what is it?

「Even Iva can do something like chatting」

「No...... that's what only Baasan thinks......」

「Koyu-sama? What have you done?」

「Ara, we have only chatted in the carriage? Right, Iva?」

「Un. Chatted」

Everyone says various things, but we have really only chatted. What else was there to do? Inside a carriage......

We have talked, and there were many things I was curious about. Iva can't speak with whole sentences. Because she can properly follow the conversation, I think that she's just not used to having a conversation.

Also, she seems to be extremely afraid of calling others' names. She normally looks into your eyes when not talking.

But, she averts her gaze during a conversation.

Although I think that something must have happened, I shouldn't forcibly press her for answers, right? We are still just an acquaintances of two days. Ara, only two days have passed? It feels like we have known each other forever.

It would be nice if she told me about it someday, but it would be better if she could overcome it herself one day......

Rather than that, the chamomile tea is delicious. Warm and fuzzy.

☆☆☆ Iris's astonishment ☆☆☆

K, Koyu-sama did something again......

That Iva is chatting.

Iva who only returns the necessary amount of words when talking is......

Moreover, she calls Koyu-sama『Baachan』of her own will.

Even though I couldn't do it in five years......

I'm under impression that it can't be helped because it's precisely Koyu-sama.

I mean, Iva might become able to speak normally. That's a happy thing.

She really is a mysterious person......


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