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Isekai Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Obaachan - Chapter 24


Chapter 24

Iris...... she's lost in thoughts all this time.

Things I could do disappeared.


Shall I sort out my things? How many ingredients I have, how much possessions I have at me?

Umm, umm. Rustling through the pocket. I retrieve the ingredients wrapped in cloth and scarf from the Infinite Storage. Yokkoishotto.

In the carry-on,

seaweed salt, miso, jam, brown sugar, honey, soup stock pack, malt, dried fruits, and biscuits are remaining.

In the wrapping cloth,

tomato, carrot, potato, onion, spring onion, pumpkin, spinach, peach, apple, orange, and wheat flour.

What I collected a while ago,

mint, mugwort, chrysanthemum, chamomile, perilla, rosemary, rosa rugosa, rose.

Also, what I want is pepper andJapanese pepper, red pepper, wasabi, and mustard flavor.

Ah, Japanese ginger, ginger, garlic or Japanese parsley, I would also like flavors like that of mitsuba.

If I were greedy, soybeans or adzuki for soy sauce and miso......

Ah, salt is also needed...... and sugar...... if possible......

I was this greedy, huh?

But, the things I want are all food......

That might be a little miserable......

Ah, there's one thing I want the most. It's bathtub. I want to take a bath. Will we arrive there soon?

...... Thinking about it, haven't I become strange? I mean, the thing I want the most is a bathtub...... I must be tired, surely.

Let's put the things back to the pocket and take a nap......

Ah, ara. Iris was looking at me before I noticed.

I will clean it up right away. Wait a moment, okay?

☆☆☆ Iris's Mutter ☆☆☆

According to Koyu-sama, she can make many delicious things? My heart was thrown out of order.

I mean, it's delicious things, you know?

Even though we ate the same thing when we guided her around the town.

Once traveling, at lunch, it's bread and drink I have never had before.

For dinner, it's dish containing dumplings? Mate1 soup and delicious beverage.

It was so sweet and salty, I have never eaten something so delicious......

Haa...... has Koyu-sama been eating and drinking such things all this time?

When talking about general knowledge about this country in the carriage, she asked about『Bird eggs』. If there are no eggs...... the delicious things will decrease!!

Eh? She will be able to make many more delicious things if she has eggs?! L, let's search for them. But, where do birds make their nests?

While thinking and thinking...... a massive amount of food in front of me......

Koyu-sama...... just how much food do you carry in your Infinite Storage?


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