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Isekai Shoukan Ni Makikomareta Obaachan - Chapter 22


Chapter 22

「For now, let's eat the dinner? Okay?」

Iris's expression looks calm unlike a while ago. I'm glad.

The bacon adds a faintly salty taste to the pancake, the apples are refreshing and the brown sugar's sweetness, un, delicious.

The bacon oil left a brown burn mark at the bottom. It resembles a pie. Crunchy, springy. Would I be able to find cinnamon somewhere? It might be even more delicious then.

The mint tea is also refreshing, un. Delicious. It just appears that there wasn't enough. U~n...... something which can be eaten immediately......

I have nothing......

「Ah~ that was good」

Ara, Shien had enough?


「Did you have enough?」

「It's a noon, after all. N? Baasan didn't have enough? You can eat well」

「Not me, but how about everyone? It was enough for Obaachan like me, but......」

「Ah~...... Sorry, I overate yesterday. It was a taste I have never eaten before, and it warmed my body. My stomach is full. I normally eat about this much?」

「You ate a lot at the inn as well, though?」

「Because you were crying?」

Mou!! Shien~!! I stare at him. Ah, which reminds me, they said this is also a kind of magic, didn't they?! Then, let's stare at him wholeheartedly. Fufu.

「S, stop it please!!」


「I understand, it's my fault!!」

Tsun, tsun.

「I'm sorry!!」

Ufufufu. I won.


「Ah, Iris...... I'm sorry......」

It seems I have made Iris look pale again. I'm disheartened.

「No. Shien is at fault for getting on a high horse. What Koyu-sama does...... I have decided to stop forcibly thinking about it」

Eeh. Iris has forsaken me? What to do? I can feel my face draining of blood.

「Eh...... I...... ah...... I'm sorry......」

「No. Koyu-sama is not at fault. It's just that I have decided not to trying to forcibly adapt my common sense」

「Iris's common sense?」

「Yes. I'm talking about what I have studied in school and what I have learned as an adventurer」

「That means, Iris's experience can't apply to me?」

「That's right. Koyu-sama can use magical power even though you don't know how, right?」

「I certainly don't know, but. It's also doubtful whether I can use it?」

「I think that you are able to use it from what I have seen. Right now, haven't you used『Coercion』specially on Shien rather than on the whole group?」

「is that so?」

「Koyu-sama, I nor Eva has not felt your power, you know? It's the evidence that you can directly and precisely control your power」


「It appears that Koyu-sama can intuitively control the magical power」


「Therefore, I thought. Rather than teaching you how to use it, I thought that showing you directly may be easier to understand for you. At school, I would first memorize the chants, but Koyu-sama can put『Coercion』and『Heal』into operation just by seeing」

Ara, when did I use『Heal』?

「I don't know how much it works, but do not only observe me, but also observe and sense Eva as well」


「Eva is specialized in the enemy detection and presence concealement」

That's right, isn't it?

「Please hide if something happens」

Eh? That's?

「Koyu-sama? It appears that you are still not aware how dangerous you are」


「Haa...... Ma, it can't be helped...... you are Koyu-sama, after all」

You are sighing that much?

「Abudant in magical power, with chantless activation. Your protection is of the Almighty God, right?」

Was that so?

『Status Open』

【Name】Koyu (Enoki Kouyuu)


【Job】Rolled up Person



【Magic Attribute】Holy Dark Space Life

【Skills】Green Hands

【divine Protection】divine Protection of Almighty God

Oh, it's there......

「There is also space and attribute, right?」


「Koyu-sama's bag...... That's not『Magic Bag』, but『Infinite Storage』isn't it?」

Un. You could tell.

「Koyu-sama. Do you intend to use your power for evil or to cause a war?」

「There's no way I could do something like that!」

「That's what I thought. That's why it's dangerous, you know? Infinite Storage is convenient, isn't it? It can carry food and weapons with no limit. There's nothing better for logistical support. Even for wrongdoings. If you put dangerous documents or important things into the Infinite Storage, you can store it without being found by anyone, right?」

「I don't, want to do something like...... that......」

Ah, I see...... which reminds me, there was the thing called slavery collar, wasn't there?

Even though I heard of it! I have already forgotten.

「It seems you have remembered......」

I will do my best to study defense. I will also practice concealment.

「Also...... let's do our best step by step...... there are many things to remember, so do your best please, okay?」

Step by step...... Iris has slightly transformed into Shien, didn't she? However, it seems that her mood is better so let's deem it acceptable.


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