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Isekai Shoukan Makikomu Ijousha - Chapter 62


Chapter 62

Isekai Shoukan chapter 62: Hero Side 13

’’......Hee......I don't know how you found my whereabouts......but it has nothing to do with me.’’

Praising the man-in-black in front of him in a intonated tone.

However, Gilbert´s mouth who said that was lifted a little from joy, this smile was blossoming on his mediocre looking face.

It isn't surprising, Gilbert registered at the adventurer's guild on a certain day and continued hunting monsters for about half a year using his own powers discovered by chance and climbed up to A rank.

However, Gilbert has been wearing a red robe and a black eye band, whenever he was active in the adventurer's guild, the soul of the kitchen held about five years has been activated unconsciously.

For that reason, he was hesitant to expose his real face in the adventurer's guild just because he wanted to be popular nowadays.

Sometimes, he scatters remarks that he was working as a blacksmith where there are a lot of people who remark harshly like it was nothing, 'I wondered about the men wearing black robes' identities, what does he need of me?' I turned back and looked with expectation.

’’It took us a while to get this information......I never thought you are working in as a blacksmith......I was really surprised.....Gil Dragonir.’’

’’Stop stop, don't say that name in this current's very embarrassing.’’

Gil Dragonir. It's Gilbert's nickname in the adventurer's guild.

He thought that it was a cool name until about a week after he registered, but lately, it seems really lame, isn't it? Since then he was troubled every day whether to rename himself.

’’I didn't care about this, sorry. Well, let's get to the main subject. It is our duty to behead the present King of the rotten Ederu kingdom in front of the masses and to appoint a new King. ......Will you accept?’’

’’Hey Hey, black-robe guy. There's something more important than that, isn't it? What's going on? What is that?’’

Before the man in the black robe to proceed to talk in a business tone manner, Gilbert made a small circle with his thumb and index finger without answering and asked in gestures what is the reward?

Here are the extreme Miser!

’’Your second name is well deserved. ’’Greedy’’ Gilbert Dragonir. Ah, yes. We should be able to build a good give-and-take relationship with those who cooperate in our strategy like this. Of course, I'm ready. Don't get me wrong, were you thinking to communicate properly afterward? ......Your reward is 30 gold coins, plus earnings.’’

’’......30 gold coins......well, not bad. It's subtle but okay. I´ll take that proposal. I also had trouble with the extent of tax collection with the present king right now.’’

’’......Huhuu, is that so? Well, sorry. The meeting's the black guild, but do you know the place?’’

Listening to Gilbert's words, he spoke with a happy voice.

Black Guild. If you have a criminal record, it's a place that most people have visited, but the man in the black robe felt that Gilbert probably had no criminal record, and while he tried to verify, did Gilbert show a complexed expression.

’’After all, you don't understand? ...... I will drop by this blacksmith once more when the bell rings tomorrow afternoon. Let's guide at that time’’

’’......That's bad. ......Ah, that black robe is extremely cool!! Where do they sell it? Naa? Naa?’’

’’......Do you understand the merit of this robe!?’’

Declaring like spitting it out, I left the blacksmith shop, there were a group of 3 black-robed men, because of Gilbert's question without tension, my feet stopped.

After that, the man who seemed to be the leader couldn't understand Gilbert, but talking about the robes for about an hour made him angry due to how unreasonable question was.


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