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Isekai Shoukan Makikomu Ijousha - Chapter 61


Chapter 61

Isekai Shoukan chapter 61: Hero side 12

This time there is no Hero POV, but a story about Gilbert the blacksmith.

In the middle of a fine weather where the light of dawn falls. Three men who covered their whole body with a black coat were standing in front of a blacksmith store.

’’......Here it is. Let's enter, guys.’’

A man, who seems to be a leader open the wooden door while the sound of a dry bell is ringing. And immediately after stepping into the blacksmith, a voice with a strangely high tension echoed throughout the store.

’’Welcomeee!! Oh, customers, you came at a good timing. I'm on a limited time sale right now!’’

That's the way a man wearing a blue apron came out from the inner room. While being summoned as a hero, he became a blacksmith. And at a first glance, with a proclaimed face, he took out a big sword that seemed different from a usual weapon and made a sound after being placed on the counter while speaking openly.

’’Then, that's it! I especially want to explain to Ichioshi using this big sword!! Please see! This beautifully polished silver-color sword body! If it's a blacksmith, then 10 out of 10 of those people will say that it should be polished like this!! Then, about this cool scabbard!! Just by tapping on this scabbard, it's already giving off a ’’Don't touch it’’ feeling in my head!!’’

The blacksmith begins to break down a detailed explanation without rejecting the opponent's reply at all. Usually, a blacksmith is a person who only opens his mouth when making custom-contact or accounting. That was the interpretation of the public in general and also the impression of the men who are dressed in black coats.

And the three men are confused with the strange behavior of the clerk whose intentions are unknown without exception.

’’Now, everyone. Hunting demons or hunting people......right? This is a big sword. Sharp, well-looking and that has a cool-looking sheath!!’’

Now exaggerating, he puts a frugal sheath beside the big sword. Is it just a flattery to say that the sheath stained with pink is cool? In the latter case, it will be a bad hobby.

’’Now, let me show you its sharpness!! We prepared a piece of paper here. and this paper......ariyaaaAA!!’’

As I said that, I took out a piece of white, fluffy paper from my pocket and threw it towards the air. Then grab the large sword with my right hand to slash the paper, and swing down, but cut off the void without hitting it well. And while an awkward air was flowing, I opened my mouth while pocketing an intact paper that fell to the ground in my pocket.

’’......Yes, then this time, I'll add this scrap iron and the price as it is――――two gold coins.’’

’’.....Hey......we didn't come here to buy something......we have a request for you.’’

The man who seemed to be the leader gave a sigh to the clerk who continued advertising without being discouraged and the story which was the original purpose was uttered again.

’’......It seems that Edith-san disappeared. We, who belong to a certain group, would like to take advantage of this great opportunity in this country. The incompetent royal family of Ederu kingdom was chased away and we decided to create a new country. Now, I'm still teaching bannermen but would you like to join us?’’


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