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Isekai Shoukan Makikomu Ijousha - Chapter 60


Isekai Shoukan chapter 60: Where is the place I can rest?

’’Ah, umm......this is the inn. I think that there are many explanations from my grandpa tomorrow so please rest your body slowly......and I haven't seen anything. I really haven't seen it’’

’’Hey, wait, Seafis. Let's will understand if we Na? So please listen to me......’’

I was treated as a pervert, the cause was a pair of leopard patterned knee high socks that were passed down to me by the owner of the coffee shop, this case is called ’’knee socks incident’’ and I tried to explain myself to the pure innocent boy――Seafis who ran away.

However, while holding some distance to me, he was guiding me to the inn for some reason in order to fulfill his gratitude for his rescue.

’’Haa......tired......yes, I will go to the coffee shop again tomorrow....... I'm sorry to say that I don't complain about the incident.’’

I blinked my eyes for a moment like a flash, and as early as I planned tomorrow's schedule.

Seafis showed me an inn that was a single-story building. It looked exactly the same as a Japanese house.

While I was lost in my thoughts for a moment, did Seafis say ’’I think you'll know immediately because the luggage of those elves is in a room’’, before turning around and leaving me behind?

’’Wow, it's really Japanese style......this inn......’’

I open the wooden sliding door and step into the inside while saying so. I wasn't able to leak a word of admiration because the familiar fragrance of tree and incense was drifting in the inn.

And a woman in a Japanese costume waiting near the entrance tried to guide me, but at that time, the black history of my past flashed before my eyes and attacked me.

Was it three years ago? On the evening of my junior high school graduation, my parents said, ’’Here are two tickets......’’ and I traveled with Kaede to an inn, where we had a lie-smelling game.

At that time, unfortunately, Kaede went to the bathhouse and when I wanted to go too, but I was asked by the landlady ’’Where did you come from?’’ and so on.

In response to such a question, I respond with ’’I'm from the neighborhood’’, ’’Yes’’ and ’’No’’. I was playing as the catcher of the conversation, but after thinking for a second the overall silence suddenly attacked me.

A, aaahh!! The conversation has stopped!! Well, somehow I'm not going to break down this situation......damn, I can't, nothing comes up to my mind!! Haa, while thinking, it's becoming more and more awkward thus.... I'm going to the restroom! Let's go to the restroom without saying anything!! That's it!!

I remembered a foolish memory in my mind that is suppressed by my right hand, even though it's a helpless act or even if it seems to be a dangerous fellow, I refused guidance to escape from the biggest enemy right now and walked quickly to the porch of the hallway which was inside this wooden building.

And 5 minutes to walk. I walked through a wooden corridor that has a brand engraved and I became stiff from amazement before I arrived at a guest room that I and the others might use.

It was undoubtedly a Japanese room and it was a gentle guest room. The green cushion that was only a row horizontally jumped into my eyes. A desk that was made of landscape wooden. Two swords with curved unique shapes. And there was a letter that could be received as well as a dying message whose address was written as ’’Iori’’ in a red letter reminiscent of fresh blood.

I instantly decide without taking the letter. Let's evacuate to the men's bath.

My actions, since I made a quick decision. I left the room to escape like a thief wearing a man's yukata to the men's bath.

Then, I go through the blue curtain that was engraved largely with the word ’’Man’’, finish undressing, and leave the dressing room. It is an evacuation shelter. While wondering, I went with a towel around my waist to the bath, which was a big round-shaped outdoor bath.

However, there was one obstructive thing.

’’Kuuuuu, it is a bit different from drinking alcohol in the bath!!’’

An elf wearing a big towel on her body was sitting on the rim of the outdoor bath while drinking several bottles of sake in the bathtub――it was Edith. Whether if she is hot or drunk, her face was thinly red with white and irritating eyes. 

’’......Why is Edith in the men's bath?’’

Dropping water on her jade-colored hair, I was annoyed of the drinking Edith.


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