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Isekai Shoukan Makikomu Ijousha - Chapter 36


Isekai Shoukan chapter 36: Hero side 5

Yuta Endo view

When the explanation of Roy approached the end, Dijea, who left with Saginomiya, who is my classmate and his maid to somewhere came back all alone.

’’Knight leader, did the explanation to the heroes end? If not, then I will take over......’’

She goes directly to the side of Roy and called out to him. Dijea-san´s mood has changed completely since the time she left and she seems to be really happy.

’’No, don't worry. The explanation to the heroes has almost ended. the necessary part was told, so I'll guide the heroes to their rooms now. There should be some who would like to cry by themselves and some who would like to heal their fatigue.’’

’’That's right huh......OK, I got it. I lead you guys to your rooms at once!! The housemaid or butler who is appointed to your respective room will deal with your demands if you want a meal or something else, therefore relax for now!!’’

After having confirmed Roy´s answer, Dijea turned towards us and spoke with a loud voice so that everyone can hear her. After she finished what she said, a middle-aged butler stepped forward and bowed to us before he started to talk.

’’I`m Buju and I'm allowed to guide you heroes to your rooms. If you need something then call one of the maids or butlers including me. Then please follow me.’’

Buju has a gentle smile on his face so that no one feels unpleasant.

With this behavior, you can conclude that he is an experienced man.

By the way, I was going to follow Buju-san while thinking whether I should take a short break in my room, but there was one girl who turned towards Dijea-san.

It is Kaede Mochizuki.

’’E, Emm!! Where is Io-kun!? I don't see him!!’’

Kaede intended to control her feelings, but she became impatient and felt irritated so she issued some words towards Dijea, who is the princess of this country.

Everyone stopped walking when Kaede talked to Dijea because they attract attention.

Dijea-san wrinkled her eyebrows from thinking who is Io-kun, but after been troubled for several seconds, she raised a small ’’Ah’’ and opened her mouth.

’’That boy? He.........went for a trip.’’

After having been troubled to remember for an instant, Dijea-san deleted her smile and answered Kaede´s question.


Kaede is confused and absent-minded from Dijea´s words.

’’......Ah, he begged me to let him travel. Although I don't permit it normally, I made an exception and let this boy go outside with an attendant. Therefore I say it first, only that boy is an exception. I don't intend to give my permission to other people. I saw that he wanted to leave the castle by all means for some reason. Also, he is a man. The reason probably is that he wants to become strong to protect somebody.’’

Dijea answered Kaede´s question with an unchanging tone.

’’.........I go, too......I go, too!! I follow Io-kun, too!! ’’

Just after she cried so and tried to go out from this room in a hurry, she was obstructed by Dijea-san.

’’It's useless!! Even if you want to go out, I won't permit it!! In addition, the person who followed that boy has a unique mean of transportation. It is impossible for you to catch up with them even if you left the castle now!!’’

Dijea caught Kaede´s arm and shouted loudly.

’’Release me!! I'm not asking for your permission!! If Io-kun leaves, I will leave, too!! Therefore release me quickly!!’’

Kaede tries to break apart from Dijea´s arm, but there is no result. Kaede continued to free herself from Dijea desperately, while finding out that Dijea is really strong.

Seeing Kaede I spoke to Hiineharu-san who is also a student council member like me to calm her down.

’’Kaede calm down, please. Even if you make such a noise, isn't it settled? Will you calm down now? Saginomiya-san will probably return soon.’’

Although she said it in a gentle voice and putting her hand on Kaede's shoulder, she received an angry answer.

’’Don't say such a selfish thing!! You know nothing about me or Io-kun, so don't interfere!!’’

The anger of Kaede is pointed at Dijea. Seeing such a Kaede, Dijea concluded that it is impossible to calm her down and she murmured some words quietly. And the moment she has finished muttering, a small magic circle appeared beneath Kaede´s feet.

Just after the magic circle appeared, Kaede-san began to fall down like a puppet whose thread snapped, however, Dijea supported her so that she doesn't fall to the floor.

’’I only had her sleep a little. It isn't dangerous for her. I will carry her. And I´m sorry to make such a noise. Buju-san show us the way.’’

After having explained it to us who were surprised that Kaede almost fell down suddenly, Dijea apologized.

Buju-san who also saw Dijea and Kaede's conversation nodded and began to guide us.


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