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Isekai Shoukan Makikomu Ijousha - Chapter 30


Chapter 030 - Edith vs Tifal

After Edith put on her leather armor together with two swords, she walks away with slow steps to get some distance from Tifal.

Meanwhile, the curious spectators and the cockscombed man rushed up to the auditorium as fast as possible.

I, at that time, talked with the elder sister who had the se* appeal to arouse the curious spectators.

’’If you don't run away quickly, you will be swallowed!!’’

I was warned. However, my communication disorder recurs here again.

’’E......a, aa.........y, yees!’’

I answered her with a loss of words and avoided eye-contact with her.

.........Noo, it's been a long time since my communication disorder hinders again.Can't I go to the auditorium now? As a former loner, I don't like a large crowd.

I mean seriously, is there no treatment against communication disorder? In the past, I already searched for a treatment for communication disorder and I only found a huge letter saying 『Talk with someone!!』 !! Since I crashed the screen I stopped checking it.

The cockscombed man who saw my state of loss of words laughed giggling while pointing at me.

Seriously what is that fellow doing? Uoooooo!!! The blood vessel around my forehead twitches.

I was able to shake off my anger for the cockscomb and endured it while heading to the auditorium.

As for the elder sister? Where did the elder sister go after she just received my blocked answer?

Well, I only talked lightly this time, so Tifa didn't seem to notice it, huu.........ah? Why do I feel scared so much? Ah? Aahhhee?

At the time Edith takes some distance, Tifal retrieved her large sword from her ring and grasped it with both hands, before she takes a stance.

Edith stopped when she was circa 15m away and turned around towards Tifal´s direction before she closed her eyes and *Huu* take a breath. And she takes a stance while letting her two swords hanging down. Edith entered a natural posture and opened her mouth while her eyes are still closed.

’’.........Is this okay......then, please amuse me? Newbie.........ahaa.’’

At the same time as she finished saying so, she had a broad grin on her face and she greatly opened her eyes. The eyes of Edith are unlike a while ago and changed to bloodshot eyes.

At that moment Edith had an insane smile and she kicked the ground with a delighted laugh before she plunged into Tifal at a terrible speed.

The distance to Tifal is stuffed in an instant and her falcata she has in her left hand aimed for Tifal´s neck.

Although Tifal was astonished a little from Edith´s atmosphere turning so sudden, she jumped back in time to avoid the danger.

Nevertheless, Edith´s attack doesn't end with that blow and she approached Tifal with a terrifying speed again, while slashing out the falcata in her right hand to Tifa's head with all might.

Judging that it was useless to avoid, Tifal receives Edith´s attack with her large sword.

A metallic sound echoed.

’’Ahaa♪ Ahahahahahahahahaha!! This!! This is it!! This feeling, this sound is unbearable, unbearable!! The beeessst!!! More!! Mooorrree!!!’’

Edith trembles with joy that she found an opponent who can fight after a long time. Her jade-green hair shakes greatly, while she roars with an insane voice and she slashes out with her swords without stopping and opening her eyes wider.

Cheering very loudly on the seat it has begun..., the murmuring of the spectators. My eyes change color from black to red soon and I stared at Edith with my red eyes.

Edith's shrill laughter that she went mad is heard and though Tifal knits her face she easily can avoid or parry the incoming attacks. Under the influence of Edith who slashes out while working intensely, the soil was turned over and dust arises.

However, they aren't influenced by the dust cloud and both Edith and Tifal clash with their swords against each other and disregarding the dust cloud.

’’.....You should shut up ...soon!!!’’

Edith's shrill and mad laughter exceed the limit and Tifal roared!! Roaring, Tifal swing out her large sword at Edith with full strength.

With Tifal´s full force blow, Edith crossed her hands immediately and tried to receive the blow with both falcatas, however, the strength is beyond her expectation and she gritted her teeth unconsciously while retreating 2-3 steps she staggered.

The moment when the violent attack stopped, Tifal didn't overlook her chance and stepped forward with her right leg, while hammering out a kick with full strength from her left leg to Edith´s stomach.

Edith received Tifal´s kick while retreating backward and she went flying at lightning speed until she hit the wall of the arena. A dust cloud rolls up from the place Edith landed and at the same time a roar echoes through the arena.

The shrill and insane laughter she heard until just now stopped and silence arose after the roar.

Tifal started her transformation and her eyes changed from blue to red and disregarding the dust cloud, she checked Edith´s state.

Though she was bleeding from her hands to her feets, she stood up without a problem and licked the blood from her hand.

And the silence was interrupted by Edith´s shrill and insane laughter. Tifal saw that Edith seems to be fine and throw out a sigh while hanging her head down.

’’Greatttt!!!! Good!!! Good!!! As expected the fight wouldn't be enjoyable if it isn't like thaaaattt!!!! Aa......this taste......the taste of blood......huhuhuu, ahahahahahahaha!!! Let's continue!! It is still the beginning!! Newbie!!!’’

The owner of that voice is a real pervert who has an ecstatic expression on her face while licking the blood. Iori who saw such a pervert twitching its face......the mood was ruined.

And the onlookers raised surprised voices while staring at the battle completely and showing their admiration.

Something like the wind is around Edith's body and through a dust cloud goes up, she runs at full speed towards Tifal while raising a joyful cry. Edith stopped running at the suitable interval of about 10m away of Tifal and she cried out delighted with a crooked smile.

’’Ahaa♪ Ahahahahahahahahaha!!! 《Helical blade blast》!!!!!《Helical blade blast》!!!!! Fuuun!! Fuuuuuunnnn!!’’

Edith holds her falcatas in her hands while confronting Tifal and when her left hand cut air she swings out her right hand and she switched alternatively.

The moment she swung it, a crescent wind blade appeared from Edith´s favorite falcata to chop Tifal with lighting speed tearing the ground.

Edith cuts down the thin air repeatedly many times and innumerable wind blades pry the ground and attack Tifal.

Trying to deal with the sudden wind blades with her large sword, which she collected from a high goblin from the remote continent, she was hurt here and there. When she received the wind blades with the bottom of her large sword, it broke. The blade cracks after receiving the wind blades for about one minute and breaks with a sound.

When she understands that her blade has broken, Tifal threw it away and she avoided the flying wind blades temporarily. However, the wind blades grazed her at the time she avoided and blood dripped down from her left cheek.

The moment Edith noticed that Tifal´s sword broke she stopped her attack and opened her mouth while still laughing with a shrill and insane voice.

’’Aryaa......Newbie, your sword has broken. I will wait, so take out another sword. It's been a long time since I've felt this pleasant. Therefore, quickly, let's continue quickkklyyy!!!! Ahaa, Ahahahahahahaha!!!’’

Tifal stared with her red eyes at Edith who laughed pleasantly while having an unpleasant expression from the bottom of her heart.

Throwing out a sigh, Tifal changed her expression that made up her mind and opened her mouth.

’’......You're annoying. Its particular annoying that you didn't use your sword from the start......ah......I kill you, I kill you quickly. It's really harsh......’’

Tifal mutters small, huu controlling her breathing, she cast a aria.

’’Dance in ecstasy, the insane soul that creeps out of the dark death abyss, hollow black dark swords that dance in the name of slaughter dance in favor of screams!!! 《Dark sword rondo distortion》!!’’

At the same time as Tifal finished saying it, she raised her right hand to the top and snapping her finger.

Momentarily, a huge and black ring formation is formed below Tifal`s feet and spread with time.

Edith felt that the black formation is dangerous, so she erased her smile and jumped backward to escape.

Immediately after Edith's left the magic formation, a large quantity of black swords came out of it. Their number is approximately 1000.

Tifal swore towards Edith while lifting the edge of her lips.

’’Shall we continue?’’


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