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Isekai Onsen E Youkoso! - Chapter 28


Chapter 28 - The Misunderstood Two

「Iyaa~ We really overdid it. So sorry, both of you」

The church's living room.

Liz who is sitting down on a sofa is apologizing while scratching the back of hr head.

I and Nanase-san are similarly apologizing on the sofa.

「I'm sorry, Kamijou-kun. I did it out of reflex......」

Nanase-san dressed in the school uniform is apologizing while feeling down.

「Iyaa, it's alright. Nanase-san's reaction was normal」

Maa, to me who wasn't even slapped by his own father, Nanase-san's slap in the face was quite intense.

I smile portraying 'Don't mind it' floats on my face while rubbing the stinging cheek.

「Really. Liz hasn't changed a bit since the old days」

「I can't deny that~」

Eiri shakes her head at Liz.

No, I feel like you are also at fault.

The person in question friendly smiles as if she has nothing to do with that.

「Thank you for waiting nanodesu! A supplement after the bath nanodesu yo~」

Tina brought Coffee Milk from the kitchen.

「Oo! What a thoughtful daughter!」

Liz receives the bottle, uncorks it and gulps it down instantly.

「Kuu~!! It's worth living just for this~!」

She's like an old man drinking a beer.

「Thank you, Tina-chan」

「Ehehe~ You are welcome nanodesu~」

Posun, Tina sits next to Nanase-san.

She opens the bottle, holds it with her small hands and starts drinking.

「Puha~ Delicious nodesu~!」

Why are the same movements so different from Liz's?

「Kamijou-kun, Kamijou-kun」

「Wh, what's wrong, Nanase-san?」

Nanase-san covers her trembling lips with her hand.

「What is this cute creature!?」

It seems she was done in by Tina's overflowing pretty aura.

I put a hand on Nanase-san's shoulder and nod.

「I understand, Nanase-san. That smile makes you want to protect it, right?」

「What are you talking about nodesu?」

Tina asks a with a slightly tilted head to the side and a question mark above her head.

Her pure and innocent eyes look in wonder.

「Aaaah~ ...... Cuteee......!!」

You are also plentily cute, though.

Nanase-san loosens her cheeks in agony.

Seeing such expressions she wouldn't show in class, my heart starts throbbing.

I wonder if Nanase-san is perhaps a girl who really likes cats and children?

「Ah, Tina-chan. There's a coffee under your nose」

「Wawa, really nodesu ka?」

「You must not wipe it with your sleeves. Here, stay still」

Nanase-san takes out a pink handkerchief from her pocket and wipes the coffee above Tina's upper lip.

「Here, I wiped it off」

「Thank you nanodesu! Umm......」

「Iori is alright」

「Iori Oneechan, Thank you nanodesu!」

Zukyun, something pierced Nanase-san.

She looks at me with a serious expression and says,

「Kamijou-kun, I have a request」


「Can I bright this child with...... tte, I haven't said anything yet!」

「No is a no. Tina is an important employee」

When I say so, Nanase-san's shoulders drop in obvious disappointment.

Making a face of an abandoned kitten is useless.

Liz who saw our exchange stands up and,

「Now then, it's already late, I should leave. Eiri, how about we go drinking?」

「Good idea. I was just thinking that I would like to go drinking with you」

Eiri also stands up.

「Umm, then me too......」

Liz extends her hand in front of Nanase-san who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

「You stay here overnight」


I and Nanase-san.

We can't believe our ears.

What did this person just say?

「The night is already late. It's terribly dangerous for a young woman to be walking alone at night」

No, that's certainly true, but.

「Umm, then I, together with Liz-san and Eiri-san......」

「Sorry, Nanase. We are going to drink in a bar in the opposite direction of castle」


Nanase-san is nervous and flustered.

I can't be dancing on Liz's palm forever.

I have to give her a lifeboat here.

「Umm, then I will send you to the castle」

「Aren't you saying some poor words, Takuma-kun?」

「Sorry, Nanase-san. I am not able to go against the authority」

Who do you think funded the Onsen?

I couldn't go against her speaking eyes.

「B, but I have a defensive wall skill! If it comes to that......」

「There's a talk of a slasher that crawls up from behind in the dark recently, you know?」

Nanase-san's face turns pale.



Nanase-san is not moving.

Ooi, are you alive?



Nanase-san glares at me with tears in her eyes and says,

「I, it can't be helped this time! It can't be helped! I won't forgive you, if you do something strange, okay!」

...... For reals?

It seems that something unbelievable just happened. I will be spending a night under the same roof as class president.

While not understanding if I feel happy or guilty,

「O, ou......」

I had no choice, but to nod my head.

How should I say this, I can't keep up with the abrupt development.

「Wa~! Iori Oneechan will stay over!? That will be so fun~!」

Only Tina with her usually sparkling eyes is in high spirits.


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