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Isekai Ni Kanaderu Densetsu ~toki Wo Tomeru Mono~ - Chapter 36


The Reflection of The Guild Master

On the way return to Dyle town from the great forest, I was facing a great confuse after seeing my own status.

Increased.... My special abilities and titles were somehow increased! Moreover, weren't these abilities were the special abilities which once owned by that scum... so that means, what was the meaning of this? I've <Identify>that the <hardening>skill had properly returned to uncle Jack. So that there was no <hardening>ability at my just increased abilities. Did that means, these abilities were supposed to be returned to its original owner if they were still alive, but since these skill's owner were already dead so these skill were returned to me instead because I was the one who killed that scum? I've already know about the first part beforehand, but I didn't know about the later part...

In the end, didn't that means I just plundered the abilities from that ability plunderer? I did call Mars as a scum but, I wasn't that different from him either, wasn't I?.... It wasn't written at <Avarice>'s details, so that mean Dr. <Identify>didn't particularly tell me everything, huh. Well, no matter what it would said about that by now, that would be nothing than an excuse, so let's just slowly thought about it at the inn later.

When we arrived at the adventurer guild of Dyle town, the sky was starting to be dyed red.

’’Can you please call the guild master? It's an urgent matter.’’

’’Guild master, isn't it? Please wait a minutes.’’

Seems uncle Jack asked the receptionist girl to call the guild master. I couldn't see Mizari's presence inside the guild. Nevertheless, seems like uncle was quite respected by the adventurers here. The evidence was even though right now the guild was crowded as usual, everyone handed over their turn to uncle without saying any complaint. That wasn't because they were scared of him, weren't they? Perhaps I also wanted to became such a popular celestial being.

The receptionist girl immediately went to the second floor, after waiting for a while, she returned and said ’’Please come to the second floor. Guild master is waiting.’’ to uncle Jack and us who were standing behind him. By the way, I who didn't know about the existence of the second floor, up until that receptionist girl started climbing up the stair near the counter just now, of course I expressionlessly climbed it up as if I've already know about it. I see, seems like the guild master was at the second floor. To be at the high place, how master like!

Aside from uncle who was almost being killed by Mars, the other adventurers were waiting at the first floor. I thought it was to make the people who would meet the guild master as few as possible. We and uncle Jack followed the receptionist girl, and entered a certain room at the second floor. Inside it was a vast room, at the center of it there was a grandpa who sat at the sofa while slightly trembling. That grandpa's head was, magnificently reflecting the light from the ceiling as if a magic. It felt as if a sunrise early in the morning. I was so moved.

When I glanced at them, seems like Lexa and Runoir were averting their eyes in dazzle. Wait, just how dazzling was it! It was indeed shining, but it wasn't to that extent, wasn't it?! While thinking so I glanced at uncle Jack, but uncle was currently covering his eyes with his clad by armor big arm. What's up with these people! If it come to this then didn't it look as if I was the strange one here to act as if it wasn't something that dazzling! Please stop it!

’’Oh, so you have come. For now, please sit at the sofa there.’’

The guild master grandpa, seems like this situation was something he had used to face daily. Perhaps, normally was also felt like it, wasn't it? Roger.

’’It's really a great help that you would respond it quickly, guild master.’’

’’Since you refer it as an urgent matter so it must be quite something right? Then, please tell me immediately.’’

Seems like uncle and guild master were quite respecting to each person. Nevertheless, at first I was quite worried since he looked somewhat trembling but he was still able to properly talk. As a master, that may be something natural though.

’’First, about the B rank monster Bovart, it was already been subjugated. Well, but the one who subjugated it wasn't me but these youngsters though! I haven't see there girls fight, but this youngster is undoubtedly way stronger than me! Because, he could attack without we even noticed that he had attacked, after all! At first I felt some jitters from this youngster, but I can't see any malice from him.’’

’’Oh! It's been a long time since the last time I heard something like that. Since I heard that there were many adventurers of this town who went to the great forest, but there were many of them who didn't return these past month, after all.... Then, did these youngster really the one who subjugated Bovart? From what I can see, they are just F rank, and you Runo Vinoir are a C rank, right? I've been always watching over you. Nothing more reassuring than the fact that you already found a good comrades.’’

When uncle referred about us, guild master's eyes were completely facing toward us. Nevertheless, seems like guild master was quite worried about Runoir. If I should say it, the one who should be grateful were I and Lexa to be able to meet Runoir. I was really grateful that we did meet. I was really grateful with her cat ears.

Oops, I should introduced myself to the guild master first.

’’My name is Kanade Saotome. Actually I just become an adventurer yesterday, and I tentatively act as the party leader. I think the reason we were able to defeat Bovart was solely because of sheer luck.’’

Here I should act modestly. Since I didn't want to be labelled as a cocky rookie, after all. I should be careful. The main problem was about Mars, wasn't it? How should I explain it?

After that Lexa and Runoir introduced theirselves in order.

’’Intrjuicing, My, my name is Lexa Redford!’’

’’Perhaps, you are already know of it, but, my name is Runo Vinoir... desu. Nice to meet you... desu.’’

What? Is Lexa unexpectedly an easy to nervous type? ’’introjuicing’’ she said. It was bad, so cute. Seems like I'll got a nosebleed.

’’Hou, a modest and polite rookies, aren't they? I am the one who act as the guild master of adventurer guild of this town, Galvin Madre. But, to subjugate a B rank monster Bovart with just three newcomers.... We sure won't be able to understand what may happened in this world, aren't we? I also can't understand in the slightest about what happened to my hair when there were no one left similarly like my father, after all.... Then, what happened with Bovart's corpse? It should be a whole raw material, though.’’

’’Ah, guild master, about that....’’

Guild master.... Could you please don't lump this matter with your head matter? Or rather, weren't you just didn't want to admit that it was a heredity?

Ah, seems like uncle was hesitated about how to explain about the infinite box and glancing at me. Well, it should be alright even if I show my special ability to this guild master, wasn't it? Since he also should be didn't know the detail of my ability, either.

’’Is it okay if I take out the Bovart's corpse here?’’

’’Ah, no problem. Since there is an employee of this guild who is very love to cleaning. So you don't need to reserve yourself.’’

I was quite bothered by why did uncle was the one who answered it, but since seeing it firsthand was way better than just heard of it, it would be faster if I just let him to saw it himself, wasn't it? This room was also quite vast, so there should be also no problem about the space to put the corpse out. Let's just take out Mars corpse altogether so that we could also explain about his matter to the guild master. I didn't want to see something gore, but since I was the one who killed him so I must stuck with it to the bitter end.

Let's took Bovart and Mars' corpses out at the space near the entrance.

When the gate suddenly appeared near the sofa, guild master's eyes were widely opened, when Bovart's corpse come out from that gate, his mouth was widely opened, in surprise, as if his jaw may be broken. Or so I thought for an instant, but what a relief since he seemed alright.

’’What a surprise! From its color, it seems like a variant, isn't it? I was also surprised by your ability but I think now isn't the time for that. Then, who is this one who came together with Bovart's corpse? It seems he is already ceased to breath, though.’’

’’Ah, he is....’’

Passing Mars' status card to guild master, uncle immediately explained about this matter from the victim's standpoint. About the way he taking advantage from the appearance of a B rank monster to repeatedly murdering people and also about his ability that able to steal someone's ability, then explaining the detail that he was also almost being killed by that man.

’’I see.... So that mean the culprit behind the so many victims at Orleo great forest was him, huh. At the south neighboring country, Republic country of Senyu, I got an information that there were also often found many corpses with similar condition, so that wasn't monster's deed but human's deed, huh. Nevertheless, an ability to steal other's special ability, huh. What a terrifying ability, isn't it? I become more curious about you who was able to kill him, but what an imprudent act to inquire about adventurer's private information. At any rate, it's indeed the fact that you have saved this town from danger. Let's put Bovart's case for some day later, we will also give you the reward at that time. Of course, we will also raise your rank.’’

Oh! To be able to suddenly got my rank raised after just becoming an adventurer. Did that means a B rank monster and Mars were such a threatening existence? Perhaps the discussion won't go this smoothly if uncle wasn't here, didn't it? I'll properly gave him my grateful later at the inn.

’’And then about the belongings of this man called Mars, it was already decided that at this kind of case the belongings would become the possession of the one who subjugate him. So please take it.’’

’’....I got it.’’

I had no intention about it but somehow I got his money and equipment. I was a bit reluctant to plunder from a corpse, but when in Rome do as the Romans do. So let's took Mars belongings. By the way, the belongings of the adventurers who were killed by Mars were taken custody by the guild. Seems like it would be kept at the guild's basement. So there was even a basement, huh....

Then, after finished discussing about many things with the guild master, when we almost returning to the inn, I was almost slipped when I <Identify>guild master's status.

After all

Galvin Madre | Male | Human |168 Years old

Level : 56

HP : 312

MP : 267

Attack Power : 294

Defense Power : 195

Agility : 232

Charm : 24

Luck : 27

【Special Ability】

Magic Reflection


Elementary earth magic, Low grade water magic, intermediate wind magic, advanced fire magic


Sage (賢人)

Just how long the life span of the people of this world?


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