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Isekai Ni Demodori Shimashita? - Chapter 17


Chapter 17:

In the carriage

’’...... RO... RA...’’

[TL: Phonology;onomatopoeia. Don't know how to translate this in english...’’... oh...ah...’’? better this way.]

My body is shaking.

I think something touched my cheek.

’’Get up, Sakura. We have arrived.’’

I heard a voice.

I slowly opened an eyelid and was astonished at the immediate situation.

’’Hya~tsu, you, prince!?!? Near, near, it's close! The face is close!’’

Okay, it was very close to me who got up, and there was the face of the prince looking exactly into my face.

Though I was surprised by it, the hand of the prince touches my cheeks

What's with this situation?

In first thing my head tries to make a rapid turn and grasp the situation quickly.

But only the face of the prince is in sight.

I was going to withdraw behind to enlarge my view unconsciously. But, there is a wall immediately behind and it isn't possible to run away.

The prince on the front, the wall on the back. I'm in a pinch.

’’Mov... please move away from me!’’

[TL: Thanks Mojo]

If you don't let me go, I will leave.

I, who thought of that, together with my voice immediately stuck out in front with both hands with all my might.

Along... with the wooden sword that i was holding....

Bam Thud

The prince is pushed away with a dull sound.

I who felt the field of vision was finally broad, cooled down for now.

...... I'm still throbbing (ba-dump ba-dump).

This good-looking waking up is bad for the heart..., isn't it?

Having calmed down a little, the situation is grasped.

Probably as the carriage was moving, i seemed to sleep.

From the interior seems to be the evening.

The light coming through the window of the carriage is also colored in red, it seems dusk(nigthfall).

By the way... I was able to understand the situation, now....

Why was there the face of the prince in front of me?

That question must be resolved.( i have to...)

~Tsu (~~uuuh).... No way ~Tsu (~~uuuh)....

Did the prince tryed to attack lovingly a sleeping little girl...? Maybe while i was sleeping, the lips...?

I looked at the prince while covering unconsciously my mouth with a hand.

The prince sat in the seat and controlled the chin which turned a little red and reproachfully looked here.

’’What did you do prince......?’’

I think it's inevitable to feel that the tone is blaming.

Possibly because I may have been robbed of my first lips while I slept.

’’What i did was going to wake you up because we arrived. I lightly touched your cheek because you didn't woke up with the voice only. Yet to be beaten suddenly by you.... Moreover it's the same point as this morning. Control yourself a little. I don't want to say too much, I'm a prince after all.’’

Says rubbing his chin and looking at the wooden sword that I'm holding.

’’What are you talking about! I just happened to hit it accidentally! I apologize about it, but the prince is at fault too! Everyone will be surprised when you suddenly wake up and have a face in front of the eyes!? don't you think!? And please stop this kind of behavior which is easy to misunderstand! I though you robbed my lips while i was sleeping! ~kuuu’’

I keep talking while blushing.

’’Wait Wait, it might have been bad to have looked into your face, but the reason is because you didn't readily get up. I don't do the outrageously act to attack when someone is asleep! I'm not interested in a child!’’

It doesn't seem that something was done when I was sleeping. I was relieved.

But, I have a feeling that I heard inexcusable lines.

’’Child? Did you just said child? Who is a child! Certainly i looks tiny but i'm 15 years old! I'm an adult! In six months i'm at the age which you can get married! It is the time of coming of age in this world! (It is coming of age in this world!). It's small, but even i have a chest! You can bear a child and give birth... I don't have one now, but i can bear it immediately! What!? Is it breasts!? Does the prince prefer the big ones!? Is a chest so important!?

[TL: originally ’’Does ... ones!? Is it breasts!? Is ... important!?’’]

Are all men people from planet boobs?!’’ [TL: ’’or man'm a minna tits Alien!?’’ - google/’’is puffed up with pride!’’ - another online trans. ( if you know what i mean...)]

An inferiority complex is stimulated, and I complain while my eyes become teary.

’’Yeah, probably it would be so. After all the charm of a woman is the size of the breasts. Well sorry for not awakening your attack mood with my child-like body.’’

[TL: loli? thanks Mojo. I tl this (’’I feel sorry that child type aren't in the strike zone.’’). I can tl this even like ’’i feel sorry that attacks don't happen to children’’ ]

Saying so i turn to the side and gather up my baggage to get off of the carriage.

And as i try to open the doors of the carriage which is still running the prince becomes anxious.

’’Wait! the carriage still runs! Do you intend to jump off it? It will hurt!’’

I was grabbed by an arm from behind (an arm was caught from behind).

I say without looking back at the prince.

’’I will be alright even if it'll hurt a little ~Tsu! Because my reflexes are more than good. I do not want to be with a tits alien pervert!’’

’’No, no no, no, what's a tits alien? I didn't understand the meaning, but I found out what you wanted to say somehow.... I do not say that the charm of a woman is the chest particularly. When i said child it went wrong. I apologize. But look, it's not that i didn't feel to attack. Sakura sleeping face is lovely. I think the usual Sakura is also pretty, but there is no space for the strong you when you are asleep, so that... I, what i'm saying is...’’

I solidified to such a voice.

When i look back at the prince he turns to the side blushing and talks to me as if he was angry.

My face is also turning red.

After all i was said pretty often to be cute, but only from family and friends.

That a woman is cute is something difficult to judge from the perspective of family,even when viewed objectively.

This is the first experience to be called cute face to face from the opposite se* other than the family.

Furthermore the prince is good looking. It influences even me when never before a good-looker said i'm his favourite.

In other words, how it come.....

’’`A, ano(Oh, that).... Thank... you...?’’

I'm confused.

I don't understand the intention of the prince.

I, who doesn't have such level of experience, do not have the skill to realize the true meaning of the words.

Speaking of such things, i can only look down with a red face.


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