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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - Volume 5 - Chapter 6.1


Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6: Trying Out Using Weapons - Part 1

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Part 1

「Could it be, are you going to save them, Master?」

Rose made a surprised-looking face.

Diablo thought about it.

If there was a town that seemed like it was going to be attacked by Demonic Beings, he wanted to save it. It was not only out of simple sympathy──Protecting the people of the Races from Demonic Beings was the basic story of the MMORPG Cross Reverie.

As a Gamer, he could not ignore that.

However, a Demon King that would rush at full speed to a town that was in a pinch, that was slightly different from his image of Demon Kings.

Diablo snorted.

「Hmph......Something like a town of man, that is of no interest to me. However, the Demon King's Army you say? For them to purport themselves as the Demon King's Army without my permission──I cannot overlook that!」

「I see, to not have notice the reason for Master's anger, this extremely embarrassed.」

It seems that he got her to agree.

Rem also made preparations to depart.

「......It isn't for that sort of reason, but I will also go. Hearing that there is a town that seems like it going to be attacked by Demonic Beings, I cannot just leave that alone.」

「Un! We need to help each others out in times of trouble!」

Shera also carried her bow on her back.

Horun clutched her fists.

「I'll go too -ssu! I want to save the people of the town that has always been looking after me -ssu!」

*Gaku gaku* Her knees were trembling. She was extremely terrified.

Lumachina nodded.

「Surely, there is no mistake that us happening to be present is Kami-sama's discretion. I would like to provide my services in order to save the town.」

Rose tilted her head.

「I do not believe that you girls are good enough to be counted as war potential. Wouldn't you all just drag Master down?」

Rem shook her head side to side.

「......The battlefield, it is not a place where you only fight against the enemy. Could it be that you have not experienced an actual battlefield?」

「Mu. That is......because ever since this Rose was created by Master, I have not left this dungeon.」

「......You sure are a fortunate person. Diablo, our preparations are complete. Let's hurry.」

Rem forcibly brought an end to the conversation. There was no rebuttal from Rose.

There was no mistake that it was better if they hurried.

It seemed that she was forming the journey plan in her head.

「......No matter how fast we hurry towards Zircon Tower City, it will take two days. But if our luck is good, I believe that the town will still be safe.」

He did not think that Zircon Tower City, which had no barrier, would be able to hold out against a large army of Demonic Beings.

It is because of that difficulty that the front line of the Races was the Fortress City Faltra.

Diablo restrained Rem who looked like she would head towards the door at any moment.

「Do not be impatient.」


「Taking two days to get there, it would be absolutely impossible to save the town. There is no way we would make it in time.」

「Th......that......might be true but......」

Not just Rem, even the others were speechless.

Horun looked like she was going to cry.

Diablo pulled out an item. It was a feather that emitted a faint white light.

It was an 《Angel's Feather》.

It would transfer the user's entire party to any location.

In the game, so that advanced Players wouldn't be able to take along beginners, there was a specification that it could only transfer the party to a location where all party members have visited. In this other world, how would it work?

To begin with, would it even function?

He had misgivings even when he used 《Return》 before, but the situation of failing and 『being inside of a rock』 was possible. He would be buried alive.

Should he be frank and tell them the danger of it?

There was no meaning to that. After all, even if he were to warn them, these girls would surely say ’’even so, we'll try it’’. If they weren't like that, they wouldn't have said anything about trying to save the town from the Demon King's Army in the first place.

And above all, explaining the danger of an item, that wasn't Demon King-like.

Diablo showed the feather to the others.

「This is called an 《Angel's Feather》. It is a treasured article that will transfer everyone here to any location.」

Rem's eyes went round.

「Is, is that......what you used before when you came rushing to Faltra City in an instant from 《Fort Bridge Ulg》......?」

「It is a bit different, but the fact that it is Transfer Magic is the same.」

「......In that case, it looks like it's certain that we will make it in time.」

「If we didn't, there would be no meaning in using it.」

「U, um......」

「What is it?」

「......With that, is it alright, to keep our eyes closed?」

Going *kaa*, Rem got red in the face.

Now that she mentioned it, he remembered how she was scared at the time with the sand ship. It seemed that she was bad with any sort of travel other than her own feet. It was a bit charming.

Shera leaned her body forward.

「Waa, it's that, right!? You're going to use it again!?」

When Diablo tried out transferring before, she experienced it together with him. It seemed that she enjoyed it.

Horun tilted her head.

「What're you talking about -su ka?」

Lumachina didn't even have a doubt. Most likely, she completely believed in Diablo. He felt that that in itself was scary but......

Rose expressed a seemingly lonely smile.

「......Master, this Rose has never gone to another town.」


「W, will this be......where we say our farewells? I will dream of the day you will come back......I want to wait for you. For however long it will take.」

「Wait. Certainly, you have not visited other places. However, the game's......Ah, no, in that world──Magimatics were not counted as people. If you are counted as a tool in my possession, it may be possible for you to trans......」

After saying that much, he thought ’’I guess it's cruel to treat her like a tool’’.

Rose made a face that looked like she was going to cry.


「Ah, uh,」

A Demon King that would apologise to a Magimatic Maid, was no good. However, how should he follow up on that──there was no meaning in him worrying about that.

Rose broadly smiled.

「How fantastic! To be told ’’counted as a tool’’ by Master! This Rose, is such a fortunate person!」

「............Is that, so.」

「Whenever others called this Rose a tool, I would turn them into a stain on 《Asterismos》 but......By all means, Master, please use Rose as a tool for many years to come. Whether it be day or night.」

「Whether it be day or night huh.」

「Ufufu......At night, how would you use me? Nhaa......」

Rose's cheeks dyed red.

──I won't use you in a strange way, you know!?

A Magimatic Maid was a 《tool》. That sense of values meant that she was a bit different from people.

「In any case! There isn't much time! We are going to transfer!」

After coming this far and saying that so self-importantly, if the punchline was something like ’’the 《Angel's Feather》 could not be used in this other world’’──just imagining that, a cold sweat ran down his spine.

Rem held her hand out.

「......Um......Could I have you, hold it?」

「Ah, umu.」

Diablo gripped her hand. It was small, a bit cold, and soft.

Shera grabbed his other hand. She ended up clutching onto the 《Angel's Feather》 together with him.

「And I'll be over here!」


Seeing that, Rose made a disapproving face, but Shera didn't mind it.

「Rose-san, you're Diablo's personal belonging, right? Wouldn't it be fine if he carried you on his back?」

「Ugh......That attractive proposal. However, since this Rose has quite a bit of weight despite this outward appearance......With this.」

Rose pinched Diablo's clothes.

She had the outward appearance of a young lady, but she was a machine. By some chance, she might be heavy like iron.

Or maybe, the weight of the gigantic hand that appears at her back and her double headed sword are included.

If that were the case, it seemed like it would be harsh to carry on one's back even for the level 150 Diablo.

Lumachina and Horun also joined hands, and the five of them created a circle. That and one machine.

In the game, there was no need to create a circle like this.

However, if it is like this, without a doubt, no matter how or where anyone looked at them, Diablo and the others were definitely a party.

With the gist of when he used magic, he concentrated his consciousness on the 《Angel's Feather》.

──Transfer us! To Zircon Tower!!

The tower of precious stone came to his mind.


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