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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - Volume 4 - Chapter 3


Part 3

This time, even Krum had jumped to her feet.

「What is happening -nanodaー!?」

Shera and──one more person entered this room that still had the 《Light》 effect going on.

Shera was grabbed by a hand that went around her to her back, and had a dagger thrust at her breasts. Her face was stiff from fear and surprise.

The attacker, was someone that Diablo's group knew very well.

Rem raised her voice.


Even the other party had a surprised look.

「Rem-sama!? Y, you were able to stay alive!?」

「......Yes......Because of your lies, I was about to be killed by Sadraa, but I was saved by Diablo and Shera.」

「Is that so.」

Alicia expressed a face that looked like she was relieved.

However, she immediately returned to her former severe atmosphere.

「Please do not move! I am serious.」

The tip of the dagger that was thrust at Shera touched the clothes that wrapped up those abundant breasts of hers.


Shera looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Right at the entrance to the room, Alicia, who had taken Shera hostage, was there.

Diablo and the others got down from the bed and put themselves on guard, but in this situation, they couldn't make any careless movements.

Krum glared at her.

「How dare you appear before Maou -nanoda. As I will be tearing you limb from limb, you should release Shera.」

Despite having the appearance of a little girl, the intensity of that intent to kill was the geniune article. Enough to make them worry if she might turn into Demon King Krebskrum again.

Alicia swung her head vertically.

「......Once my business had ended, I will release Shera-sama, and then, whether it be tearing me limb from limb or something else, please do as you like.」


「I have heard, Demon King-sama, that you are able to heal a Demonic Being's wounds.」

「Of course -nanoda.」

「May I have you come this way?」

──They moved to the next room over.

Come to think of it, the room that Alicia rented remained just as it was.

Since they thought that she probably wouldn't return, they didn't visit it.

Purplish red liquid had fallen onto the floor in several places.

There was a young lady sleeping on the bed.

It was Edelgart.

「A Demonic Being!?」

Rem became alert but......

No matter how she looked at her, she had a serious wound. Purplish red blood was spread out on the sheets. The color of her skin had changed to a deathly pale color.

If she were a person of the Races, someone would surely think that she was a corpse. Since Demonic Beings would turn into grains of light and disappear when they die, she was probably still alive.

Diablo understood the situation.

「I see, so you two were connected. During the time that we met with Edelgart at 《Starfall Tower》 before, even though we hurriedly brought you along, Alicia, she didn't ask who you were. I thought that it was strange at that time but......Come to think of it, although she didn't confirm whether or not I could pour magical power, you had told her that I had learned it at the slave shop, didn't you.」

Not just Alicia, even Rem and Shera had made surprised looks.

「As expected of you, Diablo-sama.」

「That's amazing. To think that you would take notice of such small details, I had not considered that.」

「I didn't notice at all!」

──Do I have a personality that minds the little details too much? Or could it be that the girls are surprisingly not paying enough attention to detail?

In any case, although he was bothered by the relationship between Alicia and Edelgart, in the end, he didn't mention it, and since that almost led to Rem being killed, he couldn't take pride in it.

Krum stood in front of the bed.

「So? Who was the one that took her down -noda? This fellow, I had thought that she was a pretty strong Demonic Being -nodagana?」

「It was the other Demonic Beings.」

「What? Why would a Demonic Being be taken down by a Demonic Being -noda?」

「We had planned Krebskrum-sama's revival, and once that was completed, you would surely destroy the town's barrier, is what we had thought.」

Alicia talked about the details of the Demonic Being side.

And then, while still holding the dagger towards Shera, she made an entreaty.

「I beg of you......Demon King Krebskrum-sama, somehow......please save Edelgart-sama.」

With her arms folded, Krum turned her head towards Diablo's direction.

「What do you think -noda?」

「Go save her.」

──It would be too pitiful if she went and died.

No matter who the other person is, life is precious, is the thought that he had due to him being a peace-loving fool, and he didn't consider being unreasonable and try to change that.

──Coming to this other world, there might be guys that would lose their resistance to people dying once they killed things like monsters, and then eventually grow accustomed to taking lives.

At the very least, Diablo was different.

If there were actually someone that was close to death right in front of him, he would want to save them, is what he believed.

Of course, he wouldn't say something foolish like ’’if I have to kill, it would be better to be killed instead’’, but if he had to choose, he would prefer that no one died.

Krum nodded.

「As long as you tell me to, Maou won't mind healing Demonic Beings either -noda.」

She touched Edelgart with her small hand.

The purplish red blood got on it.


When Krum put some feeling into it, Edelgart stirred.



Rem minded the door.

「......Is this alright? It is a pretty late hour.」

「Isn't it fine? It was fine before when Rem made a loud voice after all.」


At the time when her ears were attacked by Diablo, and the time when magical power was poured into her by Shera, Rem's heavy breathing resounded quite a bit throughout the inn.

Krum's spirited voice and Edelgart's anguished voice continued.


「Aguh! Ugh......Kufuh!」


「Hah! Nkuuh, aaaaahhh!!」

「Neryah! Ah~......Since I am tired, I will do it quietly now -noda.」

Krum wiped the sweat on her forehead.

He reflexively made a retort.

「If you're going to do it quietly, do that from the beginning!」

「Uーn......I could do that -noda, but~」

「Is there some kind of problem?」

「It wouldn't give the feeling that something amazing is happening. Maou is amazing -nodazo!?」

「Yeah, you are amazing, you are amazing. So do it quietly. Or else we will be expelled from the inn.」

It is pretty scary when the 《Relieff》Inn's poster girl idol, Mei-chan, gets angry.

Krum closed her mouth and concentrated.

Edelgart raised a remarkably loud voice, and arched her back. And then, she collapsed in exhaustion.

It seemed that the bleeding had stopped.

Surprisingly, Edelgart immediately raised her body up. Even though she was so close to death just a little while ago!

Getting down from the blood stained bed, she got down to one knee on the floor.

「Demon King-sama, greatfully~, blessed! Gratitude? Gratitude!」

「Umu umu.」

「Um......Demon King-sama is~, alive? Why......turned back to original? Why?」

「Maou had something incredibly sad happen -noda. I thought that something sad had happened -noda. Then the world became deep red. But it wasn't. Since I hadn't awakened, I returned to normal -noda.」

「Is, that, so.」

「It is fine as long as Maou can eat biscuits -noda. Is there something wrong with that -nanoda?」

Edelgart bowed her head very deeply.

And then, she groaned.

「Don't, understand......Don't understand? Don't understand! Demonic Beings are, things that kill people of Races. Things of destruction. Why?」

Krum tilted her head.

「Who knows? Maou is now living in a town of the Races. Let us stop such a sad thing already. If you will not listen to this command, you will no longer be Maou's subordinate -noda.」

Edelgart consented.

「Swear......Will never again, oppose......Demon King......-sama's, will.」

It would seem that there are no problems on this side. Edelgart was originally the type that could be talked to, and she places emphasis on loyalty towards the Demon King over killing people of the Races.


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