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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - Volume 3 - Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe - Part 1

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Part 1

It had become late at night when they were passing through Fort Bridge Ulg.

It seemed that the wings of light that broke out at the 《Starfall Tower》 were seen even at the Fort Bridge. Moreover, since even the sound of magic explosions could be heard, they were questioned about various things.

Diablo answered with only 「Because Monsters had appeared, I repelled them with magic」.

Diablo had saved the people of the fort during the time that 100 Demonic Beings had attacked. Because of that, they thoughtlessly trusted him, and didn't get in the way of their passage.

They came to see the rampart of Faltra City.

There were guards even at the gates, so if they were to inspect Krebskrem, things would become disastrous.

They could deceive them about her Elf-like ears and her violet eyes because those were still Demi-Human characteristics.

However, her tail and horns stood out.

Right now, they borrowed Alicia's mantle, and covered her with it like it were a robe and hid her outward appearance.

「Mumumu......Why does Maou need to take this appearance -noda?」

「It's because if you get discovered, you won't be able to get in.」

Krebskrem reluctantly nodded to Shera's explanation.

Rem looked uneasy.

「......I think it will be alright since Alicia is here, though.」

「Please leave it to me.」

She smiled.

With Alicia, who is a State Knight, here, the guards with probably let them pass due to her position being well known.

The only thing that Diablo could do was, while acting dignified like a Demon King, try not to meet eyes with the guards and erase his presence.

Alicia made a proposal.

「Um......This is in regards to Krebskrem-sama but, even if we take caution at the gate, if we were to call out her name within the town, wouldn't that turn into a small problem?」

Most likely, forget about the small, it would turn into a problem.

Krebskrem was the Demon King name that anyone knew if they were a person of the Races.

Rem nodded.

「......If a person of the Races were to be given that name, they would be reported to the Church and the police officers would be called.」

「Hou, is that so.」

Diablo thought about it.

By some chance, it might have been impossible to enter that even in the game.

Even Shera L. Greenwood's surname couldn't be entered in the Player Character name.

Shera raised her hand.

「How does Krem-chan sound!?」

──Because she's Krebskrem, it's Krem, huh. That's simple. But I guess that's better than Kreb.

Rem shrugged her shoulders.

「......That might be easier to deceive others with at times when her real name is accidentally said rather than a completely unrelated name.」

「I will respect everyone's opinion.」

「You should do as you like.」

Diablo placidly nodded. In truth, he had no self-confidence in naming. If he were to make a suggestion and have it vetoed, that would be uncool.

Shera clapped her hands by herself.

「Okay! Well then, from now on, it's ’’Krem-chan’’, 'kay?」

「Fumu, Maou is Maou but, in the face of biscuits, your way of calling me is a trivial matter -noda. I shall allow it.」

「Ehehe, Krem-chan! Pleased to be with you!」


「It kinda feels like I've got a little sister. I've, always wanted a little sister. Elves don't give birth to children that easily.」

While they were talking, they got close to the gates.

Because they were matching Krebskrem's pace, the morning sun had already come out.

Far from arriving before daybreak, it was the time where the morning market was open.

They passed through the gates.

The unexpected continued as contrary to what they expected at 《Starfall Tower》, they neither had any sleepiness nor any troubles that would require them to fight, and Diablo's group returned to the inn 《Relief・Twilight Store》.


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