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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - Volume 2 - Chapter 1.10


Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord - Part 10

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Part 10

For a short while, their quiet meal time continued.

Since the customers before them had gone home, right now, there weren't any other customers other than Diablo's group. Though, after this, the number would probably increase during the evening meal hour.


Alicia and Shera twitched and reacted to something.

──Could it be, are there different attackers?

Diablo put the bread he was holding down, and extended his hand to the War Scythe that he set against the wall.

The poster girl came along.

「Rem-cha~n! You have a guest☆」

Following after her, people with an appearance that they recognized entered in succession. The light brown robes were the uniform for the Magician's Guild.

Six people had come in, and the not so spacious inn dining hall now felt small.

After them, there was a single woman──

It was someone that they knew.

It was a beautiful woman with a gentle ambiance.

Her hair grew past down her waist.

Her garments were a mantle and a robe and although there wasn't much skin exposure, because she has a sensual build, instead it made one worry about where to look.

As she was holding a staff in her hand, it indicated that she was a Magician.

When she looked at Diablo's group with her ice blue eyes, she made a sweet smile.

「Diablo-san, Rem-san, Shera-san, it has been a long time, hasn't it.」

It was the Magician's Guild Guildmaster, Celestine Bordorel.

Other than Diablo, she was most likely the only person that knew that the 《Demon King Krebskrem's soul》 was sealed within Rem.

In addition to the six Magicians that came in before her, she had four more escorts with her as if they were encircling her.

Before, she only had two with her.

「Celes, your security is quite severe today, isn't it?」

「I beg your pardon. Though it may look like this, I actually had it decreased......The elders were very worried about me.」

A few days ago, Celes was nearly killed by a Demonic Being. If she were to die, the barrier that protects this town from Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts would disappear.

It would have been a crisis where Faltra City would be liable to fall.

──Rather, I'm amazed that you were allowed to go out.

Alicia left her seat and saluted.

「I am very pleased to meet you. I am a State Knight known as Alicia Cristela.」

「Ara ara, I am Celestine Bordorel. I'm the head of this town's Magician's Guild. Nice to meet you.」

Seeing her make a bow like this, Diablo thought ’’Celes really is a person with a high position’’.

Rem stood up and talked.

「......Celes, for now, how about you have a seat?」

「Wouldn't I be a bother?」

「......If you stay standing, we won't be able to keep our composure.」

「Fufu, that's true. I'm sorry.」

Alicia offered her seat.

「Bordorel-sama, I apologize that it's a table in the middle of a meal, but since I will move back immediately, won't you please use this seat?」

「Ara, it's fine. Why don't I just pull up a chair to the side? But I wonder if that would make it too narrow? Ah, why don't I just come back again once your meal has finished?」

「Such a thing! Bordorel-sama, that would be too bothersome for you.」

Panicking, Alicia detained her.

Diablo shrugged his shoulders.

「Alicia, go bring a chair to the side. Celes, you sit there.」

It wouldn't be funny if he were to gain unjustified resentment from another strange subordinate for making the Magician's Guild Guildmaster wait outside.

Getting a chair readied for her immediately, Celes sat in between Rem and Alicia.

Some after meal coffee was put out. Celes' portion was also put out.

When the women increase, the noisiness also increases.

There was an exchange of greetings.

Celes leaned forward and intently watched Shera.

「Shera-san, I've heard about your circumstances. Cheer up, okay? When I see your cheerful appearance, it makes me feel very happy.」

Shera opened her eyes wide.

「You're saying that it's better if I'm cheerful?」

「Yes, I mean, you are free after all. It is very wonderful. I've chosen my current way of life......that's why, although it may a bother, I am your fan, you know?」

「Eh? I don't really get it but......Ehehe......Thank you!」

Continuously keeping the ritual magic that surrounds an enormous town like Faltra City activated is something impossible for a normal Magician. It could only be done by an elected genius.

Most likely, until the time she retires from old age──or maybe, until she dies──Celes will probably be unable to get out from Faltra City.

It's not like she was coerced into it. It was a way of life that she chose. The life of the Magician's Guild Guildmaster.

People that devoted their lifetime to their jobs weren't rare. Diablo didn't think they were specially misfortunate. However, he could understand the feeling of wanting to support Shera who had chosen freedom.

Maybe because she received those feelings, Shera raised both of her hands.

「Yes! I'm going to do my best! I've already become cheerful! I'm going to cheerfully do my best!」

It was a voice and smile that were like her usual self.

──Did she recover a bit?

If that's the case, he needed to thank Celes.

Celes began her talk with Diablo.

So this is the main topic.

「Today, there are three things I wish to tell you, Diablo-san.」

If it were just to tell him something, it would have been alright to just use a letter or something but, not wanting to use her authority was a good point about Celes, as well as a point that he worried about.

Diablo composedly nodded.

「I shall allow it, tell them to me.」

Celes narrowed her eyes looking delighted.

「First, the other day, when the Demonic Beings came to invade......I wish to once again thank you for saving us all.」

Silently, Celes lowered her head.

Not just her, the surrounding escort Magicians also took to one knee and expressed their gratitude.

Diablo bit down on his back teeth to hide his embarrassment.

「......Do not misunderstand me......Those Demonic Beings were nothing but an eyesore to me.」

「Even so, it was your deed that prevented Faltra City's fall. Normally, this would be an achievement where it wouldn't be strange for you to be receiving these words from His Majesty the King. However──」

She cast her eyes downward, looking like it was something difficult for her to say.

Diablo shook his head.

「I have no need for something as troublesome as that.」

The ones that gathered the Races in order to oppose the Demonic Beings were the Humans.

And then, a majority of the ones that held power in the Human Kingdom were Human.

The Demi-humans were discriminated against. In particular, seeing as how Demons like Diablo were close to Demonic Beings, they were avoided.

They probably didn't want to praise a Demon as a hero.

Moreover, Diablo was growing horns, naming himself as a Demon King, and was a Chemical Element Magician which was considered weak in this world.

In other words, he had too many components that the big shots didn't want to praise.

Celes apologetically lowered her head.

「I am really sorry.」

「I told you that it is unneeded. I do not like standing out.」

In this country of contempt for Demi-humans, even if he were to become close with an influential person, it seemed like the troublesome things would do nothing but increase. There were still a lot of things that he wanted to test out in this world. The position of an easygoing Adventurer suited him.

「There are people, including me, that know of your deed......And we carry feelings of gratitude. I simply wanted to convey that to you.」


「If there is something that you require, I'm thinking that I would want to do anything, you know?」

──Nn? Just now, she said that she would do anything.

Almost reacting to that, he cleared his throat and passed it off.

「A situation where I would need your assistance is impossible! However, your intentions have reached me. That should be enough.」

「Yes, of course.」

She made a relieved looking facial expression.

Alicia muttered.

「......So he really did defeat the Demonic Being Gregor all by himself.」

「Hou? So you still didn't believe it.」

「Ah, that's......I had possessed it as information but......Since it was something that was just too hard to believe......It was because even among the Demonic Beings, Gregor was considerably far on the strong side.」

「That thing was one of the stronger ones?」

「He was the number one Magician in the 《Man-Eating Forest》.」

「You certainly are knowledgeable, aren't you?」

A smile surfaced on Alicia's mouth.

「Yes, thank you very much......To Faltra City, the number one threat isn't the Greenwood Kingdom, it's the Demonic Beings. I had thoroughly reread the report. Demonic Being Gregor had considerable ability, and there were records of it in the past. Hearing that you had crushed him singlehandedly......I thought I had understood you before, Diablo-sama, but......hearing about it in conversation like this, there is now a different surprise to it all.」

──Just like an honors student would, she had accepted it as information, but she didn't believe it this whole time. But, having heard Celes' words, she finally understood, is that what it means?

Alicia's feelings were probably normal.

No, not believing it more stubbornly was probably normal.

Most likely, the people that hadn't seen the fight actually happen probably wouldn't believe that Diablo was strong.

Diablo decided not to mind it.

It's not like he fought because he wanted his ability to be recognized by those around him. At that time, he wanted to save Rem and Celes.

And then, he couldn't forgive a Demonic Being that killed a great number of people.

Words against words, and armed might against armed might. If the opponent is going to kill, he would show them no mercy.

Diablo assented, and urged Celes to continue.

Celes talked about the second matter of business.

「In regards to the Greenwood Kingdom, I thought that it would be best if I told you the Magician's Guild's plans.」

Certainly, the Magician's Guild can't be ignored as war potential.

He needed to get an understanding of how they would move.

Celes didn't seem to proactively desire a war with the Elves, but this was probably a situation where she had no choice but to take action.

She continued her speech.

「The Magician's Guild will bear a part of the responsibility in regards to the protection of the town. That is why, at the time damages befall the town, we will be cooperating with the army. And then, since I am inexperience with battle, I believe the actual command will be entrusted to the Feudal Lord.」

He clicked his tongue in his mind.

So, in other words, when the Feudal Lord mobilizes the army, they will be going along with them.

Going by that facial expression of hers, he could tell that Celes didn't desire the war and that she lamented over the people of the Magician's Guild fighting in accordance with the Feudal Lord.

He didn't want to get her involved.

For that reason, he had to precede to a situation where the Feudal Lord wouldn't mobilize the army.

Avoiding war was essential.

Diablo drank up the cooled down coffee.

「From the beginning, we accepted the request in order to avoid the war with the Greenwood Kingdom. The Magician's Guild and the army will have no part to play. It's because the Elves won't be appearing in front of Faltra City.」

「Thank you......Having that said by you, it's very relieving.」

Celes wiped the tears that were at the corner of her eye.

Hopes were placed on him.

──Though, in actuality, I'm still in the middle of thinking about how I'm going to avoid this war.

Saying that this is the final piece of business, Celes placed an envelope on the table.

Diablo glanced at it and asked about it.

「What is this?」

「I thought that this might be a clue on the method of cancelling the 《Slavery Chokers》.」


As expected, he let out a voice of surprise.

Rem reacted to that.

「......What do you mean by that?」

「Since it's only a talk about the possibility, I'd like for you to not get your hopes up but......Right now, a caravan of slave traders have come to the Central Plaza. Because the 《Slavery Chokers》 and the 《Slave Chokers》 have the same basic foundation in magic......」

「......I see. We might be able to have them teach us a few things.」

Rem stared at the envelope.

《Slavery Chokers》 are put on Summoned Beasts.

And 《Slave Chokers》 are put on slaves.

In this world, in cases where a choker is attached to someone of the Races, it seems that it's believed to be a 《Slave Choker》.

Though, according to Celes' story, the two of them seem to fundamentally be the same.

Since both slaves and slave dealing didn't exist in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, he didn't know about it in detail but......

Most likely, they would be the ones most familiar in dealing with 《Slave Chokers》.

They might be able to remove the chokers placed on Rem and Shera.

Diablo asked for confirmation.

「Is this envelope a letter of introduction?」

「Yes, it's because you won't even be able to enter the slave store unless you have a letter of introduction......Moreover, I asked to treat you not as a customer, but as a Magician to offer information to.」

「Fumu......I guess we'll go and take a look right now.」

Though he was in the middle of worrying about the matter with the Greenwood Kingdom, if they could remove the 《Slavery Chokers》, he wanted to remove them quickly.

「The location is on the east side of the Central Plaza......Since it's a large, violet tent, you should be able to tell as soon as you see it.」

Rem conveyed her feelings of gratitude.

Shera also, in her own way of not really knowing what was going on, kept up with the conversation.

「We can get the chokers removed!? Thank you!」

「It's only a possibility though......I pray that you will be able to.」

Diablo took the envelope from the table.

Since he couldn't read the letters, he was a bit anxious, but since it wasn't something that he needed to read himself, it should be alright.

Rem muttered.

「......So we able to get this removed.」

Shera talked while smiling.

「Maybe because I've gotten used to it, it kind of feels like when it's gone, it'll feel kind of chilly.」

「......You should just stay like that for the rest of your life.」

「I don't wanna. It gets pretty difficult when I'm washing my neck after all!」

「......I won't deny that but that it isn't that kind of problem.」

It seems that they really have gotten used to the chokers. It'll be bad if we don't get those removed quickly──is what Diablo thought.


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