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Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu - Volume 2 - Chapter 1.06


Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord - Part 6

Part 6

The 《Demon King's Ring》 that he had equipped reflected magic.

It didn't only reflect the opponent's attack magic, it also reflected magic that healed damage in the same way.

Diablo had no choice but to rely on potions to recover.

If he had comrades, he could have had a potions craftsman make it, but because he did his Demon King role play, he didn't have any comrades that he could depend on.

As a result, needing to make potions on his own, Diablo took the subclass of 《Compounder》.

Even in this world, he could use Chemical Element magic as a Magician.

Believing that would surely be able to compound as well, he should probably try and procure the ingredients.

A curio shop

It was an old building in a section of the Southern District's shopping district.

The walls were just like that of the other structures, and were rocks piled up on top of each other.

This store also had its door closed, and one could enter by pulling open that big door.

Many shelves were lined up, making it feel narrow.

It was clear that the goods that had amounts that were too large to be placed in this store were crowded into the shelves. There were various items, from things that he recognized to things that he didn't.

Let alone written explanations, there weren't even brand names.

Come to think of it, in the middle of the Middle Ages, the literacy rate was less than half, wasn't it.

If a majority of Adventurers were unable to read or write anything but their own names, just preparing an explanation with letters was pointless. Only price tags were placed in front of the merchandise.

Rem asked a question.

「......Do you also have business with this curio shop? Does a person as strong as you even need things like items?」

「Yeah, yeah, Diablo, you don't look like you would drink stuff like potions, you know?」

Shera nodded in agreement.

Making Recovery Potions required time and the cost of the materials. That's why, when everyone else became a level where they could use recovery magic, they naturally stopped using them.

Superior Adventurers didn't rely on items.

Well, it's probably hard to imagine the appearance of a Demon King using a potion.

If the last boss of a game were to start drinking recovery potions, that would be kind of......disillusioning in the sense of its image.

He either had to take care of his Demon King image, or go for the benefits of using them.

Just to let you know, he did worry about this.

However, he had already come to a conclusion.

Losing from running out of potions even though he had time to prepare them That would mortify him to death.

It would first be mortifying as a gamer.

Above all, if he were to lose, he couldn't protect Shera from the Elves.

It would also break his promise to defeat the Demon King Krebskrem that was sealed within Rem.

In this world, if he lost, it was the end. He couldn't re-challenge it.

A fight where he absolutely couldn't afford to lose, was right here. He couldn't win just by encouraging himself with that.

Only sufficient preparations and war potential would bring him to victory.

And then, how Diablo's magic was excellent was something that Rem and Shera already understood, and Alicia also seemed to agree. Even if he were to be seen buying potion ingredients, his majesty wouldn't be lethally injured.

It would be nice if it didn't.

Although he became a bit timid, Diablo continued to the inner part of the store.

There was an awfully old, worn out, wooden table.

There was a young lady reading a book sitting there.

This is also an NPC that I know of.

It was a Dwarf girl that was still very young.

Other than having dog ears and tails, Dwarf children didn't have a great difference from Human children. This girl had chihuahua-like dog ears, as they were large and triangular.

When Dwarf women grow to adulthood, although their heights stay low, their features mature, and how their chests become bigger is a characteristic of theirs'.

This girl had the setting of ’’the granddaughter that tended to the store in her grandmother's absence’’.

While feeling that this was nostalgic, Diablo talked to her.

「There are some things that I need.」

「Ah, welco~me. Ah, but you know, let's see, Obaa-chan still hasn't come back~......Nn~......But I guess it's fine. You can do some shopping, you know?」

Those were lines that were pretty much how they were in the game.

It seems that in the game, her grandmother never returned even once. In regards to this, things like the ’’she died at her destination’’ theory, the ’’store was abandoned’’ theory, and the ’’I'm Obaa-chan’’ theory, various considerations were piled up.

It was net chat that never had an answer come out.

However, isn't this a chance to acquire an answer to that long time question? The things other than purchasing goods that weren't possible in the game are now possible in this world. Even asking questions to this girl.

An unpleasant theory crossed his mind.

The ’’she couldn't accept her grandmother's passing and believed in a lie’’ theory.

Supposing that he were to ask that rude question, if it were to give the store tending girl's heart a deep wound, he'd have no way to follow up.

Let's stop. It's fine if there are mysteries that can't be explained.

Diablo gave out the names of the ingredients needed for 《Elementary HP Recovery Potion Compounding》.

「Do you have 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 and 《Green Nature Water》?」

The store tending girl put her finger to her lips looking like she was thinking.

「Nn~......We do~.」

In the game, if these two were compounded, an HP Recovery Potion would be completed.

Suddenly, Diablo thought of something.

「Do you have bottle-like things to put potions in?」

It was an item that didn't appear in the game.

However, in this world, ’’if medicinal plants and water were combined then even a container would readied with it’’, such a thing was probably impossible.

The store tending girl did the same thing she did before and then answered.

「Nn~......We do~.」

So there really were some.

Diablo made a sigh of relief in his mind.

If he were to buy the ingredients for 《Compounding》 but forgot the container, he'd probably get the image of a ’’thoughtless person’’ attached to him even though he was Demon King. He was truly glad that something so lame didn't happen.

「Well then, those things......Sell me nine of each.」

「......That sure is a half-assed number.」

In the game, items of the same variety would gather up for a max number of nine per slot. That's why, he had a habit of up to nine piece whenever he bought items.

Thinking about it realistically, it certainly was half-assed.

However, even if he were to correct himself now, a gap was created.

「Kukuku......The meaning of this number, is something that a young girl wouldn't understand.」

「Nn~......I don't get it.」

「I'm sure you don't......That's why you should hand over nine of each.」

「I got it!」

The girl placed the book on the table, and ran about the inside of the store.

It seemed that even with the amazingly large amount of goods in the store, she understood the location of each and every one.

In the game, shopping would be done just talking to them and paying the money, but in reality, the labor of ’’fetching the goods’’ was needed.

Curio shops have it hard too.

He couldn't help but pray that her Obaa-chan would come back even a day sooner.

After a short time, the store tending girl came back.

Inside a wooden basket, 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 and 《Green Nature Water》, and then cylinders that looked like test tubes, there were nine of each.

The 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 were leaves that were neither big nor small, being the size of a palm, were a vivid pea green.

As they were tied up in a bundle with a string, the girl pulled out only one.

It seemed that they came in bundles of ten. Customers that expressly only bought nine was probably rare.

The 《Green Nature Water》 was transferred from a cask to a hemp sack, measuring it by eye. About 1〇〇 ml was one portion's worth.

What was left was the cylinders that looked like test tubes, but these were called 《Potion Cans》 and were things that looked like flasks made of metal.

They had corks in them.

I guess this should be enough to test out 《Compounding》 for now?

To be honest, with an Elementary HP Recovery Potion, it wouldn't recover even 1% of Diablo's HP.

Since the item's effectiveness was fixed, as one's level goes up, Elementary items were things that lose their effectiveness.

At the very least, he wanted Advanced HP Recovery Potions. If he had nine of them, he could make a complete recovery even from the verge of death.

That potion that would recover an even greater amount of HP and had a status increasing effect was a rare potion that required scarce ingredients just to make it.

In the game, even his level as a 《Compounder》 was at the highest. As long as he had the materials, he should have been able to create anything.

Though, since he had not tested out compounding in this world, he was a bit anxious.

Though, what I really want is MP Recovery Potions.

MP Recovery Potions, compared to HP Recovery Potions, required ingredients that were rare to a high degree. How would it be in this world.

「Do you have 《Emperor Carrot Roots》 and 《Sacred Mountain Well Water》?」

「Nn~......We don't have that kind of rare stuff~.」

The store tending girl shook her head.

「Are they not ingredients that can be obtained even in this area? They should be collectable in the back regions of the 《Man-Eating Forest》.」

「Well~, you see~......They're collectable, but since it's incredibly dangerous, even if we make a commission at the Adventurer's Guild, it isn't accepted all that often, you know?」

「Mu......I see.」

When he tried recalling his memories, there were ingredient collecting quests even in the game.

In the game, even if no one accepted the quests, it didn't cause the curio shop to be out of stock on items. However, it was only natural that in reality, the distribution of goods would stagnate.

There was nothing he could do about it. As expected, he didn't feel like going to search for ingredients when he didn't know if he could even do 《Compounding》.

Diablo informed the store tending girl.

「Give me the total of the bill.」

「Nn~......I got it~......Umm......Everything will be 9〇〇〇 F, I guess.」

「That's fairly reasonable.」

In this world, the Adventurer's level was low, but the prices were about equal with the game, or rather, were comparitively high.

That was also something that couldn't be helped. In the game, Return Magic was spread about. Collection quests were finished with a one-way trip.

However, in this world, although Return Magic existed, it wasn't spread out to the general public. A legend that the divine Beings used it was left behind, and there was only gossip that the Magicians of the Royal Capital could use it.

In addition to that, in the game, travelling to the place of destination would take 5~6 minutes and a couple of battles to be finished, but in this world, on top of a round trip taking half a day, several battles was life endangering.

No matter how softhearted the Adventurer that did the collecting was, they probably wouldn't sell it for cheap.

Diablo took out three silver coins.

Since three silver coins was 12〇〇〇 F, there would be 3〇〇〇 F in change but......If it's in copper coins, there would be 3〇 coins. At times like this, there are many times where a silver coin that was cut in half, a half silver coin, would be returned as 2〇〇〇 F.

In present-day Japan, the manufacturing of currency was a crime. He thought that this was a broad-mindedness due to being era without paper money.

He was given back half of a silver coin and 1〇 copper coins.

「Nn~......Well then, your change will be 3〇〇〇 F in all, 'kay~」


How she attached ’’in all’’ with the change, that part made her seem like a grandma's girl. It was like a confectionary shop in a lower part of town.

Now then, how should I carry it back?

It was great that he bought the ingredients, but it was pretty heavy.

With him holding this luggage on top of holding the 《Trial-Made Great War Scythe》 and 《The Staff of Tenma》, he looked more like a peddler than a Demon King.

Alicia volunteered.

「Shall I carry it for you?」

「Wait, let me test something.」

In the game, there were up to 3〇 slots in the pouch that items could be put into.

Incidentally, the number of slots at the beginning of the game was up to 1〇 and would increase by paying with cash. It was a Real Money Magic Pouch.

Five slots was 15〇〇 yen......

In other words, to get to the full release of slots, it required a slightly heavy amount of 6〇〇〇 yen.

How about it!? My 6〇〇〇 yen!?

He tried pushing the leather bag of 《Green Nature Water》 into the pouch on his waist.

Normally, it would probably would absolutely never go in. It was a leather bad with 1 L of water going into a pouch that looked like only a wallet and a smartphone could fit inside of it.

Rem, Shera, Alicia, and, on top of that, the store tending girl looked as if it were some kind of miracle.

It smoothly went in.

「As expected of 6〇〇〇 yen!」

When he involuntarily spoke that out loud, Rem said 「Is six-thousand-yen some kind of magic? 」 and tilted her head in confusion.

Nn? So she couldn't understand when I said six thousand yen. But she understood when I said six thousand Furis.

Diablo couldn't read the letters of the Lifelia Kingdom. However, he could have a conversation.

What kind of arrangement was this?

To begin with, he didn't know what language he was speaking.

Since the outlook of the world was set to be Middle Age Europe-like, was it Latin? However, this was another world.

He decided to inquire about this eventually.

Just to be sure, he tried taking out the leather bag of 《Green Nature Water》.

There was no problem. Even though its outward appearance was that of a small pouch, it felt as if the inside had a spaciousness of a large rucksack──no, about the spaciousness of a storage room.

And then, if he put his hand in, his fingertips would touch the thing he was aiming for.

This was convenient.

He also tossed in the bundle of 《Forest Poppy Leaves》 and the 《Potion Cans》 one by one.

They went in.


Voices of astonishment were raised from the four people that were watching.

Rem's voice was trembling.

「......What in the world, is that? Such a miraculous pouch, I've never seen or heard anything about it.」

Shera put her hands together with a *Pon*.

「Ah, I know about that! There was something similar in my house's treasury!」

「Hou? So there's one also in the Country of the Elves?」

Though, he didn't think that there was a cash system.

「What I saw was something called 《The Hundred Quiver》, and was a quiver that could have as many arrows go in it as you liked! Though, when I tried it out as a kid, only 99 could go in and thought ’’it's too bad that it's one short!’’.」

「......A normal quiver can hold about six. I believe that that is already enough as an astounding treasure.」

Rem raised an amazed voice.

Among MMORPG Cross Reverie's equipment, there was the 《Quiver》, which was able to put arrows in apart from the pouch.

When arrows are put into the pouch, nine of them would take up a single slot, but when stored in a quiver, it was possible to possess up to 99 arrows.

If they were an Archer, everyone of them would possess a quiver but......

「Is it that scarce of an item?」

「It's rare~. There's probably only one in the world, you know?」

「Fumu fumu......」

The goods in Cross Reverie were generally in this world as well. However, it seemed there was a remarkable difference in the rarity of them.

「Well, if my treasury were to be opened, I'd be able to show you even more countless treasures.」

Apart from the pouch, 《Warehouses》 were used in the game.

Its capacity was several times bigger than the pouch's capacity, and most likely, even if all of the different items that were implemented in Cross Reverie were put in, there would still be space left over.

No matter how trashy an item was, Diablo would deposit a single piece of every type, and had a collection.

Since it was a game, there was a convenient method where he could take out an item that was put in from a certain town from a warehouse of a different town.

If he could take out things from the warehouse, he'd have an abundance of potion reserves, and he could give equipment that was of the same rank as his own to Rem and Shera.

However, at present, there was no trace of the warehouse.

Originally, there should have been a dedicated teller window close to the Western gate, but he didn't catch sight of it.

It also wasn't in the inn's room.

Maybe, since it's like Transfer Magic, it's natural that there isn't one.

Or possibly, is it at my base?

In Cross Reverie, a personal plot of land was given to Players that raised a certain amount of war results or higher. Struggling for those with PvP was also one of the game specifications.

Diablo created a Demon King-like Dungeon in that personal space.

The place was considerably separated from Faltra City.

However, it might be good to try going there at least once.

Since he still didn't know what was the same as the game and what was different from it, there might be a chance that his own Dungeon and collection are also in this world.

Diablo stored the luggage in the pouch, and returned to the inn.


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