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Isekai Majutsushi Wa Mahou Wo Tonaenai - Chapter 5.2


Isekai Majutsushi wa Mahou wo Tonaenai Chapter: 05 [Part 2]

I moved to an isolated place and lowered their bodies. They both had brown skin. Because of their long hair I did not notice before, both had long ears. Are they something called dark elves? I began drawing magic circle after binding the corpses tightly so as not to move. I cannot let them see what I am using...

As soon as the magic circle is completed, the 6th special restoration system is applied, [Resurrection] is applied. If the brain is safe and it was within 24 hours after death, I can revive one with any severe condition.

The two who got their consciousness looked around, but the man began to rampage when he realized that he was been tied up. Of course there is no way he can solve it. Incidentally, there is only one man and one woman.

’’Did you wake up. What do you feel like reviving?’’

’’Damn, kill me!’’

’’Are you a magician?’’

’’If so, what is it! I do not feel like talking about anything!’’

It was good, he seems to be a magician. If I had bring him by mistake, it was a big shame.

The man seems to be energetic to shout at me. The woman is trembling, may be she was recalling the sight of her dead in flash back.

I approached to the man, and applied the 2nd-type body interference system, [Immortality] is applied. With this, this guy will not die with what ever been done to him.

The man does not know what I have done, but he knows something has been done to him, so he is staring at him.

’’At first, I will hold the opening, do not worry, you will not die.’’

’’Are you going to torture me! Whatever you may do, I will never talk to an enemy about anything!’’

I activated the light blade and slowly made a cut on the head of the man, so that it does not splash the blood.

With pain he screamed and started to rampant, but I firmly pressed him down in case the hand is going crazy.

When cutting is done so as to go around the head sideways, lift the head together with the skull and open it at once. This is the fastest way to get a living brain.

The man keeps rampaging without knowing what is happening to himself, but the woman trembling with her face turned blue by seeing the man.

I used crystallization to crystallize his living brain, the man twitched his body once and stopped moving. Even in this state it is a little creepy because he will not die until the technique expires.

When I revoked the technique, his body again twitched once and stopped moving. Since he lost his brain so he cannot revive even by resuscitation.

’’Well then, next...?’’

When I turned towards the woman, she was shedding tears and is shaking her head unwillingly. It seems she thinks that her fate will be same as this man. I will not do the same thing twice.

’’Please forgive me! I will tell you everything!’’

In order to start the next experiment, I decided to open this girl as well. I opened her head in the same way, who was crying and screaming. She was aware of what was happening to her head, so she have a look full of despair.

’’Oi, can you use some kind of magic in that state?’’

’’No, I need to move my hand...’’

’’I see, I will release the restraints now, but do not try to escape.’’

She nodded 'Koku koku'her head, so I decided to release her restraint. She crawled on the ground and looking towards me.

’’Something simple is fine. So show me.’’

’’Yes! Sources of the life, the things going through the flow, give me grace from the heaven, come before me!’’

She is making signs with her both hands while casting. A water ball appeared in front of her. I recorded her brain movements by the time of her casting. I took out the needle for the next experiment.

’’Do not move, it will be hard if you go crazy.’’

’’What? Ano... what... are you... Aaaaaah!’’

I grasped her head who was looking anxiously at me, I pierced needles into several places. When I teased her brain directly with the needles, she raised a wimpy strange voice with pain and discomfort. I heard a water tone, so I looked at bottom she wet herself.

Since I cannot continue as it is, I let her settle down for the time being and continued again.

’’Okay, try using the previous one again.’’

’’Eh? Ah yes...’’

She invoked same magic as before, the water ball appeared in the same way. It is useless, it seems to have been failed. I Healed her and put her brain back, and again I pierced the needles into the brain.

’’Aa~ don't Aaaaaaa~ Aah...!’’

Every time I stab a needle, her body is trembling. Treatment is applied while holding her head so that it does not move so as she does not go crazy and waited until she wakes up. This was repeated several times.

I tried activating the same technique as before, but the water ball was getting bigger than it is before. She was also surprised at this result.

Well, it seems that I could successfully remodel the brain's technique for efficient operation. I also grasped the reaction of her brain when exercising the technique and the next time I need to draw out the information she has about the enemies.

I used [Terror] on her and put her head back. After that I applied advanced healing so that scars do not remain. I used memory extraction and extracts information about the Empire and all the events here.

I removed her underwear which was wet with her urine and put the robe for the magician which was in the luggage. After hitting her cheek to urge awakening, she woke up after a while groaning.

’’What? Where is this...?’’

’’Are you alright? You were fallen here,’’

’’Ah, is that so?.... A-re? I need to go home now... Where is my house? Where am I?’’

Aa~, after extracting the information of the Empire, she must have forgotten the memories of her home village. This was a miscalculation on my part. I did not tried it intentionally.

I felt sorry for her, once the memories were extracted it cannot be restored, so unfortunately she have to live like this.

I thought that she would be better be dead than live like this and then I tried to kill her myself.

But, while I was looking at her face, I was hit by an idea of ​​utility value. Because she was an enemy soldier, there is no one to worry of putting a strange compassion from the people of the kingdom. Then that means... I can do all human body experiments all I can do on her, is not it? Yoshi, let's make her into my disciple.

’’You, what is your name?’’

’’Is it my name? Elmire, Elmire... I'm sorry, I cannot remember my family name.’’

’’No, it's fine, El Mire, will not you come with me till you get your memories comes back? I think that life and bedding can be guaranteed.’’

’’That's right... I do not have anywhere to go, so please take me if you do not mind.’’


’’You, what on earth are you thinking about!?’’

I brought back the enemy soldier majestically, I got lectured by Margarete. I understand her reaction, so I decided to accept it this time.

’’I am sorry, but to see the magic skill of this world I need a lot of samples.’’

’’Then, it would have been better to bring back the other man! How do you come up with the conclusion that will bring her back!’’

’’If possible I would like to bring that man, by my motto is that I should give caring to women to some extent.’’

’’This gentleman! Such an useless idea, throw it away!’’

’’Well, well... Even though she is an enemy soldier, it is too ruthless to take away once saved life. Besides, she seems to have lost her memory, and it would be better to consider her as a different person who attacked us. Is not it right to think this way? ’’

’’Fairlis-sama, but...’’

’’When something happens, I and Yard-sama will take responsibility, so let's stop this for now, she is also frightened.’’

Fairlis comes in between us, who are stupidly interacting. Even Margarete cannot go around her fluffy stares. She was looking at me with confused eyes.

Elmier, who was the main in this topic, looked at Margarete who was trying to kill her. Was frightened and grabbed my clothes from behind.

’’Let's act more carefully in the future.’’

’’Well, by all means. Please do not forget that my nerves will worn out if you repeat every time.’’

When it come to final she said it with sarcasm to me, the story seems to be settled now. And she did not want to continue any more.

’’Anyway, are all the imperial soldiers looking like this?’’

’’No, the dark elves have a certain number, but not all of them, because Dark Elves are good at demon taming and magic, they are likely to become wizards, is something to worry about?’’

Hmm, it seems that the corpses that I thought were human beings were of dark elves. I got to get another human sample as well. This is also unexpected.

’’Is there no similar figure in other countries?’’

’’There are only dark elves in the empire, but there are elves in other countries, and the northern most there are also Elf's nation, even in our country a few elves live.’’

Indeed it will be worth investigating when there are intellectual life forms other than humans. Her examination has not finished yet and it seems that I will have time to spare for a while without getting bored


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