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Isekai Cheat - Volume 3 - Chapter 3


Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 03: The rulers

There was an egg. And then...

’’Uwa~, close call.’’

I was under attack. Moreover, they are dragons with various colors.

’’What is this! I did not do anything! It's troublesome!’’

I used Extra skill [intimidation].

Extra skill [Intimidation]

This is a skill that a strong person possesses, as it's name says it shows the power difference between opponents. That's what normally think, but there are other ways to use it. For example, one can stop other side with ordinary intimidation. Or, by strong intimidation one can make other party shock dead as it is. Well, in this case you cannot do it unless there is a big difference between you and your opponent.

The one I used this time is the former one that stops the opponent. By the way, now I can use lightly shock the other party to death.

And then... Dragon fell down.

Once I confirmed that, I solved [Intimidation] and spoke to the dragon.

’’Who is divine Black Dragon?’’

’’It's me.’’ A dragon come forward.

He replied to me. Okay, the rest is just getting along!

’’Is that so? I am Akatsuki, I heard about you from old man and came to make a contract with you.’’

’’Old man? Do you mean Alfred?’’

’’That's right, by the way, is not there a lot of numbers?’’

’’Oh, is about that? I came here after Alfred returned.’’

’’He~e... before that, what is that egg?’’

’’That is a dragon's egg.’’

’’I see, is it OK to ask other things?’’

’’I do not mind.’’

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I have been listening to it for a while since then.

To briefly explain,

1, Dragons have low intelligence.

2, The Dragon is higher.

3, Everyone Shen long.

4, Everyone strength here is of the top class.

5, Everyone can speak.

6, Everyone Specialized in a Single Attribute.

7, Black Dragon is versatile.

8, Black dragon top.

9, The Eggs here are all Dragon eggs.

10, Eggs were all planning the strongest dragon breeding by pouring magical power and divine force. (magical power with only the highest superior beast, I also have the same amount of magical power).

11, Will you sign a contract. Please make a contract was told by the Dragon.

12, by the way, the name has nothing but Black Dragon.

13, It seems that I can name it.

14, I will help plan development.

15, God wolf coming soon.

16, God wolf cannot talk.

17, God wolf is strong at the same level as Black Dragon.

18, God wolf can become small.

So I decided to start a contract.

In conclusion it ended soon. But the content was that.

1, absolute obedience.

2, my brother is my life.

What is this? Well, it's fine. Then, I named it.

First of all, Akami Ryu(Red dragon) of fire attribute [Soleil],

Blue Dragon God of water attribute [Ou]

Green dragon of wind attribute [Von],

Brown dragon of earth attribute [Isumu],

Shirokami(white haired) dragon specialized in light attribute [Ryomi],

Lady darkness specialized darkness dragon is [Curité]

Huangshin dragon specialized in lightning attribute is [Toner]

Ice dragon specialized ice attribute is [Glass].

Huh? Is not it too simple? Good thing is good.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

A wolf came when we just finished the contract.

’’The Lord, he is [God Wolf Ark].’’

’’OK. Please explain it.’’

’’I understand.’’

A few minutes later, I made a contract with Arc.



I played with the Arc which became small. It is cute, it has healing effect.

And then, I told everyone my mind once I came here.

’’I will make this place mine from today.’’

’’’’’’Eh! What?’’’’’’


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