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Isekai Cheat - Volume 3 - Chapter 2


Isekai Cheat [Extra] Chapter 02: Legendary Mythology Forest 2

About 3 hrs passed since I killed the goblin. I was heading to a place, where a huge amount of magic power gathered together.

Well then, I will explain about Mythology Forest here.

In this forest have lots of monsters which can be only heard in myths.

But there are several such places like this forest.

Well, their difficulty level is SSS+. However, Mythology Forest is special among them.

Other mythology dungeons are created only by mythical monsters [Mythology type].

However, Mythology Forest have not only [Mythology type] monsters, but also have a large number of divine Beasts live here.

Although divine beasts are rare and unusual, but they lives in various places.

Out of many of them, each divine beast was able to control half of the continent.

However, it is said that the divine beasts that live in Mythology Forest are of the lowest rank.

Although I said before Mythology goblin could have conquered the world by itself, that was a lie.

Even if possible to conquer, needs at least 500 such goblins.

Apart from that, to be able to live in this Mythology Forest it needs about that much power.

Then, you will have a doubt as to how powerful does the top monster of this forest have.

As you will understand this later, the topmost divine beasts of this forest are [divine Black Dragon] and [divine Wolf].

And I came here to make them mine.

I walked for another two hours and came to an open place.

There was a big egg there.


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