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Infinite Stratos - Volume 8 - Chapter Epilogue


Epilogue: The Knight who rests amidst the Forest of Sakuras[edit]


The IS Academy Underground Special Zone--

Chifuyu's there, staring at a 'statue', chained to several cables.

This 'statue'was the final fate of the IS that once brought Chifuyu to the title of the strongest in the world...the 'Kurazakura'.

Because of a personal battle with a certain IS, the knight had all its systems frozen while protecting Chifuyu, and showed no signs of awakening.

’’I know what's the program that Tabane sent me. Most's the program to forcefully unfreeze you, 'Kurazakura'.’’

Chifuyu touched the 'Kurazakura'with her fingers.

It felt a little chilly, like a frosted rock.

But she could feel the 'will'burning deep within it.

’’When you wake up, it'll definitely be the decisive battle...’’

She mutters, her profile looking so forlorn, yet full of confidence.

’’...What do you intend to do with me?’’

The one saying this was the 'leader', who was standing at the door.

’’Hm, please go back to the American Army then.’’


The leader, who had guessed that Chifuyu had some plans, was shocked by this.

’’If I leave you tied up here, it'll cause an international problem, even for IS Academy, no?’’

That's why you can leave. Chifuyu said.

However, the leader was unable to accept this for some reason, and continued asking while surprised by this herself.

’’I have a value as a hostage. If the negotiation conditions call for it--’’

’’Hm, this certainly is rare.’’

Upon seeing Chifuyu say this without any sense of pretense, the leader 'fell'.

She felt that her heart, which she should have already abandoned, was shot through.

’’...Ah, ahh.’’


’’Private channel, XXX0891-DA.’’

For some reason, the leader could not look at Chifuyu directly as she told the latter softly yet clearly.

’’You can contact me with this number...’’

’’Is that so? I'll remember that.’’

Chifuyu said and patted at the leader's head.

Poof, the leader's face went red, and left the room while ostensibly escaping from this place.

’’...Good grief, she didn't even say goodbye, huh?’’

Fuu, Chifuyu sighs in a somewhat satisfied manner.

She put her hands on her hips, and then used her hands to stretched her back.

’’I still can't lose to you here, Tabane.’’


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