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Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, The Path I Walk To Survive In This Other World~ - Volume 8 - Chapter 140


Chapter 140: Visible position

Translator: Tseirp

I was fed up of being teased in the church headquarters so I retreated to the Adventurer's Guild. Then, I sighed in the canteen.


’’So depressing. What happened? For Deviant Saint-sama to sigh like that?’’

I told the Adventurer's Guild guildmaster Granz-san about this time's incident.

’’Has Guildmaster Granz been suddenly kissed before?’’

I looked back to the sound of dishes crashing and breaking and saw the Adventurer's Guild vice-guildmaster Milty.

Having her cheeks dyed red from receiving my gaze, she retrieved the broken dishes in an instant and disappeared into the kitchen.

’’Was I misunderstood? Or, is Milty-san currently married?’’

’’ ... Well, just leave how Milty is aside.’’

It seems like various things happened here.

’’ ... So, what are you troubled by?’’

’’It's just something recent but a girl kissed me as a form of gratitude ... I wasn't particularly conscious about it but the surrounding people arbitrarily made a commotion about it.’’

Granz-san lightly took out a cup of warm tea.

I brought that to my lips as I began talking about this time's incident.

’’Hou. So Luciel-dono is thick-headed huh ... well, if the other party's identity is alright then isn't it fine? Since it was strange that nothing happened until now.’’

Granz-san patted my shoulder as he said that with a smile.

’’Thick-headed ... even now I'm not really conscious about it but is that really the case ... ?’’

In the first place, I don't have any intention of being thick-headed? Or rather, I've been seriously thinking about how to survive and just have not had the leeway to think about anything else.

Taking that into consideration, who would fall in love with me?

There's no way such a thing would happen.

I've not done anything that would make people like me ... I think.

’’Do you not like the person who kissed you?’’

I totally forgot that I was in a conversation.

Lumina-san ... she's a beauty, has a dignified atmosphere and her smile is extremely attractive.

However, if I'm asked if I have any feeling of love towards her then I think the answer is no.

’’No, I like her. But rather than liking her as a woman, my recognition of her as a person worthy of respect is stronger. I'm thinking if that would cause my feelings to soar from receiving her kiss of gratitude ...’’

That's surely my real feelings.

’’It sure is youthful to be troubled by feelings of love. If you can't decide on whether you like her or not then isn't it fine to just remain as per usual for now? Why are you so troubled over it?’’

’’ ... Well, it's complicated.’’

Other's would think that I'm running away if I immediately go to Meratoni but the surrounding people will make a fuss if I go talk to Lumina-san.

Are they adolescent children to make a fuss about a gratitude kiss! I wanted to shout that but as expected, it was bad to receive a gratitude kiss in front of almost all the members of the Knight Corps.

At this point in time, it would be a no if I am asked if I'm attracted to Lumina-san.

I felt my heart pound but it had subsided soon after.

Thinking about the future, I'm also worried if I would be able to not only meet a girl who is related to dragons and spirits by chance but also to meet one that I can happen to fall in love with.

I've never developed love for a person with such calibre and good personality like Lumina-san even in my previous life.

’’Is waiting for this chaotic feeling of mine to sort itself out a feasible plan? Or would I be able to understand this feeling even if I talked with Granz-san, this is troubling me greatly.’’

’’Oi Luciel, you're voicing out all your thoughts.’’

’’Eh? I voiced it out?’’

’’Yeah. From sorting out your feelings to some rude words aimed towards me, everything.’’

’’ ... Sorry.’’

Even though I've not done anything guilty, why do I have to be so troubled by it?

I do slightly regret not minding the TPO ... but, if I avoided the gratitude kiss, Lumina-san would probably be hurt deeply. (TL: TPO = time place occasion.)

Well, it was done by the time I noticed so I wouldn't have been able to avoid it though ...

’’Well, it doesn't matter. Leaving that aside, what did you come here for today?’’

’’Today, I was thinking of having a change of mood so I asked for permission from Pope-sama and I will be holding the Whimsical Day for the first time in a long time.’’

’’That's what I thought. I was surprised because I didn't expect to be asked for love advice. Ah, that's right. Once you're done I'll give you my new recipe.’’

’’Thank you.’’

There are still many dishes that I've not made but I fundamentally love cooking so I was overjoyed.

’’I'll gather the patients so you can go ahead and head to the basement first.’’


I headed to the Adventurer's Guild's training ground.

The Deviant Saint Whimsical Day was held for the first time after a long time so not only those with injuries, patients complaining about lower back pain and joint pains gathered one after the other.

I treated them one by one and sometimes treated a group of them all at once.

Then, by the time I realized, Lionel and the others were guarding me.

’’ ... When did you guys appear?’’

’’From the time when Luciel-sama was having love talks with the guildmaster.’’

Lionel answered with a smile.

’’At least let me know. So nasty.’’

’’I'd like if you don't sulk about it for so long nya. That attitude is the reason why everyone is teasing Luciel-sama just for a kiss nya.’’

’’What do you mean?’’

From the way Cathy said it, it seemed like Lumina-san was no longer being teased for it.

’’A kiss between the church's top Healer and a Paladin would become a hot topic but Lumina-dono is no longer getting teased.’’

’’ ... Why?’’

Kefin shook his head side to side and replied.

’’Probably because she overbearingly replies with ’’It's just a gratitude kiss?’’ and it leaves the impression that it would be bad if you say something bad and offend her.’’

Is Lumina-san the handsome guy or am I acting like a sissy, I wonder which is it?

’’ ... If that's the case then why am I being teased?’’

’’Probably because you're younger and you don't carry around an intimidating atmosphere nya.’’

Doesn't that mean that I'm simply being made light of?

’’That just makes me feel like I'm being bullied?’’

’’It can also be said that you're approachable and have high favorability rating.’’

’’Kefin, you sure are a pretty positive thinker.’’

’’I'm just telling the truth.’’


I definitely want more time to think.

What I took away from it was that I'm not consciousness of how people regularly see me.

I was shown that either way after getting teased from getting kissed.

I don't feel that this is what being approachable means and maybe it would be better if I bore myself with more dignity.

... I have no choice but to thoroughly train my mind and body ...

’’It's a different topic but we will be heading to Meratoni tomorrow.


The 3 of them just followed my orders without asking for a reason.

After we had our lunch in the Adventurer's Guild's canteen, I gave Lionel and the others free time until dusk.

After I told them that, they alternatively had mock battles with the adventurers while discovering talents and guiding them as they remained to guard me tightly.

’’Aren't the 3 of you absurdly calm?’’

’’We've been living our life in a disciplined army since long ago nya. In the past, I did look down upon the adventurers but now I've come to think that their life might be fun too nya.’’

’’I see. It's about time, I have somewhere I want to go so you can return.’’

’’Call me if you need me nya.’’

Cathy leaped and headed back to where Lionel and Kefin were at.

’’This life is not bad ... huh. It's true that the Saint Schull Allied Nations is really nice to live in but ... is having Lionel and the others as my retinue really the right thing to do?’’

I headed towards the magic tool shop while wondering to myself about the usual topic.

’’Hey Luciel, you forgot something.’’

Just as I was about to step out of the Adventurer's Guild, Granz-san passed me a collection of new recipes.

’’You can distract yourself with cooking when you're troubled.’’

Granz-san who was smiling broadly was overflowing with a gentleness that was unimaginable from his usual hard-faced expression.

’’ ... Luciel-sama sure is popular with the uncles huh.’’

’’Uwa!! Estia?! When did you pop up?’’

’’Since about when the dishes were broken at the canteen, I was observing you from a distance.’’

What ... that's totally a phrase that a stalker would say.

’’Estia came to the Adventurer's Guild together with us.’’

She came along with Lionel and the others but I totally did not notice her at all, where exactly was she?

’’ ... Where were you? I didn't see you?’’

’’I erased my presence and hid. But no assassins aiming for Luciel-sama came so I was bored.’’

’’ ... I see. Thank you.’’

’’Don't mention it.’’

’’Granz-san, allow me to come by again after a few months.


Feeling drained all of the sudden, I prayed that there were products that could soothe me at Lily's magic tool shop as I left the Adventurer's Guild.

Author's note:

Thank you for reading.


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