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Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, The Path I Walk To Survive In This Other World~ - Volume 8 - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Combat mental attitude

Thanks to sleeping in my own room after a long time as well as the effect of Angel's Pillow, I was able to have a proper good night's sleep.

Since the morning sun had not risen outside, I could tell that it was earlier than usual.

’’I'm not sure if the reason why I woke up at the usual time I woke up in the past is because I slept here after such a long time or because of Fornoir.’’

Following my past habits, I did my morning stretches while thinking about the mock battle today.

Yesterday, because I have leveled up, my physical ability has significantly risen and compounded with the fact that I have not fought with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps for quite a while, I was able to defeat Elizabeth-san and Saran-san.

However, today I would be battling Catherine-san and Lumina-san who are both better than me in terms of level, physical ability, and technique, so I must think of some means to compete with them.

I'll slowly think about Fornoir and Estia later.

There's also the fact that Fornoir didn't talk to me but there's no rush since it seemed like the Darkness Spirit does properly care about Estia.

’’I'll leave it up to Fornoir if she wants to return to the stable so maybe I'll have a talk with Fornoir.’’

I stopped doing my stretches and went to show myself at the Valkyrie Paladin Corps training ground.

The sun gradually began to rise and Catherine-san was there at the training ground when it became bright.

’’Catherine-san, good morning. You're early.’’

’’Luciel-kun, morning. There's a mock battle today but I was so happy that I would be able to have a mock battle with General Lionel that I ...’’

Looking at Catherine-san totally show a maiden's expression, I thought to myself that Lionel sure is popular.

’’Lionel is formidable you know.’’

’’I'm burning up. Since there's no danger to life, my blood is boiling with the thought that I can fight seriously. If you're up for it, do you want to have a light spar?’’

It seemed like Catherine-san was just starved of battles.

The church is also like that but it might be this world's logic that strong people equal combat maniacs.

’’Fine but please hold back.’’

’’I know, it's fine to use whatever weapon we specialize in.’’

’’ ... Your weapon might end up breaking though?’’

’’I fight with that assumption so it's not a problem.’’

’’Is that so? ... Here I come then.’’

To give the confident Catherine-san a little surprise, I approached her in an instant while replying and swung my illusionary sword.

’’You're quite fast. But that's all to it.’’

Even though I filled the distance in an instant using Body Strengthening that I did not use yesterday, she was able to avoid the illusionary sword with a paper thin margin.

’’I'll keep on coming.’’

I took out the Holy Dragon Spear and shifted my brain to use my dual sword-spear technique after a long time as I continued to unleash my one hit one kill technique.

Being able to strike out with my offhand Holy Dragon Spear without wavering, my combat style was also changing little by little.

’’That's some amazing growth. Now, it might be tough for everyone other than Lumina to fight with you one-on-one.’’

’’You saying that makes me happy but I still totally can't catch you at all ... as expected, you're strong.’’

’’Of course. But all of the retainers that Luciel-kun brought are capable of this extent right?’’

’’ ... If you're talking about being able to treat me like a child in combat, yeah that's right.’’

She had most likely already grasped the majority of my ability yesterday.

There's no doubt that this person is also a combat maniac after all.

’’Is there nobody in the church who can fight with Catherine-san squarely?’’

’’ ... There was a great number of them in the past. Hence there were many that I could aim towards. However, now I have to hold back when fighting so I'm truly grateful that you brought along strong people.’’

While staring at Catherine-san's expression that changed from a nostalgic expression to a lonely expression and then to a truly delighted one, I resumed my attacks.

’’Even though I wish to win against Catherine-san a couple of years later, I'll create a squad that you can't win against so please wait for it.’’

’’Not aiming to win by yourself huh?’’

’’Because I'm a Healer.’’

When I stabbed with the Holy Dragon Spear in my left hand, Catherine-san countered towards my chest as I showed the side of my body due to the thrust ... I was directly sent flying with a Kenka Kick. (TL: Kenka kick/Yakuza kick is a pro-wrestling move)


When I somehow adjusted my poster after I was sent flying, the tip of a sword stopped right before my neck.

’’ ... I surrender.’’

’’It was a fairly sharp attack but, perhaps due to your shallow combat experience or because you think that you can heal yourself with healing magic whenever you want? there were plenty of openings.’’

I was startled when I heard that.

Because I was certainly thinking that I could heal myself when in battle.

I wonder when did I start using such a fighting style?

’’Will it become hopeless if I continue like this?’’

’’This fighting style is fine if Luciel-kun has retainers that can constantly defend you but even so, by committing to a 7-to-3 ratio of attacking and defending, you would suffer from unnecessary injuries when fighting against opponents that you can win against comfortably.’’

’’ ... Could I request for another match?’’

’’Of course.’’

Catherine-san gave a soft smile and readied herself.

After I was thrown down about another 10 times, before I knew it, I noticed that everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps was watching our early morning training when I stood up when it was about time for breakfast.

’’You did well to not get your mind broken.’’

’’As expected of the greatest combat maniac among the Healers.’’

’’It's amazing that you can take that much.’’

While feeling that it was nostalgic to hear such voices, we all traveled together to the dining hall.

At the dining hall entrance, Lionel and the others, as well as Estia, were waiting for me.

’’Morning everyone. Did you all get a good sleep in the church guest rooms?’’

When I called out to the 4 of them, Lionel and Cathy looked like they had good sleep but Kefin's expression stiffened slightly.

’’I won't say that it was comfortable but I could sleep properly.’’

’’I slept well nya.’’

’’I couldn't really sleep. I still can't calm down when lying on a soft bed.’’

Since Ienith, Kefin has never been good at sleeping on a soft bed.

’’Kefin, it's about time you get used to it. If you can't get sleep on beds from this point on, you won't be able to recover from your fatigue.’’

’’Sorry, please consider that I've been sleeping on the floor until just recently.’’

’’ ... We'll gradually convert your bed from a stiff bed to a soft bed.’’

’’Thank you.’’

’’Don't worry about it. Estia, are you alright now?’’

Ending my conversation with Kefin, I spoke to Estia who was looking downward.

The conversation was flowing naturally up to this point.

’’Erm, good morning. About last night's incident ...’’

’’We'll talk about that incident later but is there a hearing today as well?’’

’’Yes. It seems like I will be assigned as a subordinate under the direct supervision of Luciel-sama after the hearing is over so please take care of me.’’

’’Ha? Who told you that?’’


Granhart-san doesn't have such authority so was it enticement by the Darkness Spirit? When I thought up to that point, I heard a voice from behind me.

’’Luciel-kun, that was decided by Pope-sama. The fact that Spirit Magic Swordsman is a rare job was also taken into consideration but above all else, since Sir Rainstar was a Spirit-user, Pope-sama judged that she might be a helpful existence to Luciel-kun in the future.’’

Catherine-san thrust those words onto me.

Even though Pope-sama is a half-elf, she is the child of ridiculous people like Sir Rainstar. Since Sir Rainstar was a Spirit-user, there is sufficient or more than sufficient possibility that Pope-sama is capable of contacting Spirits herself.

’’ ... Let's have breakfast for now.’’

I puzzled over those words and entered the dining hall.

’’Rosa-san, thank you for last night.’’

’’Don't mention it. Since Luciel-sama most likely don't know where the guest rooms are.’’

’’Next time, I plan to go buy clothes for my retinue so please accompany me again when that time comes.’’

’’But I think it would be alright if I don't go with you if you are fine with Anna's shop?’’

I tried asking her proactively since Rosa-san would try to decline from beginning to end.

I had already confirmed 3 years ago that the members behind me don't have dress sense. (TL: He's referring to the Valkyrie Paladin Corps girls xD)

’’It also doubles as thanks for last night. Please.’’

’’!? O, okay so please raise your head.’’

Rosa-san anxiously asked me to raise my head when I bowed and glancing up, I saw that she agreed.

’’Then I'll let you know when I plan to go.’’

’’I understand but I'll be troubled if you lower your head.’’

’’I'll be careful. Well then, a large serving please.’’

’’ ... I somehow feel tired. Please wait a moment.’’

When I requested for food with a smile, Rosa-san headed towards the back with a sigh.

’’Luciel-kun, you're interested in clothes?’’

The quiet Lumina-san was the one who asked.

’’Just as much as everyone else. There's a possibility that I need them for when I visit other countries in the future and I also have engineer retainers who can enchant them.’’

’’ ... By the way, does Luciel-kun know about the Principality of Blange?’’

’’Yeah. It's the country to the eastern side of Ienith right? What about it?’’

’’ ... It's fine only if you get the chance to travel there but could you help me investigate the country's situation when you do?’’

’’ ... Understood. If I get the chance to go there, I'll try investigating.’’

I could tell that Lumina-san was acting differently from usual but I agreed without asking for the reason.

At that time, Rosa-san came at the right timing carrying food so I thanked her and head for the seats.

We spent our meal merrily as we talked about the mock battle today and Lumina-san who looked gloomy until just earlier also looked like she was enjoying herself.

While feeling slightly uneasy, we sent Estia to Granhart-san's place and stepped foot into the training ground.


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