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Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 43


Chapter 43: Graceful Steps, the White-robed Fairy

Zhao Wen was spitting mad.

The three golden blade rays descended like shooting stars (original tl is long rainbow? But i thought it didn't make much sense, to me at least), in an extremely eye-catching and dazzling fashion. Each of the blade rays was at least a hundred feet long. From this one could see, just how deep Zhao Wen's hatred for Ling Fei had become.

Ling Fei was obviously trying to provoke him, and it was with such an outrageous provocation. Zhao Wen simply could not endure it anymore.

Normally, as a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, one would be able to control their emotions, but there was an exception in Zhao Wen's case.

Throughout the whole journey, after so many clashes and insults, coupled with all the incidents that happened previously;after all of these added up, it would be strange instead, if Zhao Wen was still able to keep his bottled up emotions under control.

Right now, the only thought in Zhao Wen's mind, was to kill Ling Fei with his blade.





Zhao Wen was completely infuriated.

Yet, Ling Fei just smiled.

The three blade rays shot forward, their power increasing with the distance travelled, and countless falling leaves were obliterated into dust by the Blade Gang Qi.

’’Boom boom boom!’’

Three loud rumbling sounds followed, echoing throughout the mountain range.

The ground that Ling Fei had been standing on, was instantly decimated into nothingness under the golden blade rays.

’’Still not dead?!?’’

Under the three blade rays, Ling Fei was sent flying, fresh blood flowed out of the corners of his mouth, seeming to be heavily injured.

Zhao Wen's expression changed, even though he had expected that the little thief would not be so easily killed, he was still quite baffled. Three blade rays of his intermediate battle technique, had used up quite a bit of his Xuan Qi, yet the little thief was still alive.

However, all of this did not matter, the most important thing was that he had to kill this little thief!

’’Brat, to survive three blades of mine, you can be pretty proud of yourself,’’ Zhao Wen flew up into the air, once more executing his battle technique, one blade thousand miles, ’’but now you can go and die!’’

The battle technique was once more executed, and a golden ray pierced through the air, shooting towards Ling Fei.

This blade, was impossible to dodge, and he could only face it head on!

To deal with this little thief, Zhao Wen had directly used his strongest battle technique to attack. If this was to get back to the Blade God Sect, no one would believe that Zhao Wen would use his most powerful skill to deal with a mere Martial Dao Sixth Layer brat.


When the golden blade ray passed by, the air was instantly split split into two and Ling Fei's sleeve was ripped apart by the Gang Qi. In that split moment, it seemed like he was going to die under the golden blade ray for sure.


Ling Fei smiled, the corners of his mouth forming into a smirk.

’’Damned old bastard, you got fooled.’’

Right before Zhao Wen's eyes, Ling Fei who seemed to have nowhere to dodge, actually managed to avoid this supposedly inescapable fatal strike.

’’Not good!’’

Zhao Wen secretly cursed, he did not have time to retract his blade.

The original dense forest, had instantly become a flat area, and a pale blue lake appeared in their visions.

This was not the strangest thing.

What was stranger, was that there was actually a two-headed Jiao dragon near the lake. Its body was at least few thousand feet long, and it was emanating a ferocious aura. At this moment, it was being forced to retreat, and roaring continuously. There was blood flowing down its remaining head, as its other head was forcefully hacked off. A trace of unwillingness and aggressiveness appeared in its eyes.

This was due to the strike of Zhao Wen's, his golden blade ray that was over a thousand feet long, with an incomparably sharp piercing aura, as if wanting to eradicate everything in its path.

Unfortunately for Zhao Wen, after Ling Fei managed to avoid his strike.

The two-headed Jiao dragon had become the target instead, and the golden blade ray shot through the air, piercing its back. Instantly, the countless scales on its back broke apart, and fresh blood splurted out, as it let out pitiful howls.


The Jiao dragon was furious. A despicable human had actually dared to attack it.


’’Brat, you're going to die a horrible death!’’

Zhao Wen could not help but break out in curses. As a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, he had never experienced such a tragedy like today. He was actually tricked by this little thief.

When the golden blade ray struck against the two-headed Jiao dragon, Zhao Wen immediately realised that he had been tricked. As the chilling gaze of the Jiao dragon shot towards him, he felt a shiver run down his back. There was a 180 degree change in his expression, as though he was a mouse who had seen a cat, and he started trembling uncontrollably.


Zhao Wen had never imagined, that the little thief would actually use such an extreme method to deal with him.

However, would the two-headed Jiao dragon give him any chance?

That was impossible.


The two-headed Jiao dragon was part of the dragon's bloodline, but now, a mere human had actually dared to injure it. An unforgivable crime!

Letting out a huge roar, its enormous body twisted and turned into a streak of light. The black streak sped through the air, chasing after its enemy, with its huge tail sweeping away everything in its path.

Zhao Wen was scared out of his wits, his flying skill had actually been restricted. The Xuan Qi in his body was in chaos and he was unable to control it, causing him to drop down from the sky. At the same time, the whip-like tail of the Jiao dragon swept down.

’’Not good, I'm going to die!’’

The huge roar from the two-headed Jiao dragon had caused chaos within Zhao Wen's Xuan Qi, and when its whip-like tail struck downwards, Zhao Wen's body was like a piece of fragile wood. Even with his Gang Qi protection, he was still unable to block the strike, and his body instantly burst apart, forming a rain of blood.

Even at death, Zhao Wen was still filled with unwillingness, he could not believe that he had actually been outwitted by a little brat.



Ling Fei spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though he was not directly involved in the fight, he had still suffered quite some damage.

’’Such a vicious Jiao dragon.’’

Taking advantage of the situation, Ling Fei had fled into the forest, but he was still unable to avoid the shock. A genuine Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, when facing a magic beast, he could not even block a single strike, and was instantly smashed apart. This was indeed shocking.

If he had not known in advance about the magic beast, perhaps the same fate might have happened to him.

Originally, Ling Fei did not really expect that the magic beast would kill that old bastard, but merely hold him back. Thus, he decided to take a risk and incite the old bastard to use his battle technique.

However, it ended up like this.

Even after the death of the old bastard, Ling Fei still had a heavy heart as he recalled the fearsome two-headed Jiao dragon. To him, it was an existence beyond the final boss, fearsome to no bounds.

’’Finally getting rid of an enemy, only to meet another big boss, why am I so unlucky!’’

Ling Fei hid within the thicket, and did not dare to move a single inch. Even with his Wind Body Technique, he would have zero chances against it. All he could do was perhaps, pray to Amitābha.


The two-headed Jiao dragon's cold gaze turned towards where Ling Fei was hiding. In the darkness, Ling Fei was scared to the point that his scalp was feeling numb, and cold sweat continuously flowed down his back. In the face of that Jiao dragon, all those eighth-stage magic beasts, or martial dao eighth layer experts... they were really too weak!

’’F*k, am I really going to die!’’

Ling Fei let out a bitter laugh. When facing such a magic beast that can instantly annihilate a Martial Dao Eighth Layer expert, how could he be any match for it. This time, he really was finished.

Just as Ling Fei thought that he was done for good.

An unexpected scene appeared.

A white silhouette floated in the sky, getting closer and closer. Only when the person got close enough, did Ling Fei realise that the person was not flying, but instead, walking. It was a skill that only Martial Dao Ninth Layer experts possessed.

This was not the strangest thing about this person though. What was even more strange was that, this white-robed person, no This white-robed fairy was walking gracefully, like an angel that descended from Heaven, with her pure and otherworldly aura, that was untainted by the sins of man.

’’God, is this my goddess?’’

When he saw her exquisite features, Ling Fei finally thought of a word.

Goddess, the goddess in his heart.


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