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Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 36


r 36

Translator: KuroNeko

Editor: JerryDaBaws

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Chapter 36: Consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit

The region of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey!

It was mentioned earlier that within the Black Water Mountain Range, there were numerous magic beasts with danger around every corner.

There were high-level magic beasts that have been in existence since ancient times, each occupying their own region within the mountain range.

The Eighth-Stage magic beast, the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey was one of such magic beasts. It occupied a region for its cultivation and all of the other magic beasts within the region would have to follow its orders.

Such a region spanned across a large area, of at least one or two thousand miles and that's just getting started.


’’The Blade God Sect, what are they up to, it's already been 3 days yet they're still unwilling to open up this region?’’

’’Only god would now. For all we know, they may be busy digging for treasure, let's just endure and take the roundabout route!’’

’’Damn it! The three great sects are so imposing, just a few words and they can seal an entire region with all of the good stuff taken away by them. I'm so unwilling!’’

’’So what if you're unwilling, is there any use? If you've got the guts, go ahead and confront them then. Perhaps you'd be dead before even getting close.’’


Outside of the sealed region.

The way that the Blade God Sect had sealed the region caused immense displeasure amongst many. But, so what? Facing a strong martial arts sect, if they showed any dissatisfaction, and hindered the Blade God Sect from hunting magic beasts, they would surely be killed on the spot. Therefore, they could only secretly vent their emotions as to not become victims.

An entire sealed region meant that others would have to take a roundabout route instead. Who knows, maybe on the way they might even be ambushed by magic beast. Of course they would be displeased!

However, with the reputation as one of the three great sects, no matter how displeased they were, they could only rant about it to vent.

At the same time, in the large region of the Scarlet Sun Devil Monkey.

The green-clothed and white-clothed disciples of the Blade God Sect were scattered across the region. They formed groups of twos and threes and started searching the whole region.

After the food was stolen from the tiger's jaws, Cheng ShaoWen was of course unwilling to let the matter pass so easily. He instantly relied on his connections and mobilised all of the sect disciples. At least a hundred over people were ordered to search the region to find the thief at all costs.

The green-clothed disciples were of the Martial Dao Fifth Layer and below, while the white-clothed disciples were at least of the Martial Dao Sixth Layer. For all of them to deal with a single thief who was heavily injured and unable to battle, it was more than enough.

The Black Water Mountain Range was originally a forest, thus there was huge trees towering everywhere, and constant bird calls sounded out. If one were to walk under the huge trees, they would seem extremely small in comparison, especially the white-clothed and the green-clothed disciples. If one was not paying attention, they would be unable to notice the disciples who were searching for the thief.


’’Huff huff!’’

In one of the trees amongst the many huge trees, someone slowly opened his eyes.

’’That old bastard, that strike was indeed powerful. Even after I used all of my efforts in recovering, I could only recover one third of my strength in 3 days.’’

Naturally, the one cursing was the injured Ling Fei.

After 3 days, Ling Fei spent all of his efforts in order to recover his injuries and even consumed many healing pills. However, due to the low quality of the pills, they were basically ineffective and he could barely regain some combat power.

’’With one-third of my strength I barely have a bit of combat power. However, in this Black Water Mountain Range, this much is not enough at all. Not mentioning the magic beasts, simply that purple-clothed young master will surely find trouble for me.’’

Once again, Ling Fei's heart was filled with worry, he had to figure out how to increase his combat power.

’’With only one third of combat power it is definitely not enough to keep me safe. Also, I'm lacking in healing pills so in order to recover my strength, it looks like I must rely on that!’’

Ling Fei fumbled for a while before a small box appeared in his hands. When he opened it, there were 3 red fruit lying inside. Under the dim light, they sparkled, looking extremely enticing.

The Scarlet Sun Fruit!

It was precisely the fruit that Ling Fei had coincidentally obtained from the lair of the Eighth Stage magic beast. Luckily they had reminded, if not he might not be able to know the effects of the Scarlet Sun Fruit for quite some time.

’’If I can use the mysterious black blade, relying on its sharpness, together with one-third of my strength, I should have no problem protecting myself!’’

A choice flashed across Ling Fei's eyes, it was his only plan at the moment.


’’For this item, I have risked my life. Let me try its taste first, I wonder if it really is as wonderful as it's rumored to be!’’

Ling Fei did not play all his web games for naught, he was extremely familiar with all the rare treasures of the Heavens and Earth.

Even on Earth, there were also such treasures. For example, a few hundred years ganoderma (lingzhi), a few hundred years wild ginseng, weren't they one of the rare treasures too?

’’After I eat the Scarlet Sun Fruit, I wonder what sort of expression they will have.’’

Before consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit, Ling Fei looked at it and started evilly laughing.

When consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit, it had a sweet taste and tasted quite good. As for other flavors, Ling Fei hadn't figured it out yet.

’’No feeling?’’

After he ate the Scarlet Sun Fruit, Ling Fei had thought that there would be a large change. However, nothing happened at all, so he couldn't help but to be surprised.


Just as he thought that nothing happened, a sudden gust of warmth burst out from his dantian. It split into many streams, and instantly spread across his whole body through his meridians. Wherever the warmth passed by, a hot burning sensation would be left behind.

The wounds on Ling Fei's not yet recovered body, burst opened and fresh blood flowed freely once more. It hurt so much that he almost fainted.

’’F*k, are you kidding me!’’

No matter what happened, Ling Fei would have never thought that the Scarlet Sun Fruit would actually bring about such excruciating pain. His forehead was laden with cold sweat, and his clothes were instantly soaked through.


Fortunately, the pain did not last for very long.

Ling Fei's injuries had not fully recovered, and coupled with the pain from the Scarlet Sun Fruit, it seemed as though he was just rescued from the sea. It was hard to believe how drenched he was.

’’Damn uncultured, really trying to screw me up big time!’’

Ling Fei spat out a mouthful of turbid qi and limpy collapsed on the tree while panting heavily.

Although it was the time taken for a stick of incense to burn, Ling Fei was almost about to become mad.

’’The good thing is that I finally managed to endure it.’’

After resting for a short while, Ling Fei recovered his strength and started to check his body. Fortunately, the wounds on his blood covered body did not seem to have worsened.

Lightly clenching his fists, Ling Fei could immediately feel that there was a force contained within his flesh, a tyrannical force. It was not the force from his Xuan Qi, but it was a force that came genuinely from his flesh and body!

’’Godly power, natural godly power?’’

In the Xuan Sky continent, practitioners had to train non-stop in order to increase their bodies' power. In the process, they had to endure much pain, and the progress was exceedingly slow, it would take at least a few years before they could have any breakthroughs.

In the past, if one were to compare purely based on body power, Ling Fei would not be considered as strong, simply incomparable to the experts. However, after consuming the Scarlet Sun Fruit, his body now contained a powerful force, a shocking 3000 jin.

3000 jin of power!

Exactly how many people could train to such an extent?


Ling Fei was filled with excitement, the previous pain no longer mattered to him.

After enduring the pain, and increasing his body's power, even Ling Fei himself could not believe such a miraculous thing had happened.

Amongst all the worlds, there was actually such a miraculous fruit that increases one's power. He did not dare believe it at first, and even after he had experienced it himself, it still felt as though he was dreaming.

’’One Scarlet Sun Fruit can increase 3000 jin of power, but in order to use the black blade, it's still not enough, I need to continue eating. Perhaps after I've eaten 3 of them, I should be able to use the black blade.’’


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