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Invincible Leveling King - Chapter 28


Advancing to Martial Dao Sixth Layer

’’Relentless Rush!’’

’’Lightning Strike!’’


In a remote region of the forest in the Black Water Mountains, a Fourth Stage Magic Beast had suddenly died, tainting the grass around the area.

『Killed Fourth Stage Magic Beast, Lightning Tiger, Gained experience x 300!’’ 』

Ling Fei held the long blade in his hand, blood trickling down the blade, from the tip of the sword to the ground.

’’The <<Rapid Blade Technique>>will soon reach Big Completion Stage, so killing Fourth Stage Magic Beast, the Mad Wolf is gradually becoming easier. Soon, I'll be able to kill it with a single strike!’’

This type of action repeated endlessly everywhere inside the forest!

This was the eighth day inside the mountains.


Day 18 in the Black Water Mountain Range!

Rapid blade technique has reached big completion stage, with thunder noises produced with every swing of the blade, giving off a terrifying aura and presence.

The <<Rapid Blade Technique>>has finally reached Big Completion Stage, thundering noises are now produces with every swing of the blade! Emanating a terrifying aura.




The battle continues inside the Black Water Mountain Forest!

In the vast forest, a Fourth Stage Lightning Tiger transformed sped up, looking like a flash of lightning, so fast that it couldn't be tracked with the eye.

Even so, it still could not avoid the blade strike that caused it to split into half, causing fresh blood to splatter everywhere! The tiger died with unwillingness and confusion until the its very end, like every other tiger had!

『Killed Fourth Stage Magic Beast, Lightning Tiger, gained experience x 300!』

『Killed Fourth Stage Magic Beast, Lightning Tiger, gained experience x 300!』

『Killed Fourth Stage Magic Beast, Lightning Tiger, gained experience x 300!』


Day 25 in the Black Water Mountain Range!

’’Relentless Rush!’’

’’Lightning Strike!’’

’’Thousand Lightning’’

Ling Fei moved as if he was dancing, with a long blade held in his hand. With a unmoving smile, he danced within the crowd of magic beasts. The wind body technique making him like a wisp of wind, moving without trace.

Ling Fei gracefully moved about, looking as if he is dancing!

With a long blade held in his hand, an unmoving smile, he danced within the horde of magic beasts, the <<Wind Body Technique>>causing him to move like a swift gale of wind, moving without a trace!


With a flash of his blade, another Fifth Stage Magic Beast fell.

The strong defense as strong as a tofu in front of his blade, completely sliced through!

『Killed Fifth Stage Magic Beast, Wind Fire Bear, gained experience x 500!』


Another Wind Fire Bear roared and with its enormous body, charged towards Ling Fei's back.

Without doubt, if this charge hits, the end can only be heavy injuries or death!

’’Humph, a mere magic beast, lie down!’’

Ling Fei moved as if there were eyes on his back, he drifted in a strange fashion and appeared behind the charging bear. With a single stroke of his blade, the blade accurately slashed at the weak point of the bear, splitting the bear in two, spraying blood everywhere, staining Ling Fei's robes bright red.

Ling Fei reacted as if there were eyes behind his head, drifting in a strange fashion and suddenly appearing behind the charging bear! With a single but accurate slash of his blade, he hit the bear's weak point, splitting the bear into two, spraying blood everywhere turning Ling Fei's robes bright red.

『Killed Fifth Stage Magic Beast, Wind Fire Bear, gained experience x 500!』

Under the <<Wind Body Technique>>, Ling Fei was just like he was the wind itself!

Even though the Fifth Stage Magic Beats are strong, they could not even touch Ling Fei, let alone injure him! Everytime he fell into danger, he would use the technique and escape like the wind, a normal person under the same conditions would have died numerous times.

With a flash of the blade came the death of a beast!

If there were people here to watch, they would think their eyes were fooling them


After half an hour.

Ling Fei was like a person made of blood. He stood in the middle of a field of dead magic beasts, with killing intent so thick that it's almost tangible, causing fear by just approaching him!

’’10 thousand experience gained.’’

Ling Fei let out a turbid breath and checked his injuries, letting out a bitter laugh.

’’A Fifth Stage Magic Beast. No matter its attack or reflex, it is several times higher than a Fourth Stage Magic Beasts. No wonder people won't challenge a group of them by themselves. I guess i am the first to do this in history right?’’

He rubbed his nose and smugly smiled.

Ever since he started killing Fourth Stage Magic Beasts, he gained a large amount of experience. Until the end, he could almost kill a magic beast with a single attack. After continuing this for 25 days, Ling Fei changed his target from the Fourth Stage Magic Beasts to the Fifth Stage Magic Beasts.

He started out by killing the Fifth Stage Magic Beasts one by one, but after he killed a few, he found that different beasts had different weaknesses, and he was able to discern those spots with practice, becoming a huge asset in battle.

Today however, Ling Fei met misfortune.

He had originally planned to kill a lonely Wind Fire Bear, but a moment of distraction caused him to enter the territory of the Wind Fire Bears. Then came the scene in front of him, facing a huge group of bears. Good thing it was only fright and no harm was taken, he had only received minor injuries.

’’Next level is still 100 thousand experience away, I guess I need ten more days!’’


Day 36 in the Black Water Mountain Range!


A fifth stage magic beast died.

After a month of training, Ling Fei had already trained the <<Rapid Blade Technique>>to Big Completion Stage a long time ago, to the point where the blade will emanate a terrifying aura with every attack!

『Killed fifth stage magic beast blood wolf, gained experience x 500! 』

’’Congratulations player Ling Fei, successfully leveling up to martial dao sixth layer, awarded treasure bag x 1, silver coins x 5000!’’

『 Congratulations player Ling Fei, successfully leveling up to Martial Dao Sixth Layer, awarded treasure bag x 1, silver coins x 5000!』

Ling Fei couldn't resist the urge to shout out in excitement even though he already expected this!

’’Hahahaha, I, Your Father, have finally reached Martial Dao Sixth Layer!’’

Martial Dao Eighth Layer is a GangQi expert, giving huge pressure to Ling Fei, but with every increase in cultivation, Ling Fei gains more power to fight against that pressure.

Leveling up to Martial Dao Sixth Layer took him almost 2 months of time, not long nor short. Ling Fei didn't have any complaints because if this news reaches the God Martial Art Sect, there would definitely be a lot of people that would be shocked witless.

After a period of excitement, a small and neat black bag appeared above Ling Fei's hands.

’’So this is the so called treasure bag?’’

Originially thinking that upon leveling up to sixth layer, he would be awarded with a fist or blade technique, but the award this time was a treasure bag? He was kind of shocked by this unexpected outcome.

But when he focused on the bag, something weird happened!’’

’’Treasure bag, a space that a martial artist carries around, can store any item, cannot store living objects, cannot be traded, disappears on death, items inside the bag when it disappears will drop on the ground!’’

Ling Fei stared at that notice with his jaws hanging open.

’’Hell, this can't be the legendary space bag right?’’

’’I remember that there was a record in the God Martial Art Sect, that Xuan Tian continent's Xuan Warriors will obtain a treasure bag that can store objects, could this be it?’’


Ling Fei followed the instructions provided and learned how to operate the bag.

The method was fairly easy, imagine an object, and as long as the bag can hold it, the item will be stored inside, easy and convenient! Now only for $9.99!!!

Ah, getting a little off topic there.

Ling fei was shocked and happy at the same time, after a series of testing, he confirmed the magicness of the bag.

He once heard in God Martial Art Sect from someone that their treasure bag had enough space to fit a table inside, but Ling Fei's treasure bag had the space of half a room, the bag currently empty!

’’I am rich, this time i am really rich!’’

Ling fei understood more than anyone the benefits of this bag, the size of the space inside was the key point, with more space, the more stuff he can store!

’’Haha, just in time to store all these pelts that i got, with this bag to store stuff, there is no need to worry about carrying these anymore!’’

The first thing that came to mind was the pelts that he was carrying, just as he was worrying on how to carry these precious pelts...

Ding! The solution appeared, just like a sleepy person suddenly receiving a pillow!


He stored the pelts carefully and opened the system to check the experience bar.

Once again, he almost turned into a statue, the original 300 thousand experience had been raised to 500 thousand, a whopping 200 thousand increase. He almost fell down from the shock factor.

’’Damn, is this still playable?!’’

Before he could recover from his shock, a tremor ran through the ground and passed under his feet, shaking him awake from his trance.

’’Lightening technique, With The Wind!’’

Ling Fei swung his body and landed atop a towering tree, looking into the distance.


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