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Invincible Level Up - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: The beginning of Vengeance

People with ambitions would become very scary and the behavior also become different.

Qin Tian had ambition, a really big ambition.

To be humiliated again and again, taunted again and again, ridiculed again and again, were all engraved in his heart, as long as he seized the opportunity, he would return all of it at one-time.

So that they could never turn over it anymore, and he believed that this day was not far off.

Qin clan martial arts field.

From early in the morning this place was already crowded with thousands of Qin clan outer door disciples and inner doors disciples, the younger generation of disciples were waiting for today.

Today is Qin clan's big day, also Qinghe city big day, in addition to Qin clan attention, other clans also pay close attention to today.

Qin clan's youngster, in the future may become the main pillar of the clan, for which several other large clan did not want to miss, after all, this was a good opportunity to understand their opponent.

Qinghe city four big clans's infighting is not a year or two things, no one wants to be under the other three. Qin clan's control over Kunlun Mountains entrance had been the object of envy of other clan, everyone would like a share of it ......

In the huge martial arts field Qin clan's younger generation gathered, bubbling with noise, are arguing who would be the final winner of the autumn hunting contest.

At this time, two figures came into the martial arts field.

One thin and one fat walking coordinately nor fast nor slow to the front row, as if has no relationship with the people around.

Looked at the surprised gaze cast by people around him, Qin Tian mouth curled up revealing a cold smile.

Sneering with confident, contempt for everything, arrogant and unyielding, arrogance of the world, as if at this moment he was the monarch of the world, the control of people's life and death around was in his palm.

His sneer cause countless of contempt and mocking laugh sound around.

’’what is Qin clan's big waste come here to do?’’

’’Aren't him expelled by the great elders?’’

’’Furong restaurant's small retainer, an inferior person, do he qualified to enter the Qin clan martial arts field?’’

’’Get out, this is not a place for a waste.’’


Qin Tian's face looked calm, looking at the ridicule from around the smile on his face getting thicker filling with disdain.

Meng Lei followed behind Qin Tian like a personal guard of a king, majestic, with his big body each step of a heavy tread on the ground like the gallops of elephants, so domineering ......

Walked up in the morning, Qin Tian did not do his usual things such as took a broom to clean the yard, but let Meng Lei do the cleaning, because today is their big day.

Meng Lei simply minded do it also think today is the day of Qin clan autumn hunting contest also the day for Qin Tian to shock Qin clan's people.

Regardless of Zhang Dafu cursing they directly came to Qin clan's the martial arts field.

Meng Lei trust Qin Tian one hundred percent even more so after recovering from illness.

He gave a full support for everything Qin Tian want to do without asking anything.

He believes that today will definitely be a good day.

Qin Tian come the registration place said slightly: ’’I want to sign up for autumn hunting contest’’

The registration deacon was Qin clan's honorary elder with no real power, specifically dealing with some of the chores, for this Qin Tian somewhat understood, probably out of concern said with a calm tone: ’’You first ranked Warrior must not join in the fun, join this contest will only allow more people to joke, just go back.’’

Before Qin Tian answer there was commotion in the crowd, Qin clan's small bully Qin Kun ridicule came up behind him followed by a few faithful follower with strength above fifth ranked Warrior.

’’Yo, Furong restaurant's small retainer also want to apply autumn hunting contest.’’

’’Ha ha ......’’

Qin Kun walked to Qin Tian side, walked around Qin Tian in a circle, repeatedly laughed said, ’’Someone like you also want to participate in autumn hunting contest, is it courting death, or court death?’’

His words attracted the laugh of the crowd, the laughter is extremely exaggerated.

Everyone knows Qin Tian's Dantian was damaged, unable to gather Qigong, do not say breakthrough to fifth ranked Warrior, solely with his thin and weak body just walking outside of Kunlun Mountains already court death.

Qin Kun words did not made Qin Tian angered, but made Meng Lei angered.

Immediately he took action to give a blow regardless of martial arts fields rule that forbid personal fights, a crashing blow ......

Qin Tian wanted to stop but too late.

When Qin Kun caught the sight of the blow with his two eyes shout angrily ’’court death.’’

Quickly and unexpectedly with the change of his body a palm move toward Meng Lei's abdomen, the speed was much faster compared to Meng Lei.

’’Boom ......’’

Meng Lei's 200 jin (100 kg) weight body directly knocked flying by Qin Kun palm strike, fell out a few feet away, heavily fall to the ground.

Meng Lei showing a painful expression, but he did not give up, rose up from the floor showing mirages of fists with Qigong risen stormed out like a bulldozer ......


Qin Kun sneer contemptuously with dust arise from his feet flying randomly exuding a burst of fierce momentum, this momentum is very overbearing, abruptly pushed back several people.

Qin Tian anxiously said in his heart ’’Not good.’’

Meng Lei was only a third ranked Warrior, it is impossible to be Qin Kun opponent, Qin Kun's strength was at peak of seven ranked Warrior, using only a little Qigong he could already kill him.

In the martial arts field the one that attacked first was the one that broke the rules, even dead could not give an argument.

Immediately, Qin Tian's one leg strode out exploding Qigong giving out a majestic air like a dragon force, moved in a flash, in a blink of an eye dashed out then holding Meng Lei's body.

’’Fatty, calm down.’’

’’Young master, I cannot stand it.’’

’’There is still me.’’

Caught the sight of Qin Tian holding Meng Lei, Qin Kun was extremely angry, with ferocious expression in his eyes without delay directly moved toward Qin Tian's back to attack.

At this time, Qin Tian with his back facing Qin Kun feeling the approaching breeze from behind, laughed evilly in his mind: ’’I know you will do this.’’

Killing whoever raise a hand first wouldn't be a problem, even the patriarch cannot blame him.

Starting out 'Dragon pass-through the Void'technique a sound like gallops of ten thousands elephants can be heard inside his body, his limbs full of powerful forces, Qin Tian slowly turned round, Liking a killing God staring head on Qin Kun's face exposing a grim smile ......

Qin Kun feeling nervous, that expression in his eyes made him tremble with fear, but with the anger of his heart explode out

’’Hungry tiger come out of cage’’

A hungry tiger roar tearing sound emerged out of him.

Half of the crowd shocked, watching motionless Qin Tian, mocking the sentence, ’’waste is waste, scared till not dare to move.’’

’’This time he will dead.’’

The speed of his realm is so fast that the human eye simply could not follow ......

Everyone though that Qin Tian too scared to move, in fact, he had moved, but the action was to fast for everyone's eyes to see.

After practicing 'Dragon pass-through the Void'for more than two months, Qin Tian speed had become three times faster than ordinary people, this fast speed was done with his current's state.

In current state the speed was already so terrible, if he was to reach a complete state what will the scene be like?


Dust on the ground wreak havoc, the crowd confused could not see clearly, but they all think Qin Tian was certainly dead.

First ranked Warrior how could by seventh ranked Warrior opponent?

It was impossible.

Qin Tian store away his internal power, in the moment of dust around dispersed, Qin Kun mouth spilled out fresh blood, his two eyes widened inconceivably watching Qin Tian with his abdomen dented inside showing that he had received a great wound.


Qin Kun's feet felt soft then kneeling in front of Qin Tian with dull eyes ......


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