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Invincible Level Up - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: must become strong

Of course Qin Tian did not dare to kill the sow now, it is but annually give birth to two piglets, which used to make grilled pig, kill it, I believe Zhang Dafu will peel off his skin.

Now that he have a level up system, Qin Tian saw himself having a splendid future, his heart could not help but feeling excited.

’’Young master, you have a breakthrough to second ranked Warrior? I see you now and previous is not the same.’’ Meng Lei feeling unsure, Qin Tian Dantian is damaged, could not breakthrough to second ranked Warrior is thing that he knew, he was clearly feel just now Qin Tian's momentum of the body becomes a little sharper, which evidence when someone have a breakthrough.

In Tianyuan continent martial practice is inseparable from Qigong integration in Dantian, if Dantian damaged, can not integrate Qigong, can never have a breakthrough even if you practice hard, Qigong will instantly goes out when trying to integrate Qigong in the Dantian, fundamentally unable to obtain a breakthrough.

In Tianyuan continent martial common practice, having a damaged Dantian is a very rare kind of thing.

Looking at qualification and opportunity for practicing, even life an ordinary life is difficult let alone practicing as a Warrior, Qin Tian was like this always stay in first ranked Warrior realm.

For five years the feeling caused by Qin Tian damaged's Dantian have brought him a lot of suffering, and now God have mercy, giving him a level up system, do not have a dependent on Dantian to have a breakthrough, only killing to level up, Qigong value will increase, and the increased is permanent, will not lost if the Dantian is damaged.

Now his strength level has been raised to second ranked Warrior, as long as the accumulated experience is enough breakthrough to third ranked Warrior it is but a matter of time.

Practicing hard to integrate Qigong is useless for me, now is to focus on killing some monster, completely just like playing a game, become strong with experience obtained from killing.

The process is very familiar, since in his life he like playing a game, like in the game I your father will certainly become the strongest person.

Qin Tian looking around seeing that no one around, facing Meng Lei secretly smile, nod slightly, admitted that he has became a second ranked Warrior.

Getting confirmation from Qin Tian, Meng Lei giggle happily straight away, more happy than he himself having a breakthrough, these years of efforts finally paid off, day and night penance finally paid off.

laugh and laugh until tears came out of Meng Lei.

He was so excited that he cried tears of joy.

Qin Tian patted Meng Lei, relieved and said:. ’’It's a happy thing why are you crying’’

The pained in his heart is really too much already.

’’No, I am happy, really happy.’’ Meng Lei wiping his tear walking away.

Although the two have a master servant relationship, but as brothers, these years they have been mutually support each other, and now he deeply felt that this friendship with Qin Tian is the thing that he can not understand in the past.

Seeing his breakthrough second ranked Warrior, it seems that with the level up one level in the system, their martial level also followed up by one level.

’’If that so, that's just too cool, other people need to work so hard to cultivate, he only need to kill a few monsters, especially when other unable to breakthrough because encountered bottlenecks, his advantages is even more obvious, ha ha ...... With this all of a sudden.’’ Qin Tian could not help but feeling excited thinking of these, the trouble when waking up in the morning was swept away.

Sun high in the sky noon have arrived, people have come to eat at Furong restaurant.

In Qinghe city, local restaurants such as Furong restaurant is more than a hundred places, but business is still booming, at the point of there is almost no empty table.

’’Manager, why our food is not come yet ......’’

’’Xiao er, give us a pot of wine’’

’’F*k, why father's beef have not come yet?’’


Upstairs, downstairs, everywhere is busy, Qin Tian draped a white towel on his shoulders, walking here and there, not a moment of rest, with humble attitude so many people are very satisfied. ....

In people eyes but he is but an inferior people, no one will feel bad for the Dalits, that kind of word can make them lose face.

Of course, some people are unhappy with him, such as number one bully, Qin Kun.

’’Everyone let me tell you something, he is our number one big waste in our Qin clan for thousands of years, fifteen years old still stuck in ranked one Warrior realm, brother Wang, you reach first ranked Warrior at what year old?’’

’’I was five years old when reach the first ranked Warrior.’’

’’I was seven years old when reach the first ranked Warrior, I am a fifth ranked Warrior when I was thirteen years old.’’

’’Have your hear it waste, you disgrace Qin clan, you still had a face to live? I would have to die, ha ha ......’’

’’Ha ha ......’’

Laughter can be heard from private room, Qin Tian lower his head, not showing anything, as if that have nothing to do with him.

His last fight with Qin Kun, Qin clan's big bully, Qin clan great elders son, in Qinghe city regarded a tyrant, but also seen as a genius, reach seven ranked Warrior at sixteen years old, Qigong is more vigorous than normal order of seven ranked Warrior.

Qin clan is focus on training genius.

Qin Kun see Qin Tian not reacted coldly glared at him, ’’Bah!’’

Spitting a thick sputum at Qin Tian's face, said in disdain way: ’’Get out.’’

’’Ha ha ......’’

Qin Tian go without rubbing, head down, biting his teeth, slowly walkout of the room and closed the door.

Standing at the door Qin Tian's body trembling, shaking in anger, this insult in his face he'll never forget it.

Wiped off the sputum of the face, Qin Tian narrowing his eyes, like a fox, muttered in his heart: ’’You just wait’’.

’’Young master, aren't Qin Kun bully you, I'll get him.’’

Meng Lei rushed outside the room, furious, just like an angry King Kong want to kill.

Seeing the spittle on Qin Tian's face still not cleaned, he knew what had just happened, publicly spit on Qin Tian's face is not the first time, who can endure the insult?

Immediately, Meng Lei steaming with anger want to go into the room.

Qin Tian hugged Meng Lei, said: ’’Are you their opponents? Aren't he want you to find him so that he has a reason to beat you?.’’

Strong arm and leg with simple minded Meng Lei can be reckless because of Qin Tian.

’’Young master, let's go see the patriarch to report.’’

’’See patriarch?’’ Qin Tian smile a few times, really don't know whether Meng Lei is really silly or faking silly, how can patriarch be bothered with this kind of simply thing.

How can patriarch because of his thing offended great elders?

Moreover, Qin Kun is Qin clan's most focused to raised, the pride of the Qin clan, the stars of tomorrow, how it is possible to reprove him because of a waste?

It is simply impossible.

This world is not the same of his old world, followed the law of the jungle, to get something the only one way is to become strong.

Having escaped death, Qin Tian is well aware of this.

’’Must become strong.’’


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