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Into The World Of Medicine - Chapter 96.9


Chapter 96.9

IWM, ch.96.9

July 10, 2018

Ultimately, as other guests bowed out of the bidding, Murong Qingyan got a map remnant for 100 000 gold coins.

With this, the auction successfully came to a close.

Guests who won items left the Auction House after paying for them.

Murong Qingyan stayed in her VIP-room. She made Little White return to her space while she waited for Liu Pinyan.

Sure enough, soon Liu Pinyan arrived, with him came an attending girl from before. She held a tray with items Murong Qingyan picked up.

Liu Pinyan noted Murong Qingyan's indifferent expression and faintly smiled: ’’Mu-gongzi¹, please, pass me your card.’’

In response, Murong Qingyan casually stretched out her hand with the Purple Gold card.

Liu Pinyan respectfully received the card and pressed on it some sort of small black thing made of jade, after which he handed the card back: ’’Your Zhuji pills were auctioned for 100 million gold coins, according to the rules we held back 5% commission. After deducting the price of the items you've obtained, all the remaining sum is deposited into your Purple Gold card.’’

Liu Pinyan kept observing Murong Qingyan's expression, yet there were no ripples even when the sum of 100 million gold coins was mentioned. Liu Pinyan thought to himself that this young man was definitely not simple and would become a capable person in the future. As he came to this conclusion, Liu Liu Pinyan became even more respectful: ’’This one doesn't know whether you're satisfied with the result.’’

’’Yes, not bad,’’ Murong Qingyan nodded calmly with the same indifferent expression, yet she didn't give off an arrogant feeling: ’’It was unexpected that we were able to fetch such a sum. If there's an opportunity later, I hope we will be able to cooperate again. It's just that I don't know about your confidentiality-’’

’’Rest assured,’’ Liu Pinyan smiled with utmost confidence: ’’Privacy of our guests is held in absolute secrecy, no one knows it was You, who auctioned the pills. If we couldn't guarantee even this, our Galuo Auction House wouldn't become the largest Auction house in the whole the whole kingdom.’’

’’Then, good!’’ Pleased with the confirmation, Murong Qingyan nodded.

Liu Pinyan waved a hand to let the servant girl come forward and pointed at the tray: ’’Mu-gongzi, we send you the items you've won, please, check them carefully.’’

Murong Qingyan was aware of the Auction House rules, so she didn't act pretentiously as she accepted the tray from the girl and inspected the items, nodding again: ’’All good.’’

Once Murong Qingyan collected her purchases, she left the Auction House.

Watching her departing figure, Liu Pinyan exhaled with emotion.

Without a doubt, it was an unquestionable fact that the greatest beneficiary of this auction was Murong Qingyan. Apart from the astounding monetary gain, she also got the chance to acquire chance to acquire Netherworld Ghostly Flame.

Once Murong Qingyan returned to her courtyard, she impatiently rushed into her space, not forgetting to take along the items she got at the auction.

’’Master, you are finally here!’’ as soon as Murong Qingyan appeared in the space, Little White dashed to her, a wide grin spreading on his face.


Murong Qingyan first put the medicinal herbs in place, then took out the map remnant out of the case and began examining it. Little White also jumped on the table to take a look together.

This way, a person and beast pulled their heads together to study the map.


Gongzi - a young gentleman, noble son, son of the official. En - a sound of agreement, confirmation.


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