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Into The World Of Medicine - Chapter 79


Chapter 79

Chapter 79: No mercy

On the contrary, the way Murong Qingyan looked was... to put it mildly, inferior. Her blue clothes were worn out;long, pitch-black hair was simply tied with a lace, her originally pretty facial features were ruined due to the huge purple birthmark, all in all giving off a particularly strange vibe.

The contrast between the two was remarkably sharp: one was like floating on air immortal fairy, the other was as ugly as only a demon could be.

However, people couldn't help but be surprised. Compared to Murong Qingxue, Murong Qingyan's imposing manner was even more forceful. Although spectators' eyes first fell onto Murong Qingxue, then they were inescapably attracted to Murong Qingyan.

Obviously, she didn't have any strength, undoubtedly ugly, but people just couldn't ignore her existence.

’’Elder sister, you still have a chance to turn back,’’ Murong Qingxue opened her mouth looking at Murong Qingyan with superficial concern. ’’In the ring, a fist has no eyes. If the time comes when elder sister gets hurt, I won't feel good.’’

’’Murong Qingxue, are you pretending even here? How annoying, ah,’’ Murong Qingyan knitted her eyebrows, looking at the hypocritical act of Murong Qingxue. ’’If you don't want to fight, then go, get lost.’’

Hearing this remark, Murong Qingxue's complexion immediately became very unsightly. People on the stands, because of those words, also flared up.

’’Heavens, I've never seen such a shameless person before! Miss Murong Qingxue is obviously worried about her elder sister, but even then she unexpectedly goes so far as to speak in such a conceited manner.’’

’’Hahaha! This Murong Qingyan is actually too ignorant. She is nothing more than a waste who cannot even condense Xuan Li, but surprisingly tells Miss Murong Qingxue to admit defeat.’’

’’Miss Qingxue, fighting! You must give a good lesson to Murong Qingyan, this ugly freak! Such a person only stains people's eyes!’’

More and more of nasty words rained down, but they didn't affect the person in question.

Murong Qingxue's lips naturally rose into an appropriate smile, she involuntarily looked at Murong Qingyan, seizing her up, as if she had never met such Murong Qingyan before, but no matter what, she would be the one to win this match. Murong Qingyan could only become her stepping stone.

The corners of her mouth curved slightly higher, with a smile never leaving her face she extended her hand, saying: ’’Since elder sister is unwilling to appreciate to my painstaking efforts, then don't blame me, this younger sister of yours. But, elder sister, feel at ease, later I surely will be going easy on you.’’

Right. Indeed she would show Murong Qingyan mercy: she would not take her life. Yet, she wanted Murong Qingyan to become a complete waste, she wanted her to lead a life worse than death.

While Murong Qingxue was speaking, ruthlessness flashed within her eyes.

’’You don't have to show me mercy,’’ Murong Qingyan's mouth hooked in a touch of a sneer. ’’Because I will not show you mercy either. Since we are already standing on this ring, there's no need for an insincere courtesy here.’’

’’I also advise you not to speak too much nonsense, lest you put yourself even in uglier position later.’’

Murong Qingxue's face stiffened, but quickly returned to her usual elegance: ’’This being the case, asking elder sister to give me some pointers.’’

On the stands, Murong Xiong's complexion turned utterly hideous as he watched happenings in the arena. At this moment he so wished he could directly cut off relations with Murong Qingyan. But, unfortunately, now he couldn't act rashly. However, he decided that once Murong Qingyan lost, he would punish this unfilial child who couldn't tell good from bad harshly.


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