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Into The World Of Medicine - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: The battle of hundred people (2)

When Murong Qingyan stands in the ring, the audience suddenly went into an uproar.

’’That woman with a big birth mark on her face, isn't she the Murong Clan's waste eldest Miss?’’

’’Yes, she's Murong Clan's waste eldest Miss, her name is Murong Qingyan. She can't cultivate, so why did she go up the ring?’’

’’I heard Nangong Clan dissolve her engagement with Nangong Ye. And they choose Murong Qingxue instead. Do you think she got so shocked with that and turn crazy?’’

The crowd had gathered and talked. But, what they said is not good at all in the ears. Many people had thought that Murong Qingyan was stimulated by that event and decided to participate in this competition. But, a waste that is participating in this competition is undoubtedly only courting death.

Above the stands, ever since Murong Qingyan stood up in the ring, Murong Xiong's face didn't turn any better. And he just stared at her like a dead person.

However, even though everyone treats her like that, Murong Qingyan's face and eyes look very calm. As if she didn't hear any negative conversations.

Seeing her standing in the ring, the other participants that were standing opposite of her look at her with their eyes that were full of disdain. Because in their point of view, a waste like her standing in the ring is simply a big insult.

The second battle soon began.

The second battle just started, but a strange phenomenon immediately happened. And that strange phenomenon is, no one took the initiative to attack Murong Qingyan.

All the participants did not put Murong Qingyan in their eyes. In their point of view, Murong Qingyan is not worthy to be their opponent. For them, it is better to attack an opponent that can threaten themselves than attacking Murong Qingyan.

With this, just like in the first battle, Murong Qingyan was just standing there like a spectator. Everyone thought that it will only happen to Nangong Ye, but Murong Qingyan replaced his position as a spectator.

However, the other participant didn't attack Nangong Ye because he was so powerful. While in this case, they didn't attack Murong Qingyan because of contempt.

Murong Qingyan didn't expect this thing to happen. In fact, she was planning not to reveal her full strength in this round. Because she is very confident that she doesn't need her inner strength to win this battle.

But who would have thought that these people will go along with her plan.

And since no one wants to attack her, she also wouldn't attack them, even if those participants look down on her. She doesn't feel any resentment towards them because they're not worthy of her emotion.

Murong Qingyan doesn't need to fight, so naturally, she won't continue standing in the center and blocked the other participant's way. Murong Qingyan quickly went to the side and just watch the battle like a spectator.

After all, if the people will see her dodge, they will be very surprised. Because her body's movement is so fast and extraordinary. Unfortunately, no one would be willing to keep an eye to a waste.


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