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Into The World Of Medicine - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: The battle of hundred people (1)

After he gave his order, the battle of first 100 participants officially began.

All the participants decided to give their everything. They came here to win one of the seats of the top three. But now, everyone wants to win the first seat because of the black lingbao.

So as soon as everyone entered the ring, they began to attack. Everyone is so busy attacking their opponent. But Nangong Ye who is dressed in white only stands there and didn't even lift a hand.

Nangong Ye is standing in the middle of the ring, so even if there was as a lot of participants, he can easily be recognized. Other participants have begun attacking, but he looks calmer than before. And as if the battle hasn't started.

Nangong Ye didn't take the initiative to attack, so the other participants didn't also attack him. This situation looks strange, but it seems everyone finds it normal.

Although there is no one fighting him, Nangong Ye's strength is showing. After all, he's already in the middle stage of Foundation establishment (2nd stage - Zhujiu). Others even said that he'll soon reach the late stage. So with such strength, it can be seen that no one is really better than him in this competition.

All the participants in this competition are aware of his strength. They don't want to be eliminated in this first trial, so they are avoiding him. Nangong Ye can take the first seat, but the second and the third seat is still available so they don't want to give up.

Nangong Ye seems very magnanimous, no one attacks him so he didn't take the initiative to attack. He only watches the other participant's battle like a spectator.

Seeing this situation, Nangong Tingling who's sitting in the guest room tried to remain calm. However, although his mouth didn't say anything, the proud look on his face is very obvious.

Murong Qingyan who's standing in the crowd also sees this scene. However, the expression in her face remained emotionless.

As time passed by, other participants continued being beaten. They only stop when 10 participants remain. Nangong Ye who is dressed in white doesn't have a slight injury. But the other 9 have large and small wounds in their body. So, they couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

Aside from them. The other participants were all beaten down and lying on the ring. Some of them even lost their lives.

Seeing such scene in a competition is normal. People can naturally lose their lives. And every time that there will be clan's general assembly, a lot of people die. Killing is not essential, but in a battle of 100 participants, no one is really safe.

In clan's general assembly, a lot of participants died. However, even if that is the case, the competition still continue because of the rewards and opportunities.

After the battle, General Feng Fei stood up and announces the results of the first trial.

’’The following persons can join the next trial, Nangong Ye, Qiuyuan Qi... ... ’’

After the announcement of the results, someone immediately came up to the ring to clean.

After that, the second battle of 100 participants also began.

Murong Qingyan is one of the 100 participants. But as soon as she stood up to the ring, the people suddenly went in an uproar. And even if those people haven't seen personally, they were able to recognize her because of the birthmark on her face.


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