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Inside The Cave Of Obscenity - Volume 3 - Chapter 1.5


Chapter 1.5

Chapter One

Crucible of Pleasure

(Part 5)

Frederica's blonde hair was slightly wet . She wasn't too surprised by what she saw as she approached the flesh bed made of mucus .

She didn't feel disgusted by the sight, only interest . Satia walked behind Frederica . Her face showed no change as she looked on . Barely any emotion showed on her doll-like face .

’’Fufu . ’’

She smiled when she saw Fiana laying on the flesh bed . It wasn't out of scorn . Nor was it out of delight . It held no emotion to it in the least, it merely had the shape of a smile .

If Satia's face showed barely any emotion, her smile was devoid of any emotion whatsoever .

Fiana was strong . Brave . She had fought the Black Ooze, and now, there was no trace of the knight with an unwavering will . From what she heard from Satia, and from what she saw, Frederica could only imagine how fierce the fight had been .

Although she was like this now, Frederica had been an adventurer who held pride in her ability . She'd met Fiana before she made her way to this abandoned cave and encountered her again . She'd seen how powerful the female knight's magic had been . The fact that she had at least an order of magnitude more mana than herself was evident .

Knights . The shields that protected the people, the swords that protected the country .

So even that knight is a woman .

Frederica sneered, not voicing her thoughts aloud .

Satia took one look at Frederica, then proceeded to approach one of the tentacles . The tentacle was in the middle of caressing Fiana, but she paid the knight no heed and reached for it .

After they had left the mine, they had cleaned their bodies and clothes . But Satia still brought the tentacle dripping with slimy mucus lovingly to her cheeks and licked it . In response, the tentacle wrapped around Satia's tongue .

Her petite tongue licked the tentacle eagerly, as if trying to scrape the mucus off . Just the mere brush of the tentacle against the roof of her mouth made her knees weak . She put both hands onto the tentacle . Her lower body began to rock back and forth .

Meanwhile, Frederica averted her eyes from Fiana, and looked amazedly at how quickly her comrade had acted upon returning to the mine .

To Satia, the Black Ooze was her Master, her lover, the object of her devotion . Nobody could get in her way, not Fiana, not Alfira, not even Frederica .

’’I wonder, how long will you last until you become like her?’’


Just as Frederica muttered that in scorn, Fiana spoke in a whispered voice .

Fiana's ruby-red eyes reflected nothing . Frederica looked down on those eyes . As she did so, she put her index finger in front of those eyes, and a flame appeared at her fingertip .

It was magic . The power imbued in her words shaped the world to her will to manifest phenomena .

As a magician, Frederica could manifest those phenomena . The Black Ooze continued to caress Fiana, and Satia continued to service the slime .

The pale flame flickered in front of Fiana's eyes . Her lightless ruby eyes absorbed the light . She was limp, like a corpse .

’’Ah... ah...’’

Her breathing stopped, and her body no longer moved in response to the tentacles' embrace . Her voice became silent . She was robbed of her will .

It wasn't exactly hypnotism, but rather a creative application of flame magic . The flickering of the flames influenced one's spirit . Normally, a strong willed knight like her could easily shrug off its effects .

But now, she had been defeated by the Black Ooze . She had been violated . She was only half-conscious . In a daze, had Fiana submitted to the Black Ooze's administrations . She had allowed it to reach her soft spots, her weak spots . She could no longer resist .

Sometimes, she broke out of her daze, and having recovered her magic power, she tried to resist . However, due to Frederica's spell, she was helpless . Even though she was a long-lived elf and a knight who had slain many monsters, if all of her mana was robbed each time she recovered any, then there was no way for her to resist the constant hypnosis .

Just as Frederica began to worry that she might have stopped breathing, the Black Ooze inserted its tentacles into the knight's womb .


That elicited an erotic cry that Frederica hadn't yet heard from her that echoed thought he walls of the mine . Could she have been dreaming of a long-lost lover? Or maybe she saw the figure of her her ideal man embracing her?

Fiana's face slackened in ecstasy . Her cheeks were suffused with blood . If she hadn't known better, Frederica would never have believed that the woman writhing on the meat bed was once a proud knight .

However those tentacles . Knowing full well that she would end up like that whenever she is embraced by those tentacles, she couldn't make fun of her for it .

’’Nnnn... . ’’

Frederica let out a nasally voice . She didn't know when it had happened, but a tentacle had wrapped around her own recently washed body, just like it had done to the other women . Her limbs were more well-built than Saitia's, but that that didn't impede the tentacles . Frederica felt her body grow weak as her libido grew .

She moaned .

Even though she had no intentions of resisting, they wrapped around her arms, legs and neck .

Even if she knew that they wouldn't begin to strangle her, it still scared her some . The Black Ooze was a monster, and she was a monster-slaying adventurer . She knew that .

And although she'd devoted herself to the Black Ooze like Satia, she hadn't been reduced to a stupor like Fiana .

Which is why she felt fear at being in its mercy . She was lifted into the air . The tentacles slithered across the black undergarments covering her voluptuous breasts, kneading them as if as if milking a cow .

She had painstakingly spent so much time cleaning her clothes .

An indescribable sense of pleasure washed over Frederica upon seeing the clothes become stained . Her womb began to throb as slime flowed across her skin .

She had known it as soon as she smelled the odor of the Black Ooze when she returned to the mine .

Or rather, it had been in the back of her mind as soon as she had chosen to return .

She knew that she didn't return to defeat the abomination . She could have fled . Instead, Frederica chose to return .

’’Hah aaah...’’

Untying the braided cords of her leather boots with its tentacles as it lifted her into the air, it deftly stripped her of long-used boots . Even though she washed her boots, they still smelled, and that embarrassed her as a woman .

’’... N-no... d-don't...’’

Even if she knew it was pointless, Frederica couldn't stop herself from voicing those words . The Black Ooze had Ooze had an intelligence to it . Frederica knowing that was because this slime had been ravishing her in accordance to what she said .

Where she was weak, where she felt good . Whatever way she wanted it .

Without her saying it, the Black Ooze had gained the knowledge of the various men it had absorbed over time .

Even so, she asked for it to stop . It would not stop no matter how much she pleaded, though .

Even if she climaxed . Even if she fainted . Even if she wanted to sleep . Even if it hurt her .

The Black Ooze would never not stop fondling her . She'd long since been taught the pleasure of climaxing even while half-unconscious .


’’Wai n, fuu!?’’

She cried out in surprise . The tentacle that had removed her boots crept up her legs, towards her genitals .

It wasn't because it was hard to strip her, but it wanted to make her cry out as much as possible in revulsion . That's what Frederica felt .

She didn't know why .

When Frederica turned towards Satia, she saw that three new tentacles had popped up, entangling Satia's petite limbs .

One of the tentacles had wrapped around Satia's waist, and lifted her onto another flesh bed . One for Satia alone .

On that bed, she would be screwed silly, screwed until she lost consciousness .

All of her body would be caressed . Her slender breasts, her small nipples, her hairless genitals . She would probably end up half-dead with tears, drool and mucus splattered all over her face .

After her body was caressed enough to make her more pliable, it would inseminate her . The Black Ooze's seed . A slime's seed . A monster's seed .

Satia would be impregnated by her Master .

Satia looked anxiously at the tentacle that had left her lips .

It was a form of torture, Frederica thought .

On and on, forever being caressed . It would feel good... but that was if it's only once . Always being pushed to the brink of fainting, and then being ravished . That sort of torture .

That was why, despite looking wistfully at the departing tentacle, Satia did not try to disobey her Master's will and get off the bed . She groped at her chest through her thick robes with her hands, in anticipation for what was about what was about to happen to her . Even so, she was shivering in fear a tentacle bound the expectant Satia's limbs outward . It wasn't to prevent her from fleeing . It was to prevent her from climaxing by pleasuring herself .

Seeing that, Frederica gulped .

At the same time, she felt the tentacles that were making her way up her leg finally reach her groin and slide across her underwear .

’’Uu uaaah!?’’

There was no compassion in that movement .

Frederica's body was more mature than Satia's . The tentacles penetrated her without any sort of foreplay . But it didn't hurt . Rather, it felt good despite the pain .

She cried out in surprise, but that was due to the sensation of something pushing open her vulva . Her vaaa**, however, tenderly enveloped the invader without resisting .

Above all, ever since she came to the mine, ever since she caught the smell of the Black Ooze, her womb had begun to throb . It was a smell most would find nauseating . An upright person would be revolted by the smell . But it was like an aphrodisiac to Frederica and Satia .

Even a whiff of the odor caused them to wetten with nectar .

The odor from the mucus tentacles promised not pain, but pleasure .

Frederica's revulsion slowly turned into pleasure . She gave herself to that pleasure .

She didn't embrace it like Satia had . But Frederica had more experience with men than Satia . In a sense, that made her appreciate the Black Ooze's administrations more .

No human could bring her that much pleasure . She would be ravished . Even if she fainted, even if she begged for it to stop, even if she cried out, even if she came, even if she bowed their heads in submission .

Thus, Frederica, the adventurer whom all her colleagues thought of as a strong-willed woman, had fallen . She was strong willed . But more than that, she felt such great pleasure from losing control, from being violated against her will . She herself had not known this hidden side of her .

The Black Ooze was what had brought that side to light . The Ooze was the only thing that knew it . And above all, as Frederica had come to learn, the Black Ooze was the only thing that could make her submit like that .


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