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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Her Past

Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi still thought of dissuading her, but she looked extremely resolute, forcing them to swallow their words.

"Have a good time cultivating them, we'll head off together when the time comes." Wei Zi Qi patted Sima You Yue's shoulder before walking out.

"Yup, rest assured, I will definitely protect you!" Fatty Qu also left after declaring this.

Sima You Yue closed the door and smiled when she thought of how Fatty Qu declared that he would protect her. Although she had been framed by her organization's second in charge, she did not carry on those bitter feelings to think that everyone in this world was a bad guy. She still subconsciously believed her own ability to discern. She could tell that Fatty Qu and Wei Zi Qi honestly treated her as a friend.
But she also knew that because of her contract with the Spirit Pearl, she would subconsciously leak out a kind of aura that caused those with a similar spirit to her to draw near to her.
When Sima You Yue returned to the General's residence, she related everything that happened to Sima Lie. Once Sima Lie heard that the Nalan Clan had attempted to kill Sima You Yue, he broke the desk in anger. He gritted his teeth and said, "This Nalan Clan has always set itself against my Clan, but it has actually dared to scheme against You Yue! It seems that we have been too lenient on them recently!"

"In any case, that Nalan Lan has been already been expelled from the academy and if we assume that they will continue their style of doing things, I'm afraid that they will not let Fifth Brother nor our family off the hook." Sima You Le said.

"What is there to worry about?! They won't let us off the hook, but neither do I intend to let them off!" SIma You Ming's voice came in from the outside.

Sima You Le watched as Sima You Ming walked in and asked, "Second Brother, you've returned?"

"Yup, I just came back when I heard you relate what happened." Sima You Ming said, "That Nalan Clan could go cause trouble for Fifth Brother at any time. Grandfather, since we have already promised the other party that we will take care of Fifth Brother well, we can't let him be caught up in such danger now."

Sima Lie nodded.

"Grandfather, Second Brother, what are you guys talking about?" Sima You Le heard the conversation between the two of them and looked at them in surprise.

Sima Lie and and Sima You Ming only now remembered that Sima You Le was still here and recalled that he did not know about Sima You Yue's identity. They didn't expect that they would be furious to such an extent that they would even forget about this.

Sima You Ming patted Sima You Le's shoulder, saying meaningfully, "Actually, Fifth Brother isn't our brother by blood."

"What did you say?!" Sima You Le had been so shocked by this piece of news that he started to shake all over, staring at Sima You Ming with disbelief.

"What I said is true." Sima You Ming said, "You were still very young in the year that Fifth Brother arrived at our home, that's why it's to be expected that you don't remember this."

"Fifth Brother actually isn't our brother by blood…" Sima You Le repeated this fact to himself twice over before raising his head to ask Sima Lie, "Then who are the parents of Fifth Brother?"

"We are also not sure who his mother is. Our Sima Clan had always owed his father a favor. At that time, they handed him over to us before they disappeared, so we are also unclear what his real identity is." Sima Lie said.

At that time when the Sima Clan had just arrived in this small place, they encountered some danger and it just so happened that Sima You Yue's father saved them. At that time they said that in the future, if they had the chance to, they would repay him. Who would have thought that a few tens of years later, he found them and passed Sima You Yue to them, even telling them not to let anyone know that Sima You Yue was a girl. At that time, only Sima Lie remained of the Sima Clan.

In order to protect Sima You Yue, Sima Lie even told everyone outside that Sima You Yue was brought back by his own son. Actually, at that time, his son had already disappeared for a few years.

It had to be noted that Sima You Yue's parents as well Sima You Le's parents both encountered the similar situation of disappearing. At least this point was consistant.

At that time, Sima You Le was still really young so he didn't remember. However, Sima You Qi, Sima You Ming and Sima You Ran all knew that Sima You Yue was not their brother by birth. However, they still never treated him as an outsider, as continued to treat him with as much love as the youngest of the family of the Sima Clan.

Sima You Le looked at his own Grandfather, then looked at his brother. They didn't look as if they were lying so he started to slowly digest this information.

"Grandfather, at that time, the person saved the life of our Sima Clan so today we must not watch as others harm Fifth Brother." Sima You Ming declared resolutely.

"Mm. That Nalan clan has always been looking for something to cripple our family. You should arrange for a shadow guard to surround the school compound to protect You Yue secretly once he leaves the school grounds. We cannot let the Nalan Clan cause any harm to him." Sima Lie said, "As for within the school, I believe that Feng Zhi Xing will not allow even a single hair on him to be harmed."

"Oh yeah, what kind of identity does that Feng Zhi Xing possess?" Sima You Le questioned curiously.

Sima Lie shook his head, "I don't know either. I had asked that old coot in the school before, but even he doesn't know Feng Zhi Xing's true identity. He only knows that he must be someone from another place, furthermore, he's here because of You Yue."

"Because of Fifth Brother?"

"Mm. Feng Zhi Xing said, You Yue carried a life jade. A life jade is not something that just anybody can possess. The people who do possess it are normally those from the large clans, furthermore, it has to be left in the family's ancestral hall. The fact that You Yue has a life jade that actually isn't placed in her ancestral hall and was actually brought out by her father shows that her identity isn't simple, neither is it safe."

Talking about Sima You Yue's life jade, SIma You Le and his brother thought of the time when Sima You Yue had gone missing for those few months and they had to rely on the perfect state of the life jade in order to stay sane.

"It looks like this world doesn't have people who even know about something like a life jade." SIma You Le said.

"That's right. The people of this world don't know how to make this at all." Sima Lile said, "They don't even have the materials to make it, much less have the strength to do it."

"So Fifth Brother's identity must be from somewhere outside of this world?" Sima You Ming asked.

"This is just my guess." Sima Lie said, "However, at that time, Feng Zhi Xing said something when he came here to look at You Yue's life jade. At that time, he said that he was there when You Yue's life jade was being made. This proves that he must also be from that place, and so, he knows You Yue's identity!"

"Then will he tell Fifth Brother's identity to him or not?" Sima You Ming knitted his eyebrows in question.

"Not right now." Sima Lie said, "Looking at the way he is, he's just here to see how You Yue is living. He's not here to tell him about the reality of his situation."

Hearing what Sima Lie said, Sima You Ming and Sima You Le both sighed. Even if Sima You Yue wasn't their brother by birth, they had lived their lives together for so many years that they had the same brotherly affection as real brothers. They did not wish for anyone to disrupt their current life.

"Alright, enough. You Le, you should return to school. You Ming and I will discuss how to deal with that Nalan Clan." Sima Lie said.

"Okay, if you need me to do anything please tell me. I'm also a part of this Sima Clan!" Sima You Le said seriously.

"Your responsibility right now is to cultivate properly and watch over Fifth Brother in school, that is enough." Sima You Ming patted Sima You Le's shoulder.

"Okay then, I will return first." Sima You Le shrugged and left the study room.

When they watch Sima You Le leave, Sima You Ming turned to Sima Lie and asked, "Grandfather, how do you plan to deal with the Nalan Clan…"

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