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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 287


Chapter 287

Chapter 287 :The ominous land is manifesting

’’Alright, rest assured master, we will keep watch here.’’ Sima You Yue said as she dragged the Bei Gong Tang out.

Old Man Devil took out the mind recovery pill with a cold expression, as if he was replaying how he got his injury in his mind.

’’Shi Tai Feng, wait till I'm healed, then I'll visit you myself!’’

With that, he swallowed the pill and used his spirit energy to refine the pill.

Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang stayed at the entrance of the mountain to keep watch. They casually took out chairs, tables and tea sets, sat down and started brewing tea.

’’Thank you,You Yue.’’ Bei Gong Tang said thankfully.


’’If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have become part of divine Devil Valley.’’ Bei Gong Tang said, ’’ Even to the experts, to be a part of the divine Devil Valley would already be a great honour, not mentioning a high position. Equal rank alchemists from divine Devil Valley gets a lot of recognition.’’

’’That's also because you have talent, and you're willing to work hard. ’’Sima You Yue said, ’’If that wasn't the case, even if I mentioned you to Master, he wouldn't have let you enter.’’

’’Knowing you is my life's greatest honour.’’ Bei Gong Tang said, smiling.

’’I feel fortunate to know the few of you too.’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’ Now, I'd like to see your expression in the future.’’

’’What expression will we have? My father sees me as an enemy, when he sees me, there would be nothing more he'd like to do than eat me.’’ Bei Gong Tang said mockingly.

’’I'm pretty sure your clan knows the way your father and his concubine treat you , but still they don't do anything in their power to protect you, in the future, you definitely should blind their eyes that only see wealth and riches!’’

’’Yeah but not all of them.’’said Bei Gong Tang, ’’My youngest uncle treats me relatively well, it's a pity he can't make pills of immortality well. Because of that,his rank in the family is low. That time he helped me when I escaped, and he got hurt to let me escape. Sigh, I don't know even how he's doing now.’’

’’Don't worry, it happened such a long time ago, you can only wait until you go to the upper realm then you can see what the situation is like. ’’ Sima You Yue said as she consoled her.

’’Yeah. ’’ Bei Gong Tang said as she smiled and drank her tea.

Sima You Yue propped up her head with her palm and stared at the moon in the sky.

’’All this while, we've only practised and practised, I don't think we've properly enjoyed the scenery around us.’’

’’Hm? Why are you so emotional today?’’ said Bei Gong Tang as she smiled.

’’Once in a while.’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’I don't even know where my parents are...’’

’’When we reach the upper realms, we'll look for them together.’’


The two days passed by in a flash, and all this while, Old Man Devil remained very focused on absorbing the pill. They didn't feel any movements from the mountain so so they went and checked twice, and when they saw that he was fine, they went back to keeping watch.

Suddenly, they felt the surrounding spiritual qi gush towards them. They thought something was going on and rushed to check, and they found all the colour had returned to Old Man Devil's face and the number of wrinkles on his face decreased but his white hair remained the same.

The spiritual qi flowed in the house, and after awhile it got dispersed.

Old Man Devil opened his eyes, his gaze sharper and more alert than ever.

Master, how are you feeling?’’ Sima You Yue asked worriedly

The sudden rush of the spiritual qi scared her, she thought something bad had happened to Old Man Devil but when she saw that he was better than ever, she relaxed.

Old Man Devil waved his hand and the process was interrupted. He stood up, moved his body and said, ’’I'm good.’’

’’Then what happened just now?’’

’’My old wound was healing, it could be scattered, but the spiritual qi on the mainland is not suitable for me, so the flow got interrupted.’’ Old Man Devil explained.

’’The flow got interrupted? Won't it affect your training?’’ It was the first time Sima You Yue heard of any healing process being interrupted.

’’It's alright, when I go to the upper realm I'll be better. ’’ said Old Man Devil, ’’Also, my wound has just healed, I shouldn't scatter it now.’’

’’Oh.’’ Sima You Yue nodded her head, if he said he was fine, then let it be. ’’Master, since you're better, then when can we start learning to make to make the third level pill?

’’There is no rush, first make something for me to eat, only after eating then I'll have the strength to make the pill!’’ said Old Man Devil.


Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang faces were beaded with sweat, as they exchanged looks of disbelief.

Could anyone like food more than him!?

’’I've finally seen someone who likes food more than me.’’ Sima You Yue said under her breath, but she still obligingly went and made food for Old Man Devil.

Bei Gong Tang came to help her, and with both of them cooking, a table full of dishes was soon done.

’’Okay, we're done, just bring the soup out and I'll call Master out to eat.’’said Sima You Yue .

’’Alright, go on then.’’ said Bei Gong Tang smiling.

Old Man Devil went up to the mountains while they were cooking, and when Sima You Yue came up to look for him, he was looking at Dragon Reflection Town.

’’Master, the food is ready.’’ she said.

’’It will be a barren and ominous land soon.’’ Old Man Devil mumbled to himself, yet

he looked like he was talking to her.

’’Master, what did you say? ’’Sima You Yue said, startled.

Old Man Devil glanced at Sima You Yue, then at the Mandala bracelet on her wrist, and to Dragon Reflection Town. ’’You Yue, what do you think Dragon Reflection Town looks like?

They weren't close to Dragon Reflection Town but from their point of view they could still see it and at this distance, they happened to be able to see the entirety of the town.

’’It looks like a dragon.’’ like a dragon.’’ said Sima You Yue, ’’especially when the peaks of the mountains all join together, they form a dragon.’’

’’That's right, these kind of places should be full of good luck but as the years passed it will become barren soon.’’ said Old Man Devil.

’’Master, does this have anything to do with the suppressed beasts? Asked Sima You Yue.

’’As expected, you know.’’ Old Man Devil wasn't surprised, the first time he saw her, she reminded him kindly, and even though she didn't explicitly say it, but Old Man Devil knew that she would know something.

Sima You Yue dug her ears and said, ’’I have a spirit beast, that is more sensitive to this kind of energy. Even though it's pretty faint, it still knows. I don't really know the rest.’’

’’I see. Spirit beasts aren't commonly seen on this planet, even if it was the upper realms, you wouldn't see many, you indeed have good fortune.’’

’’Doesn't Senior Brother have one Qilin ?’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’Master, what exactly is the thing on the bottom?’’

Old Man Devil shook his head, ’’I don't know. It's my first time here. I just can sense a faint aura. ’’

’’Master, looking at the mountain range, let's say that if Dragon Reflection Town really became an ominous land, do you think that thing's being pressed under the mountains?’’

’’Maybe, maybe not.’’ Old Man Devil said, ’’ But I think that everytime spirit animals rebel, it involves this. Maybe the people from the capital know something, maybe something is oppressing it, then it can't help but order them to thrash the place.’’


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