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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 286


Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Abundant Scarlet Honey

Like its name said, Mind Recovery Pill was a pill that healed the mind. Its rank wasn't that high, but it was rare because the ingredients were too hard to get. The most difficult main ingredient to get was the Earth Dragon Marrow.

However, this wasn't hard for Sima You Yue because she didn't have Dragon marrow, but she had Night Soul Fluid, which was comparable to it. It was no problem to substitute it for Earth Dragon Marrow.

’’Master, I already failed seven times today and it was only with Bei Gong Tang's help that I managed to successfully refine it. How is this, is it up to your standard or not?’’ Sima You Yue looked at Old Man Devil's surprised face with satisfaction.

Old Man Devil kept the pill away and said, ’’Why did you think of gifting this to me?’’

’’Bei Gong said that you were wounded before and hurt your mind. This prevented you from going up a rank in your alchemy and became the old man you are today. That's why I thought of refining a pill like this for you. However, I'm not strong enough to refine a sixth ranked pill because I lack Spiritual Qi, so everytime I try to fuse the pill, I just lack a bit more push. It's a good thing Bei Gong and I have chemistry, and we managed to refine this together, but we only managed to successfully make this one.’’

She had already reached about sixth rank in alchemy, but she didn't have enough strength and remained at the peak of fifth rank. Today, it had cost her quite a bit of mental energy to refine this Mind Recovery Pill.

’’You really have heart.’’ Old Man Devil said, then he glanced at Bei Gong Tang, ’’You came from the upper realms?’’

’’Yes, Grandfather Devil.’’ Bei Gong Tang nodded.

’’A Bei Gong Clansmen?’’ Wu Lingyu asked.

’’That's right.’’ Bei Gong Tang replied, but her tone was harsh and her eyes flashed with hatred.

Old Man Devil was an experienced man, and understood quite a bit with a single glance, ’’Bei Gong's clan does not have anyone in the younger generation with your talent. They have lost a treasure.’’

’’Master, I added in a bit of scarlet honey when I refined it. They say that this doesn't only make you stronger but can also help you stay young if you eat it for long periods of time.’’ Sima You Yue said.

’’Scarlet Honey? You have Scarlet Honey?’’ Old Man Devil's attention was immediately drawn to her again.

’’That's right. Master, why are you so excited?’’ Sima You Yue asked when she say his frenzied gaze.

’’Why would you have something like that? You've encountered the rumored Scarlet Bee? Do you still have any?’’ Old Man Devil grabbed on to Sima You Yue's hand as he threw out question after question.

’’I know that scarlet bees are rare, but master, you don't have to be so excited.’’ Sima You Yue was so shocked that her hair was standing.

’’Brother, you have no idea, but the old man has been looking for this for many years. However, he always said he could not find it, and wondered if they had all died out. Otherwise, how could he not find a single one. one. One of our main missions this time was to find scarlet honey.’’ Wu Lingyu explained on Old Man Devil's behalf.

’’You Yue, where did you obtain the scarlet honey?’’ Old Man Devil asked.

’’My own bees made it.’’ When Sima You Yue said it, she took out a large jar of scarlet honey, ’’How much does master need?’’

When they saw that she took out such a big jar of scarlet honey at one go, not only Old Man Devil, but Wu Lingyu was also in disarray.

’’So much scarley honey, hahaha!’’ Old Man Devil was incomparably happy. However, Sima You Yue's next comment drove him crazy.

’’Master, don't be so excited. We always take this out and drink it. If you want, I can gift you a jar of it.’’

’’What a waste! Disgraceful!’’ Old Man Devil immediately snatched the scarlet honey in her hands, as if he were afraid that she would waste it again.

Sima You Yue never thought that Old Man Devil and Wu Lingyu would have such a big reaction to the scarlet honey and said, ’’How would I know how precious this thing was.’’

’’Brother, you said that your own bees made it?’’ Wu Lingyu asked.

’’That's right.’’ Sima You Yue gave a thought, and a scarlet bee appeared in front of them.

’’It's really a scarlet bee!’’ Old Man Devil's eyes flashed as he looked at the scarlet bee, ’’You Yue, how many of these do you have?’’

’’A lot.’’ Sima You Yue replied.

The Scarlet Queen Bee gave birth to many scarlet bees these two years. Added on to the time discrepancy in the Spirit Pagoda, there were many many scarlet bees now.

’’Then give now.

’’Then give me a few.’’ Old Man Devil said while beaming.

’’Okay!’’ Sima You Yue replied straightforwardly, ’’Is one thousand of them enough?’’

’’A thousand?!’’ Old Man Devil thought that he had heard wrongly, and almost dropped the jar in his hand.

When Sima You Yue saw Old Man Devil this way, she thought he felt that it wasn't enough and said, ’’Master, I still have to give the Sima Clan some scarlet honey and can't give you all. Why don't I give you a thousand first, and give you more next time?’’

’’Cough cough, just give him a hundred will do.’’ Wu Lingyu said.

Old Man Devil initially thought that it wouldn't be bad if Sima You Yue could give him a few tens of them, but he didn't expect that she would throw out such a bombastic number, causing him to almost pee his pants in excitement.

Suddenly, he came to his sentence and realised she said that she would give him more next time.

’’You have the scarlet queen bee?!’’

’’Yeah!’’ Sima You Yue called out Scarlet and said, ’’These scarlet bees hatched from her.’’

’’WAHAHAHAH, You Yue, how did you chance upon this treasure?! With this, it doesn't matter how many scarlet bees I want!’’

Scarlet could feel that the opponent was very strong, so she stayed obediently in Sima You Yue's hand.

’’Master, find something that can contain life, and I'll distribute some to you.’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’Do you want to first try out the Mind Recovery Pill?’’

’’Okay, okay!’’ Old Man Devil said with a smile, ’’I'll eat the Mind Recovery Pill before I refine the Three Yuan Pill.’’

’’Master, when you refine the pill, let Bei pill, let Bei Gong watch too okay?’’ Sima You Yue took advantage of the opportunity to ask.

’’Okay, she can watch too.’’ He was in a good mood, so he straightforwardly agreed to Sima You Yue's request.

’’Right, damned brat, didn't you want to go to the Sofia Mountain Range? Now that you've met your fellow disciple, you can get lost.’’ Old Man Devil said.

’’Not going anymore.’’ Wu LIngyu said.

The person he was looking for was right here, why would he go to the Sofia Mountain range!

’’You damned brat, were you messing with me!’’ Old Man Devil said with dissatisfaction, ’’It's a good thing your brother disciple is a good one.’’

’’I wasn't.’’ Wu LIngyu said honestly.

He didn't expect that he would meet Sima You Yue here, why would he mess with him!

’’I can't be bothered to look at you. You hurt my eyes. You Yue, go look for a place where I can use the Mind Recovery Pill. The two of you come protect me.’’ As he spoke, he pulled Sima You Yue's shoulder and flashed beside Bei Gong Tang and caught hold of her, taking them and leaving.

When Wu Lingyu saw that the old man just threw him here, he said with dissatisfaction, ’’Old man, you're so biased. Tsk, seriously.’’

As he said this, he flew up without a care that the ten thousand beast mountain was not safe at night.

Not long after Old Man Devil brought Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang, they came halfway up a mountain and entered a cave they found.

’’Two of you, stay here and keep watch for me. I'm going to absorb this pill for two days.’’


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