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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 279


Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Ah! Made a wrong bet!

Upon hearing how old Sima You Yue was, the entire lake was still and quiet for a second, and everyone burst out laughing. ’’Twenty two, and you want to compete with Brother Lishi? This is the joke of the year!’’

’’You're an alchemist? ’’ Jade asked.

’’Yeah. ’’Sima You Yue replied, ’’ Even though my level isn't very high, but his level

and mine are comparable. ’’

Jade looked at him shocked, he had so much confidence, was it because he was of a higher level than he was? He should at least be the same level as him.

A rank four alchemist twenty two year old, this talent was simply shocking! Even Brother Han was twenty four when he became a rank four alchemist .

Not to mention he was also an Array Master!

No wonder You Qing said he was sickeningly good, this kind of talent is sickeningly good!

’’Great, since you want to compete with me, then I shall grant your wish. Which level are you?’’ asked Li Mu who wanted to personally finish him.

’’My level doesn't matter, since you can make level four pills, then we'll compete using that.’’ said Sima You Yue, ’’But to prevent you from going back on your word when you lose, we'll need witnesses this time.’’

Yet again insulted by him,the rage in Li Mu's heart grew stronger and he asked redundantly, ’’ So what do you want?’’

’’I'll find witnesses on my own then.’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’We can't compete here, we need to go to Dragon Reflection Town, and compete in front of everyone, I'll feel assured with more witnesses. ’’

’’Alright, if you lose, you'll be at our disposal! ’’ said Li Mu.

’’No problem! ’’ Sima You Yue said, ’’If I were to be at your disposal, I'd surely be turned into a bag of bones! But me, I'd be generous, my methods aren't cruel and evil like yours, if you lose, just remember to call me big brother when you see me! ’’

’’Fine!’’ replied Li Mu.

’’Then we should go now, lest you spout nonsense in front of me.’’ said Sima You Yue, ’’ Oh right, Nalan clan young master, did you not want to test our strength? I'm telling you, I'm not one to compete, so you can send your people to test me. I'll take whatever comes. ’’

Nalan Jie Bei was at the back balling his hands tightly into fists.

So, the whole group went to Dragon Reflection Town, and when they had arrived at the battle ground, the alchemists struck a huge gong, and the sound resonated around the entire town.

The people on the town who heard the gong, all came rushing out to see who was fighting to the death.

Sima You Yue stood on the battle ground below, looked at ground and the rules. He clicked her tongue,sighed and said,’’I never thought that this place would have a battle ground.’’

’’The people who come to Dragon Reflection Town are all hot blooded men, there are frequent fights. To protect this tiny town, this battle ground was made.’’ explained Jade.

’’I see.’’ see.’’ Sima You Yue touched her chin, ’’ Looks like the people who set the ground rules on this town were pretty good. ’’

’’Looks like it, but this happened pretty long ago, we don't know who it was.’’ said Jade.

Soon, the towns folk came running, and when they saw Li Mu at the top, they all guessed. ’’There is someone who wants to compete with an alchemist? ’’

’’Who has the guts?’’

’’Are they for real?’’

’’The person competing with the alchemist, are they competing on alchemy?’’

’’Do we get to see alchemy today?’’

’’Competing on alchemy with someone who's in the council of alchemy, isn't that looking for trouble?’’

’’Who knows! I know this person, Jiao Li Mu, is the younger generation of leaders in the council, he's in his twenties, yet he is already a level four alchemist!’’

’’A level four alchemist that young?’’

’’Exactly, so we don't know which idiot would dare compete against him.’’

Seeing that almost everyone was there, Li Mu looked down at Sima You Yue from the stage and asked ’’When do you intend to come up?’’

Sima You Yue brushed the non existent dust off her sleeves and strolled up onto the stage.

’’This kid looks younger than Li Mu!’’

’’He'd dare compete against Li Mu using alchemy? That's crazy!’’

’’Should we place bets? To see who wins?’’

’’Forget it, this is a one sided battle, its meaningless!’’

These people were unwilling to place bets, but a loud call sounded from the battle ground.

’’Come come, place your bets! Who will win? Place your bets, bet on Li Mu's victory,

Li Mu's loss would be would be one to five. You Yue's victory, You Yue's loss one to ten, come bet quickly! ’’

Everyone went over, only to find a table, covered with cloth. Li Mu and Sima You Yue was written on it.

’’Who are you, and how dare you deal for the bets here? If they lose, can you even

afford to pay us? ’’

Sima You Yue opened her fan, and looked at them with what she thought was an alluring smile and said ’’ You can rest assured, we the Sima clan never ever discount anyone!’’

’’Sima Clan?’’

’’I know this person, this is the Sima Clan's young master,the son that's in charge of the clan.’’

With someone saying that, everyone now believed in Sima You Yang's identity.

Naturally, everyone wanted to bet, with a dealer being already there. People slowly moved to the table.

’’Come, come, come, the competition is starting soon! If you want to bet, come quick! ’’ Sima You Yang shouted.

’’Everyone's betting on Li Mu, isn't anyone betting on our You Yue? ’’ Sima You Yang saw that everyone was biased and frowned, ’’Our You Yue's loss is one to ten you know!’’

’’I will, I'll bet on Sima You Yue! ’’ A middle-aged man came walking over, just when he was placing his money on the table, he asked, ’’He is from your clan? How old is he?’’

Sima You Yang smiled and said ’’ Yea, You Yue's my younger brother, just a few more months and he'll be twenty two. ’’

The middle-aged man took his money immediately and said, ’’I think I'd better think I'd better bet on Li Mu's victory.’’

’’Hahaha ’’ Everyone started laughing.

Sima You Yang's smile melted off his face,waved his fan and said, ’’ Our You Yue is

actually really powerful, he'll definitely beat Li Mu. You're really not betting on him then?’’

’’Sima Young Master, you said he was just twenty two, for a normal twenty two year old to be a rank three alchemist is already very good, Li Mu is but a rank four alchemist. Who would dare to bet on his victory!’’ someone piped up.

’’Don't regret it then! ’’ said Sima You Yang.

’’Big brother, I'll bet one.’’ A ten year old boy came squeezing in, and placed a few coins on the table.

’’Shepherd boy, you aren't at your family's shop, why are you here!’’

He looked at the bets, smiled at the people who were mocking him and said, ’’

Everyone in this town are all here, since there isn't any business, my father has closed the shop and I don't need to be there anymore.’’

’’This child has a good eye!’’ Sima You Yang praised the boy.

The shepherd boy glanced at the betting list in his hands, and said suspiciously, ’’Oh, why did I bet on this clan? I was supposed to bet on Master Li Mu's win!’’

The audience looked at the table and indeed the coins looked like they were a part of the pile meant for Li Mu but because of the overflowing pile he put it in the empty space meant for You Yue.

This time Sima You Yang's smile really froze.


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