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Infinity Armament - Volume 4 - Chapter 36


Chapter 36

Book 4 Chapter 36: Attack of the Cornered Rat (Part 1)

’’No!’’ Kyle screamed loudly.

He saw with his own eyes that the two figures were thrown far away, and the little girl shrieked.

At that moment, Shen Yi let go of the Vulcan and flung his Flying Claw. It flew over the sky and grabbed Xi Xiaofan's legs.

Shen Yi exerted his force and pulled Xi Xiaofan back.

However, he only had time to save a person, and so he could do nothing for the little girl.

At that time Jin Gang returned back into the car, and then Xi Xiaofan was thrown back to him by Shen Yi, who said with a was cold and emotionless voice: ’’Hold tight this time!’’

Jin Gang's heart trembled.

The SUV tumbled in the air and eventually fell to the ground. It turned off on the spot after the violent crash.

’’We must save Star!’’ Kyle shouted.

In the distance, Star had fallen and landed on the ground. After her body rolled a few times on the ground, she fainted while a large number of Harvesters were flocking to catch up.

If they went back at this time, they might still be able to take the little girl back, but the consequence would be that they would enter the range of the Harvesters and the encirclement of the Moto Terminators.

Shen Yi put his hand on the car and used Activation. At the same time, he shouted, ’’It is impossible to save her, we must go!’’

If possible, Shen Yi had also wanted to save Star, but he knew that the consequence of doing so was not something they could afford.

Zhou Yiyu stepped on the gas pedal, and the car was launched again.

Kyle rushed over and yelled at him, ’’You bastard! You can't abandon her!’’

Shen Yi twisted Kyle's arm and punched him on the chin and knocked him out. The sound of the Bloody Crest was heard in his ear: ’’Because you have taken compulsory measures against Kyle Reese, you have to resort to serious measures. Deduct 300 BP.’’

One punch had knocked out 300 of his BP, but Shen Yi ignored it, and he fired at the drones in the air.

That was not the time for calculating gain or loss.

Marcus suddenly said: ’’Give me a gun and I can help fight.’’

Shen Yi, apart from anything else, readily took a heavy machine gun from the Bloody Crest and threw it to Marcus. Seeing that these people could summon equipment out of thin air, a flash of surprise twinkled in Marcus's eyes, but he didn't say anything, and just turned to open fire.

No matter who these people were, the machines were the only enemy!

The SUV rushed wildly on the road. They were getting farther and farther from Star. A Harvester rushed to pick up the little girl on the ground and threw her behind.

Jin Gang saw it all in the distance;an apology flashed in his eyes.

In a low voice that only he could hear, he said to himself: ’’I'm sorry... little girl.’’

Although Star was missing, there was not much reduction in the load of the SUV.

The speed of the car still could not increase. The whistling missiles in the sky still landed around the the SUV from time to time, causing the road to be pitted, further affecting the speed of the the SUV.

A Harvester rushed over in the rumbling steps. When it was 300 meters away from the SUV, its shoulder cannon flared up and a roadside cottage was soon blown into pieces.

The vehicle passed through the tumbling flames. Zhou Yiyu exclaimed hysterically: ’’We can't go on like this, the car load needs to be reduced by the weight of at least two people!’’

Shen Yi just used the M61 Vulcan to destroy a Moto Terminator, turned back and said: ’’Then you need to make some contribution!’’

’’What did you say?’’ Zhou Yiyu said.

’’You have a motorcycle, don't you?’’ Shen Yi called.

Zhou Yiyu yelled and said: ’’That's what I bought with my BPt!’’

’’If you regret it, then sell it to me for 500 BP.’’

’’You already owe me a lot!’’

’’So you need me to live, or otherwise how can you collect your money?’’

’’Motherf*cker!’’ Zhou Yiyu slammed the horns, turned the steering wheel, avoided a heavy artillery that the Harvester had just fired, and exclaimed, ’’Well, who will drive the motorcycle?’’

’’Jin Gang, you take the boy on the motorcycle!’’ Shen Yi pointed to Kyle.

’’Understood!’’ Jin Gang put his gun away.

Zhou Yiyu took out the Harley motorcycle. When this vehicle came out of the Bloody Crest, its weight immediately pressed the car down.

Jin Gang took over the motorcycle and quickly launched it. He flew out of the SUV and Shen Yi threw Kyle behind Jin Gang. Jin Gang spinned the motorcycle into a gorgeous turn turn in the air, just to catch Kyle. Telekinesis, to a certain extent, could produce same effect as Zhou Yiyu's Innate Talent, but could not be maintained too long.

As soon as the motorcycle touched the ground, it snarled and rushed forward.

’’To the left!’’

A motorcycle and a car drove wildly into the left avenue, and behind them a large number of Terminator robots were chasing.

The left road was Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous avenues in Los Angeles. It used to be the most upscale and beautiful commercial street in Los Angeles. It was the home of the world-renowned and the most popular international masters.

After Judgement Day, it was no longer prosperous, and the skyscrapers which had once been high-rise buildings were now turned into a dilapidated and dangerous ruins. Garbage was lying everywhere on the road, scrap paper was flying, and rusted cars abounded.

Jin Gang drove the Harley to the lead, and the car followed him closely to avoid the bullets. After two people were unloaded, the load on the vehicle was significantly reduced and the speed also increased.

Two minutes later, the SUV entered the central area of ​​Rodeo Drive. There were tall buildings on both sides. The drone temporarily could not dive and could only hover in the sky. A large number of Moto Terminators and Harvesters were still chasing. Due to road problems, the Moto Terminators even went nearer.

’’What f*****g choice did you just make?’’ Zhou Yiyu shouted.

’’Stop this nonsense. If we do not destroy this group of pursuers, we can't really run away.’’ Shen Yi did not respond well.

’’Destroy?’’ Zhou Yiyu screamed: ’’How? Those are Harvesters, one of the strongest Rank C robot! I think it's equivalent to a normal Rank CC monster!’’

’’Yes.’’ Shen Yi sneered, ’’But they don't have brains, so they are the most stupid robots.’’

After saying that, Shen Yi took something from the Bloody Crest.

It was the super alloy steel cable from the Harvester which they had previously killed.

The head of this wire had a huge anchor head, and the tail was a tip cone hinge. The weapon that had originally been wrapped around the Harvester's arm was detached.

At that moment Shen Yi took out the steel cable, lifted the anchor head and slammed it. With his 35-point Strength, waving this huge steel wire was not a problem.

The cable snaking in Shen Yi's hands gradually turned into turned into a swift wind. He took off the steel cable and lashed it at a near building. The steel cable slammed into the building and wrapped around a huge pillar. At the same time, Shen Yi repeated his actions and wrapped the other end of the cable around a pillar of a building on the other side.

This huge steel rope was strung across the road as a giant chain.

Two Moto Terminators ran into the steel ropes and crashed. Then another Moto Terminator crashed into the steel ropes, flew into the air, and then blew up. The scene was spectacular.

But not all machines were stupid.

A Moto Terminator fiercely leaned its the body, gliding from underneath the ropes. However, the Vulcan gun in Shen Yi's hand fired, smashing the Moto Terminator.

’’Wonderful!’’ Zhou Yiyu shouted loudly. He finally understood why Shen Yi had asked him to go this way.

Only here were the conditions suitable for the cable play the role of a giant web.

A super-alloy steel cable could take most of the Moto Terminators down, it was a miracle. These fast speeding guys were not as powerful as Terminators and Harvesters, but their speed was actually second only to the drones. Compared to the former, they even had advantage of number.

’’What's next?’’ cried Zhou Yiyu: ’’There are still Harvesters behind. There are also Terminators on them.’’

’’The big guys are not fast enough, we need to kill the hunters in the sky first!’’ Shen Yi replied loudly.

The eight drones in the sky were the biggest source of trouble for the adventurers. Shen Yi shouted to Jin Gang ahead: ’’Jin Gang, how many of them can deal with with your Telekinesis?’’

Jin Gang replied in a loud voice: ’’Only 100 energy points are recovered! Even if there is overdraft, I can only deal with two!’’

’’Ok. Then when I ask you do it, let's start!’’ cried Shen Yi.

He took a rocket launcher from Bloody Crest which he had obtained from the mothership.

When Zhou Yiyu saw the rocket launcher, he yelled loudly: ’’If you have a rocket launcher, why didn't you use it sooner? Why did you have to use my T-600?’’

’’Because I only had two f*****g rockets!’’ he replied irritably: ’’If you weren't urging me so frantically on the mothership, I would have gotten a full box!’’

Zhou Yiyu was shocked.

He had not understood the need for Shen Yi to plunder the to plunder the arsenal and the Terminators one after another, but now it seemed that Shen Yi was right.

In fact, in Shen Yi's eyes, although the ammunitions in those missions could not be brought back, that did not mean that they had no practical value.

This was like playing the 'Plants vs. Zombies' game. The Bloody Point was the money outside the game, which allowed the player to have special items and capabilities. The non-rewarding harvest in the mission world was the 'sun', necessary for clearing the game. Although it was important, it could not be accumulated.

It was just that the skill brought by the bloody point was obviously more significant than the money in 'Plants vs. Zombies', and so many adventurers simply did not want to collect things in the mission world as those were seemingly unable to strengthen their own gains.

However, in Shen Yi's opinion, although permanent reinforcement was important, temporary means to increase strength were also indispensable. This was especially true in the current high-tech world where the use of their own skills was significantly reduced. It was extremely important.

He had received this experience from the World War II mission world, especially when that battle went to the late stage, and most of the adventurers had to fight with the weapons they had obtained on the battlefield.

In the X-men world, after summoning a large number of paratroops, Shen Yi immediately ordered the soldiers to sack all the ammunition after killing the first batch of mutants to enhance their own strength.

In this Terminator world, there were a large number of high-tech equipment. Instead of using BP to carry permanent equipment from Bloody City, it was better to obtain materials for local use. Therefore, the reserved bloody point of the team 641 did not have much use, since most of them were kept as preparations for summoning paratroopers.

At that moment, he took out a rocket launcher. Shen Yi told Zhou Yiyu: ’’Get the car up to the top of the building. I'm going to strike in close distance!’’

There were not many rockets. Shen Yi needed to ensure that hit rate would be 100%. In that case, approaching the opponent was the best way.

With Shen Yi's words, Zhou Yiyu activated his equipment's ability to ignore gravity. The SUV flew up and rushed to the wall of a building, and drove straight up into the air.


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