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Infinity Armament - Volume 4 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29

Book 4 Chapter 29: Direction

The request of Zhou Yiyu could be said to be very reckless and even excessive.

If someone else had heard such a request, they would have to suspect Zhou Yiyu's purpose, but Shen Yi thought that that person was very interesting.

A young man, very cool, a little smart but not too cunning.

He just thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

People couldn't act by logic alone, sometimes feelings were also important.

This time Shen Yi purely acted by feeling.

He opened his Bloody Crest for Zhou Yiyu to see.

Zhou Yiyu honestly, but bluntly, read all of Shen Yi's stats.

After he was done reading, he said: ’’You are definitely the most powerful adventurer I have ever seen. Unfortunately, your strength is more suitable for use in team operations than for one-on-one. In the fight just now, it is a pity that you could only exert half of your strength. ’’

’’Do you have any good suggestion?’’

’’Yes, I have!’’ Zhou Yiyu very sure nodded: ’’Your Innate Talent is actually very strong and has a wide range of applications. Although it is not prominent enough, as long as it is properly used it will be very good. I think you are more suitable for integrated combat, and are not suitable for a simple fighting style. With such an Innate Talent and skills ... Speaking of the main enhancing direction, I think there is a Class suitable for you. ’’

’’What is it?’’


This was the first time Shen Yi heard someone give him such a positive answer.

The SUV still ran along the rugged road, and Xi Xiaofan had fallen asleep in the rear seats.

The atmosphere in the vehicle carried some strange tranquility.

After Zhou Yiyu said that sentence, Shen Yan was silent for a long time.

He was thinking.

Zhou Yiyu did not disturb him.

After a while, Shen Yi said: ’’My Delicacy gives a very significant improvement effect when using firearm, whether in training or for practical aspects. However, firearm is no longer popular in Difficulty Level 2, isn't it? ’’

’’Yes, but not popular does not mean not easy to use. It isn't popular because the vast majority of people always feel safer with the ability to rely on their own strength, which is more reliable than external force.’’

’’That is, relying on powerful external forces means adventurers themselves are fragile. Many people cannot accept that.’’

’’But that kind of power is more immediate.’’

’’Many people say that relying to that kind of power means you are short-sighted, and some people even think that only people who pursue of power without the help of foreign objects can develop their power to the limit. ’’

Zhou Yiyu glared Shen Yi: ’’Do you think this theory is right or wrong? I personally think that the one said these word simply read too many wuxia novels.’’

Shen Yu also laughed: ’’I think humans are the ultimate species on Earth, not because we know how to develop muscle strength, but because we are arbitrarily dismissive of foreign objects. The so-called saying of 'not relying on foreign objects', that is for animals like a tiger or a wolf, but not for humans. And in a place like Bloody City, sometimes it is not necessary for us to plan too far.’’

Zhou Yiyu gave him a thumbs-up: ’’Since you have understood, why do you still hesitate? I am very sure of my guess. Marksman is definitely not weak, but this Class does not meet the standards of the strength in everyone's mind. So many adventurers are reluctant to take this route.’’

’’Because here is Bloody City! It is primitive and brutal, bloody, and cruel. On the African savannah, you cannot conquer the land with a shotgun;the moment the bullet is exhausted, death is your inevitable result. A truly powerful hunter must be at the top of the food chain in the grasslands, and even the lions or leopards can only be meals on their plate. A good gun may make you more powerful than any beast, but in a crisis environment, the survival ability must be the top priority. In Bloody City, the survival ability and attack ability are two separate concepts. Buying the firearms only enhance the ability to attack, and does not enhance the ability to survive. So we can ignore the saying of 'not relying on foreign objects', but we can't disregard the necessity of making ourselves become powerful on our own. Compared to a Rank D robot, I would also prefer a Rank D skill, even if the former is more powerful and practical than the latter. Moreover, there is a benefit in doing so, which is that it makes me less special.’’

Zhou Yiyu sighed: ’’I know what kind of person you are. You have seen many things clearly, but would rather choose to go with the flow, just because you do not want to isolate yourself.’’

Shen Yi smiled: ’’Yes, it's as if we all know that we can't bring money with us when we die, so it's meaningless to pursue it. But if we are allowed allowed to give up the pursuit of money, we will find that is very hard to do so. Seeing through the fact is one thing, but becoming a maverick is another thing. Maybe you are right, and most people are wrong. But if you are the only one who thinks you are right, you are alone. I do not like that. I do not want to be unconventional, and suddenly stand out of the crowd, and have to be alone, arrogant, lonely, complacent, and sad, and scorn the world. I am willing to be a layman, and to be mediocre.’’

’’So that's why you can get along well, and why I do not even have a friend now.’’ Zhou Yiyu lashed a spontaneous response.

There was no doubt that Zhou Yiyu was also a clever young man, but he was obviously going too far as a maverick, with the result that most adventurers ignored him. Just thinking of his brand-name clothing and distinctive enhancing direction, his problem could be seen clearly.

Shen Yi was good at figuring out people's hearts. He was very clear that he could be better than others, but should not behave differently than others.

In addition, Marksman might not be weak, but it would inevitably lead to waste of attributes. Therefore, people who took this route often had extremely low attributes and excellent equipment. As a result, they had low viability and easily led others to jealousy.

The reason adventurers were not keen on equipment reinforcement was because buying equipments usually a forced choice, which was made after they couldn't open another strengthening system, the price of adding attributes became too high and their skill bar became full.

Equipment was a foreign force, while it enhanced one's own strength, it would also attract unwanted attention from greedy adventurers.

Enhancing by using foreign objects was not only inconsistent with the adventurers in terms of values, but it also reduced personal viability and carried great hidden dangers in making friends. Despite having a great ability to attack, it did almost nothing for survival, and so most of adventurers would not take this route.

At that moment, the two men were sympathetic to each other.

Shen Yi said: ’’Tell me about what the Class system is in the end. Since you say Marksman suits me, you should know something. Speaking of this, enhancing by using foreign objects have so many drawbacks, there should always be some corresponding benefits. Bloody City should not have incompetent form of enhancing, only the incompetent adventurers. Maybe if you put you put it well, I will really listen to your opinion.’’

Zhou Yiyu was about to answer, but suddenly remembered something, and, pointing at Shen Yi, he strangely shouted: ’’Hey, you change the topic too much. I obviously asked you in the end whether you want to invite me to join the team, and you are turning around to extort me of my information.’’

Shen Yi laughed: ’’Do not misunderstand. I just do not know how to choose.’’

’’Do you mean me?’’

’’I don't mean that. My team and I have experienced a few mission worlds together before we became familiar with each other and finally formed a team. You also know that the selection of comrade is a major event, requiring not just the fighting ability, but also mutual trust and understanding. My impression of you is good, but that does not mean that others can accept you. So, it may take some time for us to understand each other.’’

’’I understand what you mean. You want to wait for other companions to accept me as well. Ok, then let's just leave it at that. Anyway, we will take risks together on this mission. Let me join or not, that's a decision for all of you to make.’’

Although Shen Yi usually showed an arrogant behavior, in fact, he knew how to respect others very well. For example, his teammates always called Luo Hao Fatty, but Shen Yi always called Luo Hao only by his name.

This respect seemed simple, but it was these innumerable details that prompted his gain of recognition.

’’About Class...’’ Shen Yi asked.

’’Sorry, I'm not your teammate right now. I don't provide valuable information unconditionally. You either pay money to buy it, or wait for a period of time before I join the team and then I can provide it for free. I'm not a person who would beg to join a team, not to mention that you are still in big trouble now.’’

He was referring to Xie Rongjun and his team Strike The Blood.

Shen Yi nodded: ’’Well, I am not anxious anyway. I believe we still have a great chance to fight side by side. The issue of Class can wait for a while. It is imperative to find my teammates first.’’

Shen Yu said while opening the positioning function.

To his surprise, this time he finally got a response.

A red bright spot was continuously blinking on the screen created by Bloody Crest.

’’That's Jin Gang! He is near here, let's go help him! Jin Gang, I located you!’’ He shouted that last shouted that last sentence to the team channel.

In the team channel, Jin Gang's voice also expressed excitement: ’’Quick, come and help me. Damn, I can't hold longer!’’

The SUV suddenly accelerated.


Jin Gang almost went crazy due to being pursued by Skynet Terminator army.

Unlike Shen Yi who had settled the first round of pursuing force on the mothership, he was hunted down all the way.

If it wasn't for the comprehensive strengthening of attributes that enabled him to run almost as fast as a car, he would have been caught up by the Terminator by now. But no matter how fast he ran and even if he left the pursuing forces far behind, if he just stopped for a bit and took a break, these tireless machines would catch up.

It seemed like they always knew where he was, and no matter how far, they would always keep finding him, following him and chasing him.

So now he could only desperately run, and behind him was a large number of Terminator robots chasing. The bullets clamored as they chased after him, sweeping around him. Jin Gang was like a gorilla, jumping around the ruins of the city, avoiding the hunters' attack as he searched for escape routes.

Not far from him, there were two adventurers who were also being hunted down, one tall and one thin.

Now, the thin adventurer ran in the forefront, while Jin Gang and the tall adventurer ran side-by-side in unison.

A Terminator T-600 was about to catch up to Jin Gang and the tall man. The two men suddenly turned back at the same time, and they retreated while firing at the Terminator.

The Terminator withstood the hail of bullets to shorten the distance. When it was close, both of them simultaneously abandoned their guns and struck the Terminator with their fists. A red light flashed on that tall adventurer's fist. Apparently his puch was accompanied by a skill effect, so that Terminator was smashed and sent flying.

A large number of bullets poured out again, finally penetrating the alloy steel plate on the Terminator's chest.

As a round of ammunition drilled through its Energy Core, the Terminator immediately shut down.

However, in such a short delay, several other Terminator caught up.

The tall adventurer readily grabbed a Terminator that rushed to the side and threw it a short distance away, nearly hitting Jin Gang.

Jin Gang dodged sideways, but he was slowed down a bit. He shouted: ’’Damn you, be careful!’’

That adventurer just grunted, ignoring Jin Gang, and continued to run.

Obviously, he had done it on purpose.


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