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Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society - Chapter 168


Chapter 168. Double Crisis (4)

After clearing Beyond's 4th floor, I immediately continued to the First Dungeon's 55th floor, as I wanted to make use of the time I had left on Talaria. While I was sweeping my way through the floor, I received a message from a friend for the first time in a while.

[Crown Prince, are you listening?]

’’Ah, Ren. It's been a while.’’

[You're finally picked up. Did something happen recently?]

It seemed he had messaged me a few times when I was busy clearing Event Dungeons. I must have really been busy if I didn't notice. I spoke with a bitter smile.

’’Yeah, I've been busy with things in my world.’’

[I see. Well, I'm sure all explorers are busy in one way or another... So, what floor are you on?]

’’I'm about to challenge the 55th floor.’’

[... 55th floor?]

Ren became flustered.

[Just how busy were you? I'm grinding the 55th floor's elixirs right now.]

’’Well, that's one thing, but I entered the dungeon above the First Dungeon.’’

[You mean Beyond!?]

I couldn't hide my surprise that Ren knew about Beyond.

’’How did you know, Ren!?’’

[My fath... M-My continent's Hero was Beyond's explorer. I see. When we first met and you told me you defeated the Lizard Knight alone, I suspected that this might happen, but to think it really would...]


Hm? Wait.

’’Ren, did you also defeat all bosses alone until now? I didn't think you did.’’

[Of course. The reason I took so long breaking through the dungeon before I met Crown Prince was because of it. Fath... The Hero said I had to defeat the dungeons' bosses alone, so I defeated the Orc Lord and the Wraith Queen alone. It was just that I didn't grind the elixirs they dropped.]

’’I see.’’

Because he was so happy when he defeated the Lizard Knight alone, I always thought that was the first time he defeated a Floor Master alone, but it seemed he was just happy he succeeded without ever dying.

[Did I never tell you about it? Regardless, meeting Crown Prince increased my dungeon clearing speed by dozens of times. I really can't thank you enough.]

Putting aside the fact that he never told me about it until now, just what was Ren? The son of a Hero and master of a strong knight... Could Ren be a crown prince or something in his continent?

Wait, Beyond currently only had three explorers. One was a woman and one was me. Then, could the other man be Ren's father!? I was curious, but I didn't feel comfortable asking Ren about it.

Surprisingly, the dense Ren seemed to have read my mind.

[It's unlike Crown Prince to hesitate. My continent's Hero is dead.]

I felt stifled.

’’I... see.’’

[There was no time to transfer the position of Hero to me either. Our enemies' evil hands had already reached the upper echelons of our forces and there was nothing we could do.]

The position of Hero was transferrable. Loretta had told me about it too. However, it wasn't something that could be transferred so easily. Both the receiver and the relinquisher had to meet certain conditions and it took a long time. Simply put, once one received the position of Hero, it was extremely difficult to hand it over to someone else.

’’Ren, then...’’

[I already told you. I'm the only explorer in Panan continent, including the Second, Third, and Fourth Dungeons. Of course, we have no Beyond explorers either.]


I couldn't believe that he could say what he was saying so nonchalantly. The Hero was dead. There were no warriors who could reclaim the world's power. I could understand why Lebuik had escaped from Panan. In that case... why...

’’Why are you staying in that world, Ren?’’

Ren became silent for a bit, then spoke. Rather than saying he was choosing his words, it seemed like he was making a vow to himself as he was explaining to me.

[Because... there are still things I need to protect there. That's why, Crown Prince.]

Most likely, I would remember his words for the rest of my life.

His resolute heart, expressing that he would not doubt his decisions and actions, caused me to feel respect for him. Thinking that I would never forget this moment, I said respectfully.

’’If there's anything I can help you with, tell me.’’

[Thank you, Crown Prince. I'll remember it. Hahaha, Crown Prince couldn't be more reliable.]

After that, we chatted more about trifling matters and ended the conversation. I felt like a new courage had filled my heart. Thinking that Ren and I would develop into a special relationship that was different than the one with currently had, I stopped in front of the 55th Floor Master room.

The 55th Floor Master was an ogre. It was large and muscular, had rust colored skin, and was said to be the strongest of all biped monsters.

Strangely, it had two heads, which was said to double his strength. I was curious how having an extra head doubled one's strength, but I didn't think anyone would answer me.

According to Ren, he successfully overpowered it with his overwhelming strength. Though, he said he died two times before he succeeded. As such, I opened the door feeling tense.

’’Fight me!’’


As expected, there was only a giant ogre standing in a spacious wasteland. The moment it saw me, it screamed strangely and charged at me. Every time it stomped on the ground, the ground tremored. Feeling its strength from the ground, I couldn't help but be shocked.

’’My god...!’’

It was weaker than an Orc Lord with 7 stacks of Warcry! This guy was a total weakling!


’’Peika, materialize!’’

[I've been waiting, Master!]

The moment Peika appeared in her dragon form, I jumped on her back and held the Chaotic Spear with both hands. Infused into it was none other than Sharana. With her, the chaos flame attribute wasn't eaten up, as she could amplify it purely.

The chaos flame blazed ominously and rose up in a whirlpool along with the vigor of Mad Typhoon. I took in a breath and squeezed Peika with my legs. It was the signal telling her to charge.


’’Peika, don't make weird noises and charge! There's only one reason I materialized you!’’

[Short-term fight, right? Okay, I'm going now!]


I didn't know what it found so laughable, but the Twin-headed Ogre continued to laugh as it approached me. As the saying, 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread,' went, this was exactly that. Plus, compared to the Orc Lord, it wasn't even that fast!

’’Eat this!’’


When Peika shot toward it like an arrow and blasted it with a lightning bolt, it raised its arms and crossed them to block it. Ogre skin was famous for being highly resilient, and this guy was also a Floor Master. I wondered if it would easily block Peika's lightning, but it seemed the unsealed Peika's lightning was completely different than her old lightning. It instantly pierced through the skin's resistance and electrocuted the ogre.


’’Now that's what I wanted to hear! Tempest!’’

When it let out a bloodcurdling scream and stepped back, I shot the flame whirlpool enveloping my spear forward! It blocked the Tempest I aimed at its left head with its arm, but the chaos flame devoured its entire right arm and began to scorch it.



[Leave it to me!]

The ogre screamed and swung its arm toward us. Although there was no way we would be hit by it, when its menacing claws cut through the air, they drew glowing traces of black aura, which flew toward Peika and me. Peika then skillfully maneuvered its body and dodged the attacks before she spat out another lightning bolt.


’’Not enough!’’

I still had most of my mana remaining. I gripped my spear tightly and fiercely circulated Peruta Circuit so that the spinning sound was even audible from the outside. In an instant, another whirlpool of flame shot up around the spear.

[Master, the claw attack is coming again!]

’’What, damn it!’’


It seemed to disregard the flame devouring its right arm as it swung its arms violently. With every swing, five aura streams shot toward me. In the end, dozens of aura streams were flying toward me. Peika hurriedly flew up to dodge them, but she soon clicked her tongue.

[Master, the auras are changing direction and following me!]

’’Turn around and charge toward him!’’

Wasn't it supposed to be strong physically? How? He's just playing with auras! I gritted my teeth and tightened my legs around Peika's back to fasten myself.

[Ehe, I can die happy now!]

’’You can't die, Peika!’’

Peika's body shone with a golden light and discharged lightning. Countless bolts of lightning flickered and dealt lightning damage to the ogre, paralyzing it.



Even so, it managed to raise its left arm against me! I instantly widened my eyes and controlled Peika to dodge its thick arm. Although it was weaker than the Orc Lord, it was still true that it was stronger than me in terms of pure strength. If I faced its attack with my spear, I couldn't guarantee my shoulder's safety. Thankfully, Mad Typhoon could damage my enemies without ever needing to touch them.


When it realized it missed, it turned its left head toward me and swung its arm once more. However, its stance was already ruined. I leapt forward strongly and thrust my spear out in full force. The chaos flame enveloping the spear swept over it as if to devour it whole.

’’I'll burn your arms off!’’

After we successfully left chaos flames in its left arm, we brushed past its body. Then, we heard the aura streams it flew out striking its body and exploding. Peika instantly turned around and charged toward it again.

[Master, attack!]

’’I'm already on it!’’

When I imbued my spear full of aura, Sharana cheered and expanded the chaos flames more strongly. Enveloped by the reddish black whirlpool of flame, the Chaotic Spear looked like a dragon.

However, the Twin-headed Ogre didn't seem to want to lose so easily. Although its arms were being eroded by the chaos flames and letting out a strange smell, it raised its arms without a care in the world and screamed.

[Twin-headed Ogre used 'Ogre Power'! Its strength doubles for a period of time!]


A skill I really wanted popped out! My eye's sparkled as I pulled my spear back. With that skill, I could control Gigantic freely!

[Master, that guy got super strong!]

’’Can you block him, Peika?’’

[... Of course!]

It clasped its hands and struck down on the ground. The ground then sprung up. It was almost as if it used Dullahan's Outburst skill, except with its bare fists. However, the lightning shooting out of Peika's body perfectly struck the earth shards away.

[Master, are we dodging?]

’’No, we don't need to waste our time on this guy. Charge!’’

Without replying, Peika increased her speed and charged toward the ogre. I also raised my spear high up in the air. Above the whirlpool of chaos flames, white flames began to blaze. The Twin-headed Ogre spread its arms out and ran toward me. It seemed it wanted to capture me, but that definitely wouldn't happen!

’’Sorry, but... you're nothing more than a smallfry!’’



It smashed its arms against each other. Some of the chaos flames around it even fell off because of it! However, immediately before it did so, Peika dematerialized and dropped me, letting me dodge its arms perfectly. Its attack brushed past my head and could only pick off a few strands of my hair.

Before I landed on the ground, I saw a good target. As expected of a wild ogre, there was something asserting its presence on its uncovered body! Damn, where's the mosaic!? Otherwise...!

’’Take this! Egg... Breaker!!’’

The flame whirlpool accelerated to the limit with Mad Typhoon, didn't just break, but rather ravaged and ground everything it touched. I dodged the blood, skin, and bone waste flying about everywhere and landed on the ground. Then, I let out a deep sigh.

’’Whew. The spear hit an unfortunate area. From now, Teacher Ogre can never have a child... In other words, he cannot ever have a se*ual relationship.’’

[Kya, Kyaaaaaak!]

I shook my head and held up my spear. The Twin-headed Ogre could no longer make laughing noises.

It was already dead. Both mentally and physically.


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