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Inch Of Radiance - Volume 2 - Chapter 20.2


Book 2 Chapter 20.2 - The Overlord Accepts a Disciple

’’Li Yang, prepare yourself. When this Overlord speaks, it will sound simultaneously within your mind, so you need to act accordingly!’’ When Xiang Yu spoke, Li Yang immediately became alert.

Within Li Yang's bedroom.

Tian Gang was trying to sleep on Li Yang's bed, but no matter what, he couldn't fall asleep. Even though he had just received a gunshot wound, after that 'mysterious' treatment, his body didn't have any problems currently. However, he just couldn't understand how his wound could have recovered at such a terrifying speed!

’’Mu Yi didn't answer my question just now, could it be that he has some kind of secret?’’ Tian Gang began to think inwardly.

’’Youngster, don't let your imagination run amok! The reason why Mu Yi didn't answer your question was because of this Overlord!’’ A deep and profound voice rang out within Tian Gang's sea of consciousness.

Tian Gang was extremely shocked. He immediately got up and jumped off of his bed, asking in astonishment, ’’Who are you?’’

’’Haha, who am I? Don't worry about who Overlord is yet. Overlord wants to ask you first, do you believe in the existence of truth cultivators?’’ When Tian Gang heard the voice within his mind, his heart trembled once again. Tian Gang's family back home was still considered a rather ancient family so he was still somewhat familiar as to who they were.

Tian Gang carefully asked, ’’Could it be that you are one of those legendary cultivators?’’

’’Haha...’’ Xiang Yu's laugh immediately echoed out. ’’Cultivators? What kind of status does this Overlord have? How could I be like a weak cultivator?’’

Weak cultivator?!

Tian Gang immediately became quite scared after he heard those words. There were internal cultivation techniques passed down through his Tian family, and in their eyes, cultivators were equal to supernatural entities. However, in this mysterious person's eyes, cultivators were actually ascribed with the word 'weak'.

’’Then who are you?’’ Tian Gang was inwardly shocked and a bit curious at the same time.

’’This Overlord will tell you. Once a truth cultivator cultivates up to a certain point, he or she will face a tribulation to ascend. Among them, a few demonic cultivators will ascend into the Devil Realm, and this Overlord is precisely a powerful expert within the Devil Realm!’’ Xiang Yu proudly said.

Tian Gang had also heard of the 'day of ascension'. After hearing Xiang Yu's words, he couldn't help but think, ’’Once cultivators ascend, they don't all go to the Immortal Realm. There are still some that go to the Devil Realm, and this mysterious person is actually an expert within the Devil Realm! Doesn't this mean that he is more powerful than even cultivators that have ascended?’’

Even stronger than ascended cultivators!

Tian Gang reached this conclusion. His eyes began to widen, and that mysterious individual immediately reached a paramount position within his mind.

’’Then were you the one that healed my gunshot wound? Why did you save me?’’ Tian Gang continuously asked him because he simply didn't believe that some ordinary person like him would be noticed by a mysterious individual that was more powerful than an ascended cultivator.

’’Of course it's this Overlord that saved you. Why did I save you? That's because Overlord thought that your natural talents weren't bad and decided to take you on as a disciple.’’ Xiang Yu had finally revealed his intentions.

Tian Gang's heart immediately jumped. He immediately felt both confusion and excitement. An expert who was more powerful than an ascendant cultivator was willing to be his master, so he was naturally willing. His lifetime goal was to continuously improve, to continuously break through, and to continuously challenge himself! This was the reason why he always wanted to challenge Li Yang.


Xiang Yu's voice continuously rang out from within Li Yang's sea of consciousness. Only at this moment did Li Yang decided to say something.

’’Tian Gang, stop daydreaming and quickly pay your respects as a disciple. You are fortunate to have Overlord accept you as a disciple! Even if I wanted Overlord as my master, he wouldn't even accept me!’’ Li Yang pushed open the door separating the balcony from the bedroom before walking over.

Tian Gang stared blankly.

Xiang Yu began to speak promptly, ’’This Overlord is extremely strict in the acceptance of disciples. Even that fellow Li Yang wasn't accepted as a disciple.’’

’’Who is Li Yang?’’ Tian Gang's eyes widened as he asked.

At this moment, Xiang Yu realized that his tongue slipped. However, Li Yang didn't seem to mind. ’’I am Li Yang. Li Yang is my original name, Mu Yi is my other name!’’ Li Yang never denied that Mu Yi was not his real name. Ever since Jiang Xue called him 'Brother Mu Yi', he had decided that 'Mu Yi' would be his other name. As for what he told TIan Gang just now, it meant that he considered Tian Gang to be someone close to him already.

Tian Gang immediately became stunned. Shortly afterwards, he began to laugh. ’’That makes sense. Those in the underground arena should change their names and not be like me, who kept the same name. However, I do not fear others making trouble for me.’’

Tian Gang began to think inwardly. ’’Even Li Yang is praising him, so he must truly be a great expert. In addition, the ability to speak directly into my mind is already a shocking technique. En, so what if I call him my master? There isn't any harm in doing so!’’

Tian Gang already decided to accept Xiang Yu as his master. However, while Tian Gang was thinking, Xiang Yu was starting to become impatient.

’’Li Yang, why aren't you saying anything?’’ Xiang Yu urged. Having a disciple with theBlessed Xiantian Earthen body was too important to him. Within the Devil Realm, super experts would often fight over the rights to accept someone with a Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body as their disciple.

Li Yang was startled. He remembered what he was supposed to do and said, ’’Tian Gang, I know you want to challenge me, but I have received Overlord's help. Even though Overlord didn't accept me as a disciple, he still gave me advice on several occasions. If this continues, then the difference between us will only grow greater, and there wouldn't be a chance for you to catch up at all.’’

When Tian Gang heard this, he was stumped for words. Li Yang continued, ’’Within this Mortal Realm, there isn't anyone with more experience or top-level manuals than Overlord. Only by accepting Overlord as your master will you have any hopes of challenging me!’’ Li Yang tried to entice Tian Gang.

Tian Gang immediately laughed and said, ’’Isn't it just taking on a master? With such a great expert as my master, wouldn't I, Tian Gang, be more than happy? How could I not accept?’’

’’Then why didn't you accept just now?’’ Li Yang asked.

Tian Gang laughed and said, ’’I was about to agree, but you kept on talking, not giving me any chance to speak. How can you place the blame on me?’’

Li Yang and Xiang Yu were both immediately stunned.

’’Good. There is no need for a formal ceremony. Overlord isn't like some of the old fellows from the Immortal World who place such importance on these things. From today forth, you are Overlord's fourth disciple.’’ Xiang Yu happily declared. After receiving a disciple with the Blessed Xiantian Earthen Body, even if Xiang Yu had to stay within the Mortal Realm for another ten thousand years, he would still be willing.

’’Now, I should give my disciple anearth attributed technique. Earth Attribute cultivation technique?’’ Xiang Yu began to consider inwardly. ’’F*k, this Overlord only has three Earth Attribute cultivation manuals, and they're all relatively low grade. If I gave my precious forth disciple one of those, wouldn't I be wasting his natural talents? However, how am I supposed to get a top-grade Earth Attribute cultivation technique?’’ Xiang Yu began to rack his brain.

’’Right, I still have half of that top grade Earth Attribute cultivation method 'Black Tortoise Sacred Text'. Even though I only have half of it, it's still enough to cultivate to the Devil Commander level. When I return to the Devil Realm, Overlord will then beg that scoundrel for the other half. If that bastard doesn't hand it over then this Overlord will personally seek out Sovereign Chi You!’’ Xiang Yu made this decision in his mind.

’’Disciple, now, Overlord is going to pass onto you the top grade cultivation technique 'Black Tortoise Sacred Text'. You have to carefully cultivate it!’’


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