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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 98


TL: Jammerg

ED: greujnik

Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital

Chapter 98: The Fifth One and Establishment of a New Nation

All the soldiers that were unconscious had been arrested and placed in the dungeon. They were discharged from the military and were closely pressed about what crimes they had committed. With the exception of one portion who were agitators, others didn't commit serious crimes, but (instigating a rebellion against the wishes of the Emperor voluntarily) would have to warrant some heavy punishment. They should be thankful that they aren't being executed.

The Emperor issued orders for the soldiers in the Imperial Capital to be sent to towns one by one in the empire. That way there won't be people left to manage the crime in the Imperial Capital. Because it seems like someone might try something in the confusion though.

The elderly statesmen that had been caught were freed. General Romelo came along to the castle with the Crown Prince that he had given shelter to. I was really surprised. He really was the knight from that time.

He lost himself in the crowd as he tried to get away from the castle in disguise and was attacked by soldiers.

I wonder if I said it but, he gives of a weak impression, this person. It doesn't seem like he's even there. But he seems like a good person, and is also excellent.

「At this time we are truly in your debt. Touya-dono is not only my benefactor but also the princesses and crowned prince' the Empire's savior. We wish to reward you, is there anything you desire?」

「Well, this time it just happened to flow that way, it was only a force by circumstances. Please do not worry about it」

I gently refuse the offer of the Emperor, whom I met in guest room. Honestly, I don't even want anything. After hearing that, the King of Belfast lets out a small laugh.

「It doesn't matter to Touya-dono. In Belfast we tried to give Touya-dono a title but he refused that as well. In the end we were able to get him to accept money and a house alone. Well it would be best if he accept my daughter though」

「Hohou. Well then will you accept Rushia as well? Belfast and Regulus, if both princesses were married to the same person, then it would form the strongest alliance between our countries ever seen」

「Now see here......」

Because the discussion has started going a strange direction, I planned to cautiously call their attention when Yumina raises her hand and interrupts the discussion. What?

「Rushia-hime is of the same mind as us, I approve of her becoming one of Touya-san's fiancee's. She has tentatively agreed when I asked her in person, she wishes for it. Above all it would be good for the friendship of both countries, wouldn't it?」

Eh? What are you saying Yumina-san!?

「I also agree」

「...Me too, ~desu」

「I have no problem either, ~degozaru」

The other fiances also showed their agreement one after the other. And you Brutus?? Hey why is it that means my feelings aren't being considered at all!?

「Cho- please wait! Why did it become like this!?」

The conversation was continuing on its own and I ended up spouting that, to which Lyon-san replied with a wry smile.

「Honestly it's Touya-dono power's fault」

「Eh? What are you talking about?」

「I understood it from this time but, all of Touya-dono's power is non-standard. For that power to support one country, it would only threaten others. If you were to think of it in reverse, Belfast would be liable to be regarded as the dangerous party. But if you were engaged to the Empire's princess then not only would Belfast but the Empire would be able to make an excuse to other countries...well that's what I think anyway」

「The empire is the empire, without trying to take advantage of Touya-dono over politics, it would be an equal alliance」

To Lyon's words Knight Leader Gaspar-san continued. Well, it's not that I don't understand what you're saying!

When I glanced at Rue, she was fidgeting and blushing while stealing glances at me. Nu.......

「There isn't much difference between 4 or 5 people is there. What is there to worry about!?」

「You say that but......」

General Leon came and beat my back as he always does. There certainly isn't any reason to refuse it...... It's only the second day we've met isn't it!? It's all so sudden!

......Huh? When I met Yumina it was the same day we met? Then there is no there?

「How about the princess? Are you against marrying Touya-dono?」

「No, father. I'm so happy I think I might faint! There is nothing that would make me happier! I would be Touya-sama's bride with pleasure!」

She was breathing heavily through her nose, while she had both hands clasped in front of her chest, her eyes glittered as she looked at me. Aa-...... I think that whatever I say is useless.

What is it, this world's people seem so ready to accept marriage...... It's not something that you can think about lightly. I've come to fully realize just how different this world is......

「How about it? Won't you accept Rushia?」

「Haa......If she can wait to marry until I am 18 then......」

Well, there's no need to wait till I'm 18, but I want to show at least a little resistance.

(tl: way to make a stand)

Kya Rue joins the Yumina circle of brides and they all chat eagerly together. They sure get along quickly.......

「Of course, there is no problem, I would like to give you some kind of monetary present. In any event, the relationship with Belfast will be equivalent and with this Belfast and the Empire now will be able to form an alliance」

When I think about what the Emperor just said it's amazing. With this most of the major powers on the western continent are connected through an alliance: Belfast, Misumido, Rifurizu and now Regulus?

「By the way because of this, we intend to announce the engagements of both Yumina and Rushia-hime inside and outside the countries formally, and so it was decided that Touya-dono needs to have his own position. And because of that we have agreed with the Emperor of Regulus that part of each country shall be separated and given to Touya-dono」

「......What do you mean?」

I don't understand what they just said. Whether giving me some land to rule. Honestly, it would be troubling if I were given a land somewhere that I wouldn't be able to rule......

「You won't be receiving, we're transferring. In other words, a small country on the borders of Belfast and Regulus will form. And the king will be Touya-dono, is what it means」


Found a country means, establish a nation!? I'm to be a King!?

「Well, even if we say country there are no subjects that go along with this land right now. But it is no less independent and is not bound by the laws of either Belfast or Regulus. The two countries support the founding of this nation, of course, it will have a non-aggression pact as well. Though what happens in that country, we will not interfere at all. Touya-dono is free to do whatever he wishes. With this the problem of its standpoint is solved, and you can marry both princesses without a problem as well」

Something like the City state of Vatican city? Or something more like a dukedom? Either way is it really ok to accept this?

「Touya-dono, can you display the map?」

「Eh? Aa, yes. Display map」

『Understood. Displaying map』

Still unable to grasp what the King was saying, I displayed the map in the air.

With Belfast on the left hand, and Regulus on the right. The king pointed his finger on their border.

「Between the two countries the Merishia mountains extend down about 2/3 from the north and beneath that is a forest and a plane. Although there is productive land, there are many demon beasts that live there as well. For that reason it was being avoided. Also to the south there is a highway allowing for trade between the two countries, it is in this area that this independent country will be founded」

Wai- didn't you just say that there were a lot of demon beasts living there!?

「We're going live in such a dangerous place?」

「There is no need to live there. However, this area will be treated as an independent country from now on. Even if something were to happen then our countries wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Even in the most extreme circumstance of a band of thieves taking over and making a base there, we would be powerless to do anything. Touya-dono, as King, should be the one to handle the situation」

The King and Emperor were both smiling from ear to ear. This is harsh, You just pushed the most dangerous stretch of highway onto me in hopes that I would clean it up. With the alliance in place there would be many people coming and going from both countries. So they decided to create a counter plan to make the road safe, huh?

「No no no. It really is a rich land, it's fairly wide. If it becomes a safe zone then it can be used by the people as a trade route, Touya-dono will also be able to get the position that goes along with the land. There' really is nothing else like it」

That may be. But I think it's being unsold. Aren't these monarchs just being vainglorious? How shrewd. They both had attempts on their lives by their vassals though.

Un, it's not really a bad story huh? I understand that if I am to marry both princesses then I certainly need an adequate position. Just not having any citizens making it less troublesome surely is a plus. In addition, having a land to use as I see fit is certainly charming.

「Yeah, sorry. After that, it will be fine to declare the establishment of a new country with official declaration. Both countries of the alliance will recognize it as such, I think」

Establishing a country huh..... I can't really picture it. Well, I don't have to do anything. Do I need to build a castle?

「You're finally a King ~degozaru......? Our family's husband-sama is amazing, isn't he ~degozaru」

「Right? I never imagined it would come to this」

Yae and Elsie were talking with each other. I never thought it would happen myself. It's like I'm being thrown for a loop.

「...As for the name of the country, what do you want to do?」

Lindsey asked me. Un, the country's name...... Mochizuki Kingdom? Uwa, how embarrassing! That is absolutely rejected. How about Nihon kingdom? It doesn't really roll off the tongue. Japan, Zigpang...... Muu. None of these feel right. Ah.

「Brynhild...... Brynhild Dukedom」

「Brynhild is the weapon that Touya made, isn't it?」

「Un. I think the name was originally a name of a war maiden」

Brynhild Dukedom. That has a nice ring to it. Well, it's really more of a principality than a country but I guess I might not really need to worry about those details.

「Brynhild Dukedom, huh? Not bad. Belfast Kingdom is supporting the formation of Brynhild Dukedom, we approve of this as an ally」

「Regulus Empire is likewise」

「Approval, you mean after it is made safe, right?」

Just how much area is there here? I tried investigating it with the smartphone. It calculated the specified range.

『Approximately 410 square kilometers』(tl: ~254.76 sq mi)

...Even if it says that I still don't get it. For example, how much area is Tokyo's 23 district? I searched for that... Um... 621 sq km (tl: ~385.87 sq mi )

Eh!? That's like 2/3 of Tokyo's 23 district!? Huge!


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