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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 96


Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital

Chapter 96: The Rushed Contract and the Declaration of War

「Search. Crown Prince of the Teikoku」

『Understood....Search complete. Displaying』

A green pin fell in a corner of the Imperial Capital. Because it seems to be moving a little, it appears he survived. That's great.

「He appears to be alive...... Where is this?」

「The Empire's Western direction's commander, Romelo's residence......I see, the prince seems to be safe」

He's safe with the army? While I was thinking that, the Emperor laughed as if reading my thoughts and answered.

「Not all of the army in the Imperial Capital serve under Bazuru. General Romelo is a general that was opposed to the plan to use demons as an army to invade. He probably read the situation and gave the Crown prince refuge」

I see. It's not as if all the soldiers are following Bazuru blindly. There seem to be a good shelter for now, but there is not much time left, huh?

「Then tomorrow morning we will go to the Imperial Capital?」

「Wa- please wait! It may be after the fact but is it really alright!? The opponent are 10k soldiers or more and they can summon a demon army you know!? For you by yourself.....!」

The emperor panics as he tries to stop me. Well, if it's a normal person then it wouldn't work. But I don't intend on losing. It was like that in Ishen, did I get used to this?

「It'll workout somehow. Because I have companions」

I glanced at Yumina as she nodded strongly.

「......Tomorrow morning. Would you take me with you to the Imperial Capital?」

「Won't that be dangerous? Wouldn't it be better to wait here......」

「No, I have to see the end of this personally. That is the least I can do as Emperor」

Un, what can be done...? We can't just go off and leave the Emperor here, but that being said we can't have him be on the front lines either......

「Let's have Belfast's knight squadron be guards for the Emperor. I wish to see Touya-dono's fighting style for myself」

The King offers, and it was accepted. If it's that then it might be fine.

It was decided that, tomorrow morning, the Emperor along with several knights would come with us to the Imperial Capital.

I used 「Gate」to send the King back to the Royal palace, and then left the Emperor's room afterwards.

I went out to the terrace and called out Kohaku, Kuroyou, and Sango, and tried asking them about summoning magic.

「Well the object that is summoned appears is random, but if you call and contract a higher being from a family, you are freely able to call for a lower level being of the same family?」

『Yes. As you are my contracted master, you are essentially able to summon any brute beasts』

『In my case you are able to summon any of the shelled or scaled beasts』

After listening to Kohaku and Kuroyou's stories, So basically I can call for any 4 legged mammals or any scaled reptile-like demon beasts.

『Tentatively, it is necessary to make a contract with each race. If you give the chief a name, then that race will become your arms and legs. They aren't demons or mysterious things』

Sango says while laughing. Well, I don't intend on working any of them like a horse.

「Well let's give it a try for now? Um......what is there?」

『Let me see, Ceberus has a very high fighting ability?』

Ah, I know that one. He is hell's watchdog. A large black, three headed dog? Well let's give him a try.

That day I called out and named many demon beasts, I wish they would forgive me for the random names I gave them towards the end. Since I don't have a stock of them, you know....

Well, let's go to bed in preparation for tomorrow.


The next morning, we entered a corner Imperial Capital on one of the rooftops.

I took out the smartphone and confirmed that it was just after 8am. We tried to jump straight to the Castle but as expected there was a magic barrier. Did they put it up as a counter plan to my teleportation magic?

The personnel included myself, along with Elsie, Lindsey, Yae, Yumina, Kohaku, Sango, and Kuroyou. Along came the Emperor and the King of Belfast, General Leon, Vice General Niel, and 10 people from the Belfast's army and knight squad. Lastly, Rue, who I didn't want to bring, as well as her guard Carol-san.

For the time being everyone other than the guild members were on standby. Just in case there was the need to run away, I left the 「Gate」fixedly opened in this place. It was programmed to close 1 minute after someone passed through it so the enemies wouldn't invade through it. Well, I don't really I would allow that to happen though.

「Now then how about a declaration of war first? Etto, replay the first video in the middle of the Imperial Capital's sky」

『Understood. Replaying』

A large screen appears suddenly in the middle of the sky of the Imperial Capital. About 200 meter's is big enough? Even from this distance it was easy to understand. I don't know about close up though.

Along with the image there was some really loud music. With this it should catch the attention of all the residents in the Imperial Capital. It was Wagner's 「Flight of the Valkyries」.

(tl: really?)

(ed: that is sooo out of place).

The volume was gradually reduced. And the image of the Emperor appears on the screen. It was a video recorded earlier this morning.

『This is a notice to the people of the Imperial Capital. I am Regulus Empire's emperor, Zephyrus Roa Regulus. At this time one part of the army has begun to run amok. For the trouble they have caused, wish to deeply apologize to you all. However, it will be suppressed very soon. Please be at ease. We are now moving to retake the Imperial Capital. I request that you do not leave your homes』

「Do I really sound like that?」

The emperor tilts his head and asks his daughter. I would guess so, it's the first time he's heard his own voice recorded.

『Furthermore, to the army that is involved with this insurrection. I was at fault however this situation cannot be overlooked. However, I will allow surrender. If those servicemen remove their uniform by the count of ten then you will be pardoned. For those that still refuse to remove their uniform by the count of 10 then there will be no mercy. 1......2......』

There was a sub monitor that was projected to us and showed the uniformed servicemen in red on the map of the Imperial Capital, which was completely full, but they began disappearing one by one. In accordance with the Emperor's command they were removing their uniforms.

「For those who are still in their uniform after 10 shall we begin attacking them?」

「It cannot be helped. However, I would like you to avoid killing as much as possible」


As the Emperor continued counting on the screen above the count slowly dwindled. The red dots slowly disappeared as well, although a little more than 2/3 were still red.

『9......10. The concessions end here. The compromise ends here. We will now begin recapturing the Imperial Capital by force』

The emperor disappears from the screen, and then music again begins to play Trumpet's fanfare at large volume. This time it was Suppe's 「Light Calvary」. Alright, shall we begin.

「Lock onto the uniformed servicemen as the targets. Activate Paralysis」

『Understood....Targeting complete. Activating Paralysis』

There were small screams here and there around the Imperial Capital. The red dots didn't decrease at all. Huh? Aa, the ones that no longer able to fight still have to be displayed? Whether or not they're paralyzed, servicemen are servicemen.

「Set the servicemen who cannot engage in combat to yellow」


About 1/2 of the pins changed to yellow. There are quite a few left. Do they have charm or do they have a high resistance to magic?

「Touya-dono! That over there!」

Yae was pointing at the Imperial Castle and it was where that huge demon, Demon's lord appeared. Along with him were a various assortment of demon families on the ground and in the air. There sure are a lot. I was only able to confirm 50 on the screen.

「Well, shall we call some out as well?」

I concentrated magic, and a magic circle appeared on the ground.

「Come forth darkness, I desire a hell hound, Cerberus」

From the magic circle on the ground appeared a dark mist, and a three headed demon dog appeared. It was approximately 1 size bigger than a large lion. I continued summoning beasts that I had spent yesterday contracting with.

The lizardman brigade, Griffon brigade, Armored turtle brigade, Fire lion, Power Bear, Lizard knights......

「The targets are the demons. Activate Shining Javelin」

「Understood. Shining Javelin activated」

Magic circles form in the sky and a spear of light falls from it. But none of the demons had fallen.

『An invisible barrier was erected. There was no effect』

I thought so. That Demon lord gave the same protection to all the demons on the field. Well then we'll just have to use brute force.

「All of the summoned beasts follow the orders of Kohaku, Sango, and Kuroyou and primarily target the demons, Elsie and Yae, please take care of the servicemen. Yumina and Lindsey stand by with Cerberus and shoot with magic and guns from here. I will attack the Demon's lord and the general」

With a pon and some smoke, Kohaku and the rest returned to their former appearance.

They're in divine beast mode after a long time.

「Well then, I'm off for a bit」


I looked over my shoulder and informed the Emperor, then we departed the rooftop and headed for the enemy lines.

Elsie and Yae, with Sango and Kuroyou along with the ground troops ran toward the urban area of the Imperial Capital. Kohaku and I along with the Griffin brigade flew in the sky at the demons headed directly our way.

「Alright, don't push yourselves. Aim for the demon's wings. The troops on the ground should be able to do something about the ones that fall」

I ordered the surrounding griffons. The wingless demons were engaging the ground troops while the flying ones were heading here. We need to get rid of these first.

「Um, You're John...I mean Paul... or not, George? You guys take the left side, Um Ringo? You take out the right hand demon.」

(ed: his naming sense makes me cry blood)

Kuaa! Cried the griffons as they separated right and left. In the first place, griffons basically look like they have the same face to me...... I guess I'll have to get them different colored collars.

While dashing from rooftop to rooftop, I pulled a 40 cm wide, large sword that was approximately 2 meters long.

(tl: I swear he stole that from FF7).

Using 「Gravity」in addition to the mithril that makes up the blade it was quite light. I held that in one hand as I faced the demon charging toward me.

Using「Boost」I jumped off the roof over way above the head of the demon. As I began to descend toward the demon, I pulled the trigger and used the ultimate magic「Gravity」to double the weight.

It was so heavy that it split the demon in two in a single strike. I rotated in the air once more, pulled the trigger again and returned the sword to its original lightness.

Being impromptu made, it is comparatively useful. I similarly mow down with horizontal slice the demon coming to attack from the right. U~n, with horizontal slice, if I make a mistake with timing, my hand will take quite a burden. Though it seems I will get used to this if I become accustomed to it. Or rather, even if I don't use [Gravity], since it is possible to cut by itself, it will be okay.

Directly besides me Kohaku ripped the wings of another demon with his claws.

「Kohaku! I'm leaving this to you!」

『As you wish. Fortune to you』

Using 「Boost」and 「Accel」I instantly dash toward the Imperial Castle. If I can do something about the general then the demons will all disappear. I jump from rooftop to rooftop, heading toward the rampart of the castle.


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