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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 95


Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital

Chapter 95: Highest-level Talks, and the Empire's 12 Swords

The Emperor regained consciousness? That was pretty quick. According to Carol-san, he had stabilized considerably and it looked like it was safe to talk to him.

With Carol-san following behind me, I entered the room assigned to the Emperor. He was there speaking calmly with his daughter. He really looks to be fine.

「Touya-sama! Father has awoken!」

「......You are Mochizuki Touya-dono?」

While Rue turns around looking very happy, the Empire's emperor watches me with a quiet expression. With his long white beard and thin face, he gives the impression of a hermit.

「First I would like to express my gratitude. For saving my and Rushia's life, gratitude alone does not suffice......」

The Emperor bows. It's a little embarrassing.

「Please do not worry. I had come to the Imperial Capital on a shopping trip by chance」

If you look at it, it really was a coincidence. If I had been a day earlier or later then nothing could have been done.

「It saves me to hear you say that. To have a riot in that place at this time. It is truly regrettable......」

「What do you intend on doing from now on? I have yet to inform Belfast that you are here, if there is someplace you wish to go then I can open a「Gate」and send you there?」

The Emperor looked at me with surprise, he gazed at me closely. What is it?

「Well......Is Touya-dono not a person of Belfast?」

「I live here so I am a resident of Belfast. I don't particularly serve the country. I am friendly with the king, but it is different when to comes to problems between nations」

I think that if there is a place he wants to go he should apply for asylum there. Like the country where the first princess married or where the second princess is studying abroad?

The Emperor reflected upon it for a little while but...

「No, I would like to meet with the King of Belfast. If possible to speak in secret, how about it?」

「It would probably be alright but......Is it fine?」

「It's a good opportunity. I want to speak of all the things that have happened, and all the thing to come」

N- it's still early in the evening, and the king may have time now. For the time being I should ask Yumina. I left the Emperor's room and went toward Yumina's.

===========Scene Change=========

「......Sorry, can you say that again?」

「Aa-...Actually I have been giving shelter to the Emperor of Regulus and the third Imperial princess. I am sorry」

Was the King shocked at what I said, he was holding his head. It's a little amusing.

「Regulus' Emperor is in my Capital? Today is just a series of surprises...what's going on!?」

I can't say anything to that. Even if it has nothing to do with the pregnancy of the queen everything else is probably my fault...well, it's definitely my fault.

「So, the Emperor wishes to meet secretly with the King, what do you wish to do?」

「The Emperor?」

The King sighs deeply, slouches deeply in his chair and interlocks his fingers on his stomach. After thinking for a while, he stands up as if making up his mind.

「I can't run away here. That talk, I'll just go to it」

「Well, shall we move to my house directly」

I use「Gate」 in Yumina's room and transport directly into the room that had the Emperor in bed.

The Emperor, who was laying on the bed, was startled by the sudden appearance of the gate and us who pass through it, tried to sit up, and faced the King of Belfast who was directly in front of him. They were silent for a while looking at each other, and after a short time, the Emperor casted his eyes down and lowered his head slightly.

「Please excuse my appearance, King of Belfast. On this occasion it seems that we have caused your country some trouble」

「No, please do not blame yourself very much, Regulus' Emperor. I have heard about the circumstances from Touya-dono」

Saying that, the King sit at the bedside on a chair. The highest-level talks between nations began, and outsiders were supposed to leave. In the room were the King of Belfast, Regulus' Emperor, and their daughters Yumina and Rue, and I left the room.

Out in the hall Carol-san stood as guard. Because she didn't see me coming into the room, when I went out she was surprised, but it seems that she got used to the 「Gate」by now.

「The king of Belfast and Regulus' Emperor are in conference now, so you can't go interfering」

「What!? Just when did that happen!?」

Carol-san said in surprise, again. She really over reacts to every little thing.

Suddenly, my eyes stop at Carol-sans sword. The crest that was carved on it......Ah!

「Excuse me, Carol-san. About the crest on that sword......」

「What about my Ritto family crest?」

She let me see it up close. It's the same after all. As the one on Rene's pendent.

「This crest is the same one as carved on a pendant that I saw」

「! Is it the one set in Wind demon stone!? Where is it!? That person!?」

Her eye color changes and Carol-san starts to approach me. There seems to be some great reason. Because I don't know the reason, I won't tell her about Rene just yet.

「The owner seems to have died. She was sick」

「I, see......」

At my words she loses her strength and Carol-san looks at the ground listlessly. Was it that important of a person?

「The owner of that pendant was my older sister. When I was younger, our father was strict and she was sent out of the house, my one and only sister」

It was her older sister huh? No wonder she was desperate. Which means, Rene is Carol-san's niece? They don't really look alike. Carol is blond, but Rene is a redhead. I wonder if she got it from her father.

「Was the Ritto house a famous noble in the Empire?」

「I don't know if they were famous, but they were tentatively on the lowest seat of the 12 swords of the empire」

「12 swords of the empire?」

「Belfast probably hasn't heard much of anything about them but, in the Empire they're the 12 people that supported the first generation emperor who founded the nation. One of those is our 「Twin swords of Kiru Ritto」ancestor. Well right now the 12 swords of the empire are really nobles in name only......」

Saying that Carol-san laughs sadly. Impoverished nobles...not quite that bad, they just don't have that great of a role in the Empire. Lyme-san didn't even know about the house crest after all.

「I see...older sister passed away...? Even until father passed away they still fought and never reconciled, it was something he regretted.......I wonder if they reconciled on the other side...」

「Aa, ......About your older sister. Actually there is one daughter. That child is here right now......」


Carol-san's eyes popped and she became speechless. Did the sudden news of her sister passing away, and her memento being here suddenly disturb her?

And whether it was good or bad timing, Rene had just came running into the hall.

「Touya-onii-......Dannasama, dinner is ready」

「Ah, thank you Rene. I'll take it later」

To the guest, Carol-san, and myself, she gave a short bow and returned to the corridor. Carol-san followed after her with her eyes. After Rene disappears Carol-san returns her glance toward me.

「It's that child. Her name is Rene. Before coming here she was pick-pocketing in the slums」

「That can't be......!」

「She had to do that to survive. Her father was an Adventurer that didn't return from a demon beast subjugation. She has been carefully keeping her mother's precious pendant all this time」

Carol who had been looking at me glanced back at the corridor.

「......I would like to speak to that child, would it be alright?」

「I can call her for you if you wish?」

「No, right now the Empire is such a state right now, I want it to settle down for a while. She seems to be relatively happy here. However I would like her to see mother someday. This child.... she has different eyes and hair color, but her looks are that of my elder sister」

By Carol-san's mother she means Rene's grandmother? I hope that she gets to introduce her someday......

While thinking about that Yumina peers inside the hall.

「Touya-san, Father and the Emperor are calling for you」

「For me?」

What could it be? I left because I thought I was going to be an intrusion between countries.

Inside were the Emperor on the bed, and beside him was the King sitting on the chair. Both had calm faces. Did the talks end?

「Touya-dono, about the talk this afternoon?」

「This afternoon?」

Did I say something? I tilted my head at the King's words.

「About doing something about General Bazuru......? Can you really do something?」

The Emperor supplies after the king had spoken. Aa, that?

「Something, or rather, I think I can defeat the general. I can make the other servicemen powerless, it is possible to suppress the Imperial Capital even tomorrow」


Everyone except for Yumina were stiff in surprise. Yumina alone puffed up her tiny chest as if it was's still in the process of growing.

「Just, I want to ask something, for the servicemen that joined the rebellion, do you intend on capital punishment for everyone?」

「No, it was begun with the general, as the mastermind his execution is unavoidable, however as the servicemen who participated in the action, I intend on only banishing them from the Imperial Capital」

Dismiss the rest. Well that's appropriate. It's about half the entire army so it can still be recovered.

「Display map. Regulus Teikoku Imperial Capital」

『Understood. Displaying map』

The map of the Imperial Capital appears in the center of the room.

「Wh- what is this!?」

「It's the map of the Imperial Capital......This detailed......」

「This is my no-attribute magic. Convenient isn't it?」

Isn't it something important, it was the feeling the surprised Emperor and Rue gave off. The king was impressed though. Hadn't I shown it to him before?

「Search. Knights in blue, Army in Red」

『Understood...Search end. Displaying』

In an instant the red points extend throughout the Imperial Capital. It feels like the number has increased since earlier today. I wonder if they were summoned from other towns. There is a blue point in one corner of the castle.

「This is?」

「......The underground prison. The remaining knights are probably there. But not all of them. So few. Did the others run away, or were they killed......」

The Emperor bitterly grips his fist in frustration. Seeing that Rue asks me.

「Umm, Touya-sama. Could you look for Older brother?」

「Well......It's not like I can't but... Does the crown prince have any distinct features? Is he someone that you would notice right away as the Crown Prince?」

I did a [search] once more, for what I would judge to be one. I was able to search for servicemen because they were wearing service uniforms so I was able to judge them as 「Servicemen」

But there were no hits. If he had something like 「a sword wound on the cheek」like Yae's older brother, I would recognize it at once.

「A it? U...m He has silvery hair......huh? Feature...feature......」

Rue was thinking. Upon seeing that the Emperor smiles wryly. He really has a normal face. It can't be helped. Might as well get a memory.

「Rue. Stick out your hand a for a little bit」

「? Hai......? Ah......」

I grasped the small hand that was being held out. Rue's face reddens at once, I speak as much as possible to calm her down.

「Close your eyes and imagine your brother. As most recently as possible」

「Ha, hai」

I put my forehead to Rue's who was concentrating. Honestly, I could take a memory from the Emperor but if possible I don't want to press foreheads with another guy. I can't imagine what Rifurizu imperial princess author would write.



「Ha, hai!」

The bewildered Rue is likable, I concentrate magic here and activate it.


An absentminded face comes to mind, the image gradually becomes clearer. He doesn't have silvery hair too, he's a gentle looking youth...huh?

「If this person is the Crown Prince...I've met him before......?」


I retrieved the memory while the four people were surprised. That's right. When the Imperial Capital was being attacked, it was when the knight was being surrounded by the soldiers. That was the crown prince? Was that his disguise to run away!?

......Crap, I just left him there.


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