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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 94


Arc 13: Disturbance of Imperial Capital

Chapter 94: The Two Princesses, and the Strategy Preparations

「For the time being he's not in critical condition. Now we just have to wait for him to rest and regain his strength. He should regain consciousness soon」

Doctor Raul says while putting his stethoscope on the table. The emperor should definitely have been sick, but he couldn't find any symptoms anywhere. Was it the effect of 「Recovery」? But to remedy that abnormal state with magic is not something that normally could have been done. I once tried it on Lindsey when she had a cold but it didn't work.

There are many uncertain points where 「Recovery」is concerned. I don't know really how to classify the illnesses because I am not a specialist. Do thing like viruses and tumors respond differently? Well I don't really get it but the result was good.

「Even still......I never thought I would look after the His majesty the Empire's emperor...... Life is an interesting thing」

Doctor Raul says while smiling wryly. I did tentatively have him keep this a secret from the palace. Once the Emperor woke up I would inform the King myself.

From the position of the doctor, it is for the best not to strain the patient, so I was able to get him to consent.

From then Rushia-hime kept nursing her father the entire time. Carol-san was right next to her.

「Rushia-hime. You should probably rest now. If you collapse too then won't you cause him to worry?」

「Yes......Um can you please call me Rue?」

She fidgets nervously while hesitantly asking with an upturned look. Well if the person in question ask that, then there is no reason to refuse.

「I understand. Rue. Is this good?」

「Yes. This makes me happy」

While Rue says that she smiles. From the gap of the door I notice a glance and see a face peering through it, it was staring straight at me. That scared me! It's Yumina?! Why is she acting like a Peeping tom......

The door opened and Yumina gracefully entered the room, stood before Rue and gracefully bowed.

「It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am the King of the Kingdom of Belfast, Tryst Wynne Ernes Belfast's daughter, Yumina Ernes Belfast」

When Yumina introduced herself, Rue and Carol-san's eyes were wide in surprise, but before long Rue stands up in confusion and bows similarly.

「Pleased to meet you, Princess Yumina-sama. I am Regulus Empire's Emperor, Zephyrus Roa Regulus's third Imperial Princess, Rushia Rea Regulus」

Oo, this is the greeting of two princesses. With them both being of the same age, they are lovelier rather than beautiful though.

「It was a terrible time. It is wonderful that you are safe」

「Yes. Thanks to the assistance of Touya-sama, it was possible to get out safely」

Rue smiles like a flower beginning to bloom.

「That is wonderful. As Touya-san's fianceéit makes me happy」

「, is that so......?」

Ah, the flower withered. What an honest girl. Yumina had the same reaction back then so even I can imagine what Rue was began to think about me.

「Rushia-sama, would you talk with me for a little while, would you mind coming to my room?」

「? Eeh, I don't mind......」

Rue follows closely behind Yumina. After the door closes Doctor Raul mutters.

「......A blood bath isn't it?」

「Please don't say it like that......」

That's not a joke you can laugh at. Well, I don't think Yumina is someone that would lose her temper and yell something like「Thieving cat!」

「Anyways, doctor, if you are returning to the castle I can send you back using 「Gate」. I will be reporting to the king about the Empire though」

「If that is the case, then I would like to accept your offer」

I left the guarding of the Emperor to Carol-san and we went to the Royal Palace using 「Gate」.


「That kind of thing happened in the Empire......」

I explained the situation to the king and proposed to increase defense against the Empire. If possible a lot of wizards should be sent is what I think. To make it easy to make reports secretly between there and here I made many 「Gate mirrors」

These were pair set mirrors for sending letters mutually connected with [Gate]. In other words if letter was sent through from one, it would appear in another. In other words if one of them was sent to a fort then it would be possible to get it touch immediately via letters with royal capital.

「But it's both a good news/bad news kind of day......What a day it is」

The His Majesty the King mutters with a sigh. N? I was the one with the bad news, of course. Then what is the good news?

「Aa......- Yumina will have a little brother or sister」


He was giving an embarrassed lopsided grin.

「Hee~, Congratulations. It would be good if they were the successor」

This way the likelihood that I will have to succeed the throne of this country will fall. So it's happy for two reasons.

「That makes me feel a little complex. If Touya-dono were to succeed the throne then I would be relieved」

「No no, if a boy is born then they'll succeed won't they?」

「So, you say that if a girl is born you'll succeed this country?」

「No, that reasoning is strange」

The King was throwing it out for argument sake so lightly. Don't commit your child to something strange.

「Anyway, what is the Emperor intending on doing......?」

「Aa-... He ran away along with the third princess or were killed. It's not something that is very clear」

I returned a vague answer. I want to wait till the emperor has regained consciousness to give a proper explanation.

「For the time being that general raised a revolt and something needs to be done about it. If he is beaten then it can stop the possible invasion of a foreign nation」

「Hou. You seem pretty confident, do you have a plan?」

「Well, I won't really know until I try」

I left my vague answer and departed from the Royal Palace.

That summoned Demon's Lord only has 「Magic nullification」 applied to it, so I think I can do something with a physical attack. I can't do anything with 「Gravity」 to the demon's body itself but I can probably use it on a really heavy rock overhead and drop it on it.

But, even if the demon is defeated the 「Magic nullification」 probably won't disappear from the general.

If the 「Imbibe Demon's bracelet」absorbs magic in the area, then it's possible to summon the Demon's lord once again.

Though slight, there is magic in everything from plants, to insects, to animals, for a demon beast it requires a lot of magic. If they feel like it they can absorb magic from anything. It's really a troublesome bracelet.

As for the「Defensive bracelet」the bullets are stopped by a barrier or so I thought. The invisible wall only created a partial barrier around the general. It's not as if it's around his entire body. It did nothing to prevent him from falling to the ground. When he was ’’slipping’’ it didn't recognize the ground as damage so it did nothing to protect him form that damage so he kept on falling down. Automatic defense is really the issue here.

It looks like I'm going to have to use that method against the general after all. Seriously......It's not fun at all. He'll probably hate it, that general. Well it'll probably be better than killing him. Um, it's making me all excited.

For the time being I have to prepare. I returned to my house and asked Clare-san for something that I think exists in this world. Unfortunately there wasn't anything that was the same, there was something that was far more severe it seems. If it can't be dealt with by magic it's really dangerous.

I went to the desert nation of Sandora to buy it, and was tentatively able to obtain it. The old merchant stressed that it not be used right here, so I put it in 「Storage」. I wanted to test it but decided against it. If I were to meet my end here then it would be like putting the cart before the horse.

After that I went to the 「Workshop」and had Rosetta prepare a thick iron plate and enchanted it with 「Invisible」so that would be transparent. So it became a transparent strengthened iron plate that was substituted for glass.

Even though it was about 50cm thick the transparency was the same, it's amazing. I could probably make an aquarium......But it's scary to handle living things.

For the time being I've made what I had intended. It's not something that great and I completed it with 「Modeling」. This too I placed in「Storage」.

「But the 「Imbibe Demon's Bracelet」 and the 「Defense bracelet」huh......」

With her arms crossed, Rosetta tilts her head.

「Do you know something about them?」

「If I remember correctly... there should be artifacts like that in the 「Warehouse」」

「...What did you say?」

So what? Did the bracelets just float down from the 「Warehouse」into the general's hands?

「Well 5000 years have passed after is not an absolute that the「Warehouse」is safe. There could have been some trouble and from there the artifacts or some other riches fell out of there」

「......Wait a minute...「The immortal gem」......It gives the owner the immortal attribute, and is able to manipulate the undead......」

「Ah, this is also something that came from the 「Warehouse」as well」

I thought so! The riot in Ishen was due to the interference from the 「Warehouse」as well!? Then wouldn't this mean that the possibility of the 「Warehouse」crashing very high? Which means there is the possibility of other artifacts that are floating around out there.......

「Who is the one that is managing the 「Warehouse」?」

「Because we have the teleportation capacity to jump a short distance, it is possible that before the crash they were able to escape....... But because the manager of the 「Warehouse」was careless I cannot make that assertion」

Is that so......? Well there's nothing I can do about it right now anyways. It's useless to think about it. Could it be that they survived for over 1000 years on the ground...... No way.

Well the countermeasures have been made. It because night, so I took Rosetta home and when we returned to the living room, Carol-san spoke to me.

「His Majesty has regained consciousness」


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