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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 90


Arc 12: Everyday's Life #3

Chapter 90: Early Rising, And new Gauntlet

In the morning, when I wake up, my mouth is being occupied. In front of my eyes is the face of Rosetta with her eyes closed.

「Oaa ! ?」

「Oyo ? Have you woken up ~dearimasu?」

Whaa-what ! ? Why is Rosetta in my room ! ? Or rather than that, why am I receiving a morning kiss ! ?

「Registration Completion. I was storing Master's genes ~dearimasu. From here on, the ownership of [Workshop] and being Master of my humble self will be transferred to Mochizuki Touya ~dearimasu」

Eh ? Aah, is it gene registration for [Workshop] ? Now that you said it, there was something like that. Since we were busy, I have completely forgot about that. Even so, this registration method is somehow not good, I guess. It is bad for my heart.

I was thinking whether Rosetta has become our house's maid-san since then, but what this girl was wearing were not maid clothes but work clothes. What kind of factory manager are you, is what I was thinking, but all in all it suits her.

Nowadays it seems she is manufacturing something in [Workshop]. As for reason, it is about that being merit of her existence should she make it or something like that.

Maa, She is allowed to do as she wants in that aspect though.

「Master, as a matter of fact, I would like some iron and silver ~dearimasu....」

「Again ? What on earth are you making?」

「About that, until it is completed, that will be a secret ~dearimasu」

This again. Well, it is fine nevertheless. I hand over Rosetta the money to buy steel and silver. Receiving the money while being delighted, when I look at Rosetta, I somehow have a feeling like I'm giving out a pocket money to the child.

「Oh, and a guest has come~dearimasu」

「A guest ?」

Quickly changing clothes, I go towards the living room. When I open the door and go inside, there were Lime-san with General Leon who was sitting down on the chair.

「Ouh, Touya-dono. Sorry for coming this morning」

「The guest is the general, isn't it. Is there something wrong, for you to come this early in the morning 」

「No, I would like to ask for a little favor」

Favor ? It is unusual, what on earth would that be, I wonder?

「Did you make a strange weapon for our house's Lyon, right? The one that can become spear and sword」

Aah, is it that one which I gave that time when I beat down the stupid sons of nobles as example.

「Are there still some problems with it?」

「No, there are no particular problems with it. It is just that I want gauntlets like that as well」

「Ha ?」

「Today, Army and Knight Order are doing a combined training. It will be regrettable for one's own father to be defeated when competing against a son」

Eeh, is that the reason ? With father like that, for someone like Lyon-san to be so nicely raised....

「But, the general's gauntlets are already bestowed with some magic too, aren't they?」

When I ask, general removes the brown gauntlets hanging on his waist, and places them on the table.

「Certainly, this ones have the magic bestowment of flame on them. However, there is not much effect other than affecting the flesh and blood of opponent. If possible, I would like a bestowment which increases its destructive power. As well as raising its defensive power 」


If I enchant it with [Gravity], will it be possible to increase its destructive power.... About its defensive power, will it be convenient if I make it so that is change into shield as well.

「Then shall I try to work on it a little bit. What should I do, should I apply it on this one? Or make a completely new one?」

「Since I have memories associated with this ones by themselves. Could you make new ones for me?」

「Roger that」

Taking out mithril lump from [Storage], I change into form of a gauntlets. Using a pelt of strong magic beast in moving sections, while I have general equip them a few times, I regulate their sizes. Since general is right-handed, should it be better to make shield on left hand. After that, I supplement it with bestowments of [Gravity] and [Program], then.

「For the time being, will that do?」

「Ooh, you did it !」

I hand over created silver gauntlet. Equipping them on both hands, general clanged them, making a 'ching' sound.

「Fumu, As one would expect from mithril, it it light」

「Since I will explain how to use them, should we some somewhere else? 」

Using the [Gate], we move to near the wasteland where we fought the Bloody Crab some time ago. If it is here, there is large rocky area here, it will the most suitable place to test out the destructive power, I think.

「Etto, First of all. The gauntlet on left hand becomes a shield. It is done by invoking the words [Shield On] by person wearing it, and to restore it back - [Shield Off]」

「Hou. [Shield On]. Ooh !」

Reacting to the general's voice, the gauntlet on left hand widens and becomes a medium sized shield. It will be handy during the time of fighting against swordsmen and the like, I guess.

「Next is the offense. With key-phrase [Impact], gauntlet's weight grows 200-fold for just a second. If chanted at a time of attacking a target, the offensive power will surely increase. It is considerably dangerous, so I think you should not use it against light-equipped people」

「200-fold ! ?」

In the first place, the weight of one gauntlet is no more that 500 grams. Saying 200-fold, since I thought that it would be about 100 kilograms with about this much, but when thinking enough about it, it might be considerably brutal. Since it it like swinging a 100 kilogram hammer.

Neglecting my thoughts, the general faces big wall of rock and takes a stance. Lowering the back, he pulled his right hand. With taking a step which looked like a flash, he strikes the wall of rock with his hand.

「Impact ! 」

The moment hand hit the rock, the wall of rock smashed up into small pieces in front of our eyes. ....... No one other than me could make it, but isn't this power a little bit over the top.

「Fumu ! this thing is nice! it seems like I will be saved should I encounter magic beasts or heavy infantry]

Maa, I think if it is general, he won't make a mistake with using it.

「After that, with key-phrase [Stun Mode], there will be paralysis effect, and with [Burning Mode] it will be supplemented with flame bestowment. With [Mode Off] it will revert back to the normal state」

「Ooh, have you attached a flame bestowment as well? As [Fire Fist Leon], I am grateful」

General smiles, looking delighted. Immediately with [Burning Mode] the fist becomes clad in flame, and he begins to do shadow boxing. Was he satisfied with this much? Turning off this mode he once again gazed at gauntlets.

「Well, it is terrific. I was also surprised when Lyon showed me his sword, but Touya-dono, couldn't you make a living as a first-class weapons craftsman?」

「Right now, there is no such intention」

That's because if one makes a mistake in usage of weapons, an unthinkable consequences will be produced. Making them for acquaintances sounds about just right. Therefore I don't particularly take money for them as well. And, when I convey that, I'm told「That won't do, after that I will send a corresponding payment」and since it is not money, I decided to accept it. If it something like food, I will be grateful.

Defeating Lyon-san immediately..... Or rather, wanting to train with him, we moved to the training field in royal palace.

While general was clanging his gauntlets on each other, he went to search for his son looking joyful. Lyon-san, forgive me...

I accomplished my goal as well, and when I thought that I should return come, in the corner of the training field I discovered a familiar face. It is Will and Neil-san. Are they doing a morning training?

Will starts to slice at Neel-san, but being lightly dodged, with being tripped, he is knocked down.

「Because the opponent is a swordsman, do not be cautious solely of his sword ! The attack can still come from any place ! Be sure not to break your stance ! 」

「Ha, Haii !」

Hohou. They are working quite hard. Placing my elbow on fence of training field, I watch the two people's fight. If I were to compare it with the one from before, Will's movement are becoming skillful as well. It seems that Neil-san is training him seriously. That way, he might enter the Knight Order for real.

「Are, Touya?」

「N? Elsie?」

Elsie, who finished with army's training, while wiping the sweat with towel came this way.

「What's the matter, this early in the morning. You wake up around the time I usually come home, and yet...」

If it is the way she said this, do I not look like a good-for-nothing husband? You guys are simply way too early, I think.

「I was waken up by general, you know. He had me make him a weapon」


Accurately speaking, I was waken up by Rosetta's kiss, but I will be silent about that. There is no need to unnecessarily add oil to the flames.

「That's right, Touya. If you coming back home after this with [Gate], would you rather go to [Silver Moon] ? I want to enter the hot springs!」

Elsie started rapidly talking about such a thing. About [Silver Moon], we went to the hot springs a few times with everyone. Certainly, we did the morning bath as well. Becoming sticky with sweat, I can understand Elsie's feelings, I think.

「Then, Shall we go?」

「Yes !」

Opening the [Gate], to the city of Leaflet, we come out in front of [Silver Moon]. Elsie quickly enters the store interior, and calls out to Mika-san who is at reception desk. Tentatively, since this hot spring is being [ loaned ] by me, the fees are not taken from us.

「Then, I'm going in」

「Take your time~」

Elsie cheerfully receives the wash tools and bath towel from the counter and disappears in the direction of women's bath. Since I am not covered in sweat, I don't have a desire to enter.

Talking with Mika-san for a short while, I heard about things like the latest events and whether there are defects and the like with the hot springs. Guest's entering is a considerably good as well, and it seems that rather than lodging, the bathing fees are more profitable as well.

「Oya, long time no see」

「Are, Zanakku-san? Are you here for bath from the morning?」

Coming from the men's hot spring and having placed a towel on his head, the owner of [Fashion King Zanakku] appeared.

「No, since it is something that can be done here, or rather, if I don't come in the morning and evening, my mood worsens. I have already become a regular patron」

Zanakku-san laughs clatteringly. That might be so, I guess. At any rate, it is because the effect of [Recovery] is being fused together with hot water. It is impossible that the mood will worsen.

And yet somehow, it has a strange feeling similar to being drugged. It doesn't mean that it is a bad thing though.

「That reminds me, I have completed one more design of clothes, which I received from you. I think that it came out considerably good 」


As I heard the story, I got excited with feeling of making a trifling mischief. Receiving the cooperation of Mika-san as well, I decided to have Zanakku-san sell me that completed clothes. This will be enjoyable.

Scene-Change -

「And, this is?」

「That's right. It is a present from me」

Elsie pinches a little the hem of the clothes she changed into. On the side of red stand-up collar clothes there is a slit. It is a so called mandarin dress. Moreover, it is only a short china mini. Of course, underneath it she is wearing spats. A few shoes with high heels were prepared. By the way, as for the clothes size I had Mika-san take care of that.

As I thought, it suits her. With her being a melee fighter, it suits her all the more.

「Yes, it suits you. Cute」

「Wha~, what are you say ! Arbitrarily replacing the clothes, mou !」

Having her face become red, Elsie casts her eyes down. It is also quite a shy facial expression. In that, she is the same as Lindsey.

It was like that at the time with Gothic Loli clothes as well, but for some reason despite liking to wear cute clothes, Elsie doesn't try to wear them. As for me, I was under impression that they didn't suit her. Therefore, it is necessary to make the situation so that she cannot help but to wear the clothes even if it is against her own will.

Therefore requesting Mika-san, after confiscating Elsie's clothes, she placed those clothes instead. Though at first she was angry, it seems like she is pleased with received gift.

「Will you be able to accept it?」

「...Un... thank you.......」

When I am told such a thing with upturned eyes, I guess it cannot be helped that I want to embrace her closely!

Since there are people here, it is unreasonable though! Kuu, if only I had more courage !

Having placed the clothes she changed from before into the bag, we leave them behind in [Silver Moon].

When we come outside, is it that she is not accustomed to shoes, Elsie who seems do not walk easily is clinging to my arm.

「For~, for a little while to stay as it is... fine.....?」

Of course there is no reason to refuse. Such soft things are being in contact with my arm.

It is the early bird which gets the worm. Today seems to be a good day.


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