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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 88


TL: greujnik

ED: Super Banana

Arc 12: Everyday's Life #3

Chapter 88: The Crab, and The List of Goods

The Bloody Crab's habitat is a so called wasteland to the south of the Steer Mine where we defeated the Mithril Golems.

Coming out from [Gate] to the mine, we have no choice but to go south on foot from here.

「It's not that far to use [Garden]. So let's run」

「Eh ? Kyaa ! ?」

I decide to lift Yumina with both arms and carry her. It is of course a princess carry. And just like that I start running nimbly.


I reduce my weight and Yumina's to around half. If I bring it too close to zero, I can't control my body balance and fall down because I would be too light.

「Accel Boost」

Moreover, using body strengthening and acceleration magic, I produce an explosive speed. There's no resistance even when running at such speed, I don't even feel the headwind. It's an effect of the magic barrier of [Accel]. I thought it'd be like a virtual game somehow. Though I was running at an earth-shattering speed, it felt similar to some other-world thing.

Because of such feelings, Yumina is in my arms unfrightened of the speed, gazing at the flowing scenery.

After running for a short while, we could see the wasteland. I stop for the time being and put Yumina down.

「Search. Bloody Crab. Within the radius of three kilometers」

『...Search End. From here, to the southwest is one body. Displaying it』

The map of this area is displayed in an image before my eyes. From here, the crab should be there. About 1 km from here.

「Touya-san, just now, Shisuka's voice....」

「N? Aah, I got her voice and used it here. It might be obvious, but that's because that girl's voice is mechanical and lacks emotion. Rather I think I'm digressing 」

Taking out the smartphone from my breast pocket, I explain it to Yumina.

I hold Yumina in my arms once more and run in the direction where the crab is. Soon, we could see the figure of a big crab with its red carapace, a pair of big scissors on each side and similarly carrying itself on four legs on both sides.

(TL: 2 scissors on left, 2 scissors on right, 4 legs on right, 4 legs on left)

It's big. Probably around the size of a dump truck. With rugged and rock-like bumps and a carapace that stands out with its blood-red color. Its appearance gives out a feeling of a red king crab being atrociously transformed. However, its four scissors are abnormally large unlike a red king crab. It'd be the end if one gets caught in those. The upper body would part from the lower body.

The Bloody Crab becomes aware of us, it turns its body and faces this way. Bubble foams are on its mouth, but isn't that a sign of a crab living underwater suffering from the lack of oxygen? Maa, to think that common sense of that world is the same here is a trap. However, it's strange it's here at this hour. One has to change their outlook, or it will be a matter of life and death.

After putting Yumina down, we prepare our weapons. I set Brunhild to Blade mode, and Yumina draws out her Colt M1860 from her waist. And just like that, we start shooting consecutively with paralysis bullet while facing the crab, but being unable to break through the carapace, it seems [Paralysis] doesn't have any effect too. Seems like its magic resistance is strong. Seems like magic won't be effective either. Just goes to show how red rank subjugation targets are.

「Be entangled by soil, ground spell, Earth Bind」

By the spell chanted by Yumina, the soil at the feet of the Bloody Crab entwines to each of its legs, making its movement grow dull. It seems like it's somewhat effective if it's not a directly targeted magic.


Without missing this chance, I use acceleration magic, leap overhead above the crab instantly, and land on its rugged back. Though the magic that I'm about to use is magic that is directly applied on the target, it'll probably be fine I think. Squatting down, I touch the crab's back and invoke the magic.


Gakun! The crab's legs bend, and it collapses on the ground. I jump down from the back and stare at the crab, whose movements have weakened.

Fumu, once [Gravity] is invoked, I can then increase or decrease it as I want to.

「What did you do?」

「I increased this guy's weight several times with magic. With its body being too heavy, he can't move anymore」

Although it's dragging its heavy body, the Bloody Crab somehow still manages to make an attack, so I increase the magic and add more weight. The raised scissors fall to the ground and stop moving. Even though I added considerable weight, the carapace still doesn't crack one bit.

「...Touya-san, this crab, hasn't it already died?」


Come to think of it the foaming bubbles have disappeared already. Strange bodily fluids have begun to ooze out from all over the body. Seems like the internal organs could not withstand the weight.

I cancel [Gravity]. Bloody Crab did not move an inch. Drawing near, I try to strike it with Brunhild, but there is no reaction as well. It is just like a corpse.

「It was settled considerably easy」

Yumina looks at the crab while putting the gun into her waist holster.

「The strong point of this magic is that once it is used, it is possible to manipulate the weight from a long distance」

Changing the mood, I pick up some small pebbles from the ground, and after using [Gravity] I throw them in front of myself. Before falling into the ground, I increase the weight of each one by a hundred kilograms. Then there were dents here and there on the ground where I scattered the pebbles.

「....... It is an amazing magic, isn't it」

「I could probably even break the Fureizu if I used this. The weakness is that it can't be used without touching, but that issue might be solved if I use this」

I take out the smartphone from my breast pocket. Before, I was able to round up all the thieves using [Paralysis] without invoking it or touching them. Perhaps, it would be possible to do the same with [Gravity]. I thrust Brunhild which was in my hand into the ground.

「Search. Brunhild. Target Lock. With [Gravity] let's see, increase the weight by two-fold 」

『...Search completed. Target locked. Invoking [Gravity]』

I take Brunhild, standing in front of my eyes, in my hand. It is heavier than usual. It appears that the effect was achieved. The experiment is success. It will become a considerable weapon. Since it appears that because magic contradicting the effects of magic exists in this world, it doesn't mean that it can be called almighty, I think.

Cancelling [Gravity], I affix Brunhild on my waist.

「For now, we have to carry this crab and return」

「The subjugation part is only the scissors, but they say the guild purchases other parts too. Should we sell everything?」

「Un, let us keep one leg. As a souvenir for Claire-san. We'll have crab pot today」

「Sounds good」

(tl: kaninabe)

Putting it in [Storage] temporarily, we use [Gate] and return to the guild in the royal capital.

When we handed over the subjugation part to the reception's onee-san, her eyes go round at the overwhelming speed, but upon explaining about the [Gate], we were able to reach an understanding. Tentatively, it is the duty of the guild staff personnel to hide this sort of individual ability. In other words, there's no need to worry about exposing it. Though there might be fellows who would doubt this.

In the guild's courtyard, I take out the Bloody Crab we brought back from [Storage], and had it assessed. Of course, one leg had been torn off.

Shell and meat, it was all a considerable amount of money. We receive the money at the counter including the reward for the subjugation. As usual, our guild cards are stamped with the seals.

「With those points, Yumina-sama's guild rank has been raised. Congratulations」

Receiving the guild card which has become red, Yumina was delightfully smiling.

「With this, I'm the same rank as everyone」

Ah, as I thought, she was worrying about being the only one who was different. It's just so. It's that feeling of being the odd one out.

Now then, we should go to a Rifurizu bookstore and buy the books. N~, Since we received a lot more money than estimated, maybe we should also buy other books. ...of such orientation. The trade is determined by customers. Is that fortunate? There is a person in front of me, who seems to have good knowledge on that matter.

「E~tto, receptionist-san」

「Ah, I'm called Prim. How may I help?」

After this, I inform her about buying the books mentioned before, along with any popular books with the same genre she could suggest.

「Eh!? Are you saying that you are going to buy these books!?」

「If they are in stock over there, that is. Because of the money I earned from the subjugation this time, it will be alright」

「Wa~, will you wait a bit please!? 」

And, the minute she said that, she goes over to a similar female guild staff members, talks to them about something, and writes down on a memo. Then she goes over to another female staff, and writes down on the memo again. She repeats this several times, finally, even talking to several female adventurers she seemed to be acquainted to, then comes back to me. Oi oi, you're duties are stagnating......

「If~, if those will be obtained, everyone said they would definitely come tomorrow to [Moon Read]. Please take those into account!」

「... Haa...... I will definitely consider that......」

Taking the handed over memo in my hand, when I raised my head, I was able to see the sparkling eyes from most of the women inside the guild. Sparkling ? Even if you don't set that sparkling mood....

I leave the guild, then go home for the time being. I plan to go to the bookstore after escorting Yumina, but isn't this a coincidence? Because Lindsey was taking her meal in the terrace, I also showed her the memo Prim-san had written.

「...This, you will buy all of them, right?」

「If only they are in stock」

Lindsey takes out a pen from her breast pocket and adds a few titles on the memo. Stop adding to it, stop adding.

「... These you absolutely must buy. The last volume just came out and missing it will take time to obtain all of them. If it becomes available in [Tsukiyomi], people are going to scramble over this」

... Is that so? I don't quite get it, but well, if Lindsey says so, it must be, I guess.

For now I say my thanks, and look over the titles in the memo I got back.

「Knight Order of Rose」15 volumes

「A Butler's secret」5 volumes

「The Oath of the Fallen Slave Prince」8 volumes

「The Boy in the Cage」6 volumes

「Sweet, Dangerous Embrace」12 volumes

「The Scorching Night of the Two Who Can't Go Back 」5 volumes

「The Sweet Trap and The Magician」12 volumes

「The Bridegroom's Immorality」17 volumes

「Rose-Colored Magical」9 volumes

「The Master's Care」18 volumes

(Ed: I swear I may have had too much fun on this part.)

...... Should I really get all of these? It seems my heart would break from these line of titles. However, it's already too late to say that I'm not going to buy these...

Maybe I should isolate these books to another area, to distinguish these from the other books. With a curtain or something to stop others from looking in, and a disclaimer to refuse entry for those 18 or younger... Tte, then it'd be the same as an adult corner in a video rental store. Uumu...... I don't want to be troubled with such things.

Maa, since it's not fostering crime or anything, it should still be wholesome. ...... Is it really wholesome?

While seriously thinking about handing over the ownership to Lindsey, I open the [Gate] to Rifurizu and go in.


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