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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 86


TL: greujnik

ED: Super Banana

Arc 12: Everyday's Life #3

Chapter 86: The Voice Input, and The Gravity Change

With the preparations in order, all that's left is the practicing and the reviewing of the work details until the day of the opening of the shop.

As for the allotments, there will be two people at the reception counter. Surasu-san and Berui-san. Both have brown hair with Surasu-san having short hair, while Berui-san's is fluffy, wavy, and long. Because they have pleasant and cheerful attitudes, this arrangement will do nicely.

In the kitchen will be Shia-san and Mia. Black-haired sisters. Because these two people can cook to some extent, furthermore having received teachings from Claire-san, they have the basic training.

And then for the waitresses who will serve the customers and such, we have Sylvie-san and Marika, and also Wendy. Sylvie is the oldest of the seven people (although I say so, she's only 21 however), so she has the position of leader to lead everyone. According to the person in question, she didn't seem to want to do it, but this Miss who is briskly working, seems to be actually reliable.

Marika is young next to Wendy, but anyhow, she's a healthy girl with a lot of spirit. Although sometimes it backfires and she often fails, she works hard to make up for it.

Among all of them Wendy is the youngest, but she handles everything flawlessly. I was worried about her docile character, but there doesn't seem to be any problem. Because these three people had the fundamentals of serving customers be driven from Lapis-san, it will be alright, I think.

I ordered all of their clothes from Zanakku-san. Finding various outfits on the net, and I showed it to them, but unexpectedly everyone chose the clothes similar to Taisho Era's Haikara-san. According to everyone, the chests and skirts of the other clothes were risquéin numerous ways. Is that so? Well, there's no reason to object.

For the time being, we will begin operations with that lineup. Wednesdays and Sundays are rest days. Business hours are from 9AM till 6PM. A membership card will be made and given upon entering, recording the time they entered. Usage time is prepaid, and if there's an extension, the additional amount will be paid upon leaving. The use of private rooms have additional charges. Food and drink fees are also paid upon leaving.

Afterwards, I had flyers distributed which were photocopied in the [Workshop], to serve as advertising. Opening is on the day after tomorrow.

Because the basic confirmation was finished, these days just recently, I've been doing a daily routine at the residence.

Placing the smartphone on the table, I sit on a distant chair.


When I murmur, the smartphone powers on [Automatically].

「Search. Within the residence, how many people are humans?」

『... Search end. 10 people. 2 men, 8 women』

For men it would be me and perhaps Lime-san, therefore, Julio could be in the garden. Since the search was for human beings, Shizuka and Rosetta were not included.

「Search. In the garden of this residence, how many people are there?」

『... Search end. In the garden is one person. It is a man』

「Tom-san and the like are outside the gates, therefore they were excluded. Image of the person in the garden」


Julio-san's 3D-like image is shown on the smartphone screen. It is a combination of [Long Sense] and [Mirage]. Julio-san, who was working on the flower bed, stands up to stretch his back. He's probably tired.

「Target lock on him. Invoke [Cure Heal] and [Recovery]」

『Roger. Invoking [Cure Heal] and [Recovery]』

A magic formation appears above Julio-san's image, then a soft light pours down. For a moment he looks surprised, and after moving his body, relieved of fatigue, he turns to face in the direction of my room. When I opened the window to wave a hand at him, he responded in a similar manner, too.

Un, it came to operate smoothly.

I have evolved the integrated [Program] one by one. For the voice output, a recording of Shizuka's voice is used. At first I tried using my own voice, but it became quite unpleasant so I stopped. Such is that voice, my own.

Because there's a recording function it was different from Pola, and it wasn't particularly difficult. Honestly, I had to remember every single one, so it was considerably difficult, but it has become usable like this. I can't really operate the smartphone during a battle, so having voice input will help a lot

「Net search. Today's events」

The 3D image of Julio-san vanished, then the network news of today in my former world is displayed. Is there House of Councilors elections? I wanted try to use my right to vote at least once.

「End. Power off」

The screen of the smartphone goes out, and powers off. Yosh, good job. I put the smartphone on my breast pocket and leave the room.

When I descend to the first floor, Will came back with the nice timing.

「Good timing. After this I will experiment with the magic of your Jii-san, do you want to see?」

「Jii-chan's? But it's just magic, that just makes things a little heavier. It's not really useful....」

「That's not really it. If my idea is right, depending on the person who uses it, it might be the strongest class of magic, you know」

「Eh ! ?」

My words must really be hard to believable, since Will made a strange look, but he must've been interested because he still came along with me.

We go out into the terrace towards the garden. As usual, Julio-san was tending to the flower bed.

We walk till near the center of the garden.

「Will, would you lend me your sword?」

「He? Aah, it is okay, but....」

He unsheathes the sword from his waist and hands it to me. Maa, it's just a normal sword. Although it's not bad, as I thought it's too big for Will to swing around.

「I've been wondering for a while now, but this sword doesn't seem to suit Will too much. Why is it so big?」

「Ah, well, I just picked it up. It was dropped in the desert. It probably belonged to an adventurer eaten by a Sandcrawler or something」

Uwaah. So he was thinking about how to use it properly...... Maa, novice adventurers would have difficulty procuring protective gear too. Nothing we can do about it.

I thrust the sword into the ground of the garden.

「Try extracting it」

「Eh? Ha....」

Will pulls out the stuck sword smoothly. It comes out without difficulty. After confirming it, I have him thrust it into the ground again. Will looks puzzled not being able to understand.

Now then, from here is the experiment. I put my palm on the pommel of the sword stuck in the ground, and focus my magic.


Gaku~ the sword goes in deeper. It seems to have properly taken effect.

「Try to extract it」


Will takes the handle, and tries to pull it out but it doesn't move.

「Na..... ! Kuu, heavy~....... !」

Dozun~ the sword falls sideways after applying force to it. Will tries to lift it but it doesn't move at all.

「It seems like this magic can change the [Weight] of the touched object. Will's Ojii-san couldn't make it more than a little heavier, probably because of magic capacity」

Perhaps it would be more accurate to define it as [Gravity Change], but because there is no magic of that range specification, it seemed more fitting to call it [Weight]. I have a feeling it should be [Gravity] not [Weight], but there's no point in minding such details.

Its weakness is the object needs to be touched to invoke it, but you can increase the weight by pouring magic, and you can freely cancel it. It's not just objects either, oneself's weight can also be changed accurately. In other words, I can do a megaton punch if I invoke it just before it hits. However in this regard, I can't be barehanded because I might damage my fists.

Changing the weapon's weight during a fight would be most efficient. I could probably even crush a Fureizu if I used this.

Moreover, I could make my body weight lighter to increase the effects of [Boost] and [Accel]. Are? If I enchant weapons, I could maybe make earth-shattering light weapons. However, it doesn't mean much if I just lighten an axe or mace. It gets power because it is heavy.

Anyhow, it is a considerably convenient magic.

「Ojii-san was able to use such an earth-shattering magic, you know. It's just that, he simply did not have enough magic power so it wasn't effectively obvious」

「Jii-chan's magic was such an amazing thing...... 」

Thanks to Will, we now have a means to oppose the Fureizu. I have to express my gratitude somehow. I take out a lump of mithril from [Storage], transform it using [Modelling], and make a breastplate and gloves that fit Will.

「That.... Is it fine for me to accept it?」

「Please accept it since it's thanks for your Ojii-san's magic. We should do something about that sword too」

Cancelling [Gravity], I pick up Will's sword. I bestow [Gravity] on it using [Enchant], but this time adversely I only make it a little bit lighter. Its power due to its weight would more or less have dropped, but I think it should've become easier to wield.

When I hand over the sword, he tried to swing it two-three times, then his eyes stared in amazement over the sword which became lighter.

「It is easy to handle. If it is with this armor and sword, I might be able to defeat demon beasts easier than before」

「Still, you shouldn't be careless... That's right, you should get some intense training to become strong? 」


-Scene-Change -

「And, saying this, would you be able to have this fellow work hard?」

「I see」

I took Will along to the training fields of the Knight Order. In front of us is Vice-Commander Neil. Next to me is the boy Will who was trembling to the point of breaking.

「Good timing. As a matter of fact, the Knight Order has been having problems with enrolling nobody else but nobles as per the previous incident, so we have decided to start taking applications widely」

「Ho-ho. So Will can get training then, and if he is useful he can also join the Knight Order?」

「It will up to the person himself still」

While saying so, Vice-Commander gives Will an intense look over.

「You are called Will, yes? Leaving aside whether you will join the Knight Order or not, do you want to become strong? 」

「That... is what I want. There is a person I want to protect. For that reason I want to become even stronger. Not just to become stronger, I want to become a man capable of protecting various things」

His legs were trembling, but Will answered the Vice-Commander clearly. If it's a person he wants to protect, it's probably that girl. Hearing this, Vice-Commander Neil grinned broadly.

「Splendid! It is the duty of a knight to fight for the sake of protecting someone or something. You seem to have character. Morning or evening, you should come here. I'll let you participate in the training. You should become strong to your heart's content」


Will gives an encouraging reply. I read a book once, in it was written [if there is a heroic boy and a brave girl, then the country will never perish].

Boy, become strong.


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