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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: The Book Collection, And The Store

I'm considering if I should try starting a business. First I'd need funds. Though I sold the mithril, I kept some because it is considerably useful.

And so, I had the bicycle copied in the [Workshop], just 50 to start with. I brought them to the Misumido trader, Orba-san's place, and after negotiating he bought it for a considerably large amount.

Uumu, I wonder if it is a good thing to receive that much for such easily made things from iron and rubber. Well, because the other side also is a merchant, negotiations, which results in a loss, are part of life. Perhaps, it should be expected that he will be able to earn even more. I should give up on hesitating.

For now, I have acquired the funds. While there, I also go to Misumido's bookstore, and buy a number of major story books of this country. I buy whole series. However, only those completed. I don't need those which are still being completed. Because this world does not have a thing called [Scheduled Release Date]. Whether or not the next volume comes out depend on the author. I can't wait for something like that. I bought approximately 500 books in total.

Now I go to Oedo in Ishen, and also buy books there. There was no typical Japan-like atmosphere about them, nor did they look like scrolls among other things, as I imagined it, they were just an ordinary books. This time I also buy works focused on legends. Ishen has a lot of fairy-tale series. Next is mystery? Again, I buy about 300 books and place them in [Storage].

Having received Yumina's transferred memories about the Rifurizu Empire's capital, Bern, I teleport there and, in the same way, obtain 400 books in a bookstore. Though it's my first time in the imperial capital, I'll go sightseeing next time.

In a similar way, receiving memories about Regulus Empire's capital, Gararia, from Lapis-san and Sandora Kingdom's capital, Kyurei, from Rebecca-san, I teleport to each country and accumulate books about legends of these countries.

After buying up books from Belfast's bookstores, the book collection became quite considerable.

[What are you going to do collecting so much books?]

Lindsey asks while looking at the mountain of books piled up on the table. When I find a book that attracted my interest, I would thumb through it. But only for a bit, since this is merchandise.

First of all, I enchant all the books I bought with [Protection]. With this, the books won't get dirty, and it will even be totally fine if it gets wet with water. Ordinary fire likely can't burn it. Though it might not be good against fire magic.

The door opens and Elsie comes in.

[I've been looking through the properties in the avenue as you asked. There was one house that was just right. It's on a corner of the South District in the Capital, and the site condition is not bad]

[Alright, for the time being we'll look it over, then I'll buy it]

[...Still, bookseller-san, you are starting a business?]

Almost but not quite. I'm not [bookseller-san].

[No, it won't be a bookstore. It will be a formal-like cafe (Kissaten). But it costs money to enter. There's a time limit, but you may freely read any book in the cafe]

Well, you could call it a [Manga Cafe] (Manga-kissa). Story books are quite expensive in this world. Though you can buy it, few commoners could have it. But picture books and the like for the sake of learning the alphabet are sold cheaply. There is no public library in this country. Although there is a library in the royal palace.

Therefore I thought a place like this where you could read freely was good. Not just books from this country, but other countries too. Furthermore, without having to buy them. That's why it's a [Reading Cafe] (Tokusho-kissa).

[.... Indeed. Read as many books as you please, and also be able to have a meal... If it was me, I would spend all my time there]

Lindsey mutters while looking at the piled up mountain of books.

[And then, the cafe will be entrusted to those girls? ]

[At first. If they find something else to do then they can resign. If that happens, other people will be employed]

It seems the girls we saved in Sandora's desert can cook, so it should be okay there. Because there is no one in charge in cooking, I think if it won`t very unappetizing, there won't be problems. If they are paid based on the amount of sales, the girls will be able to earn for their living expenses.

[For now, let's go take a look at the place]

I took Elsie and Lindsey and we teleported to the South District.

The property itself was not that bad. Seems like it was originally an inn, and it was made quite wide. It looks like the first floor was a bar, but if redecorated and filled with bookshelves, people will want to read here. The second and third floors will have private rooms for people who want to read at ease. The price for the use of private rooms should be set slightly higher.

[There doesn't seem to be any problems. Let's decide on this place].

I sign the documents from the real estate agent we called, thus purchasing the rights. Though it wasn't cheap, but well, it'll be fine, I think.

Well then, it's time for remodelling. And it's done. I called Wendy and the girls from the mansion, (Will also came, though I didn't call for him) then I asked Wendy and the six aside from Will, to clean the upper floors.

I use [Modelling] to transform the furniture one by one into fluffy sofas. The reception counter will be here, where beverages can be served. Should I make it self-service for the first floor visitors? Maybe make water or simple tea free of charge. It will be taken from the entry fee. Decorative plants... Because I can't make those, maybe I should bring some from the [Garden]. Bookshelves of different sizes on this side, and done.

I also made some recliner-like seats. With small tables. Uu~n, it has become enjoyable.

Taking it out from [Storage], I got Will and Wendy to arrange the huge amount of books into the bookshelves.

[Danna-sama, I have a question]

Wendy asks me while arranging the books in the bookshelves. I would like her to stop with the Danna-sama, but for some reason she won't stop calling me that.

[Won't there be some visitors who will come and take the books home secretly?]

[Ah, I also thought about that. For example, some fellow enters a private room, places the books in something like a bag, and then leaves casually. What would you do then?]

In short you're worried about shoplifting. Books are valuable here. I understand. Ma, there's no oversight on this part, you know.

[Then, let's have Will try to steal as a trial. Conceal it under the clothes or something]


Will looked doubtful, but did as he was told, and concealed a book under his clothes and went out the exit. But.



Will makes a strange sound and collapses at the exit. Yep, success. The book invokes [Paralyze] when it is taken out of the building. Furthermore, if a book moves 10 meters from the building, the book automatically teleports to the counter. Even if the paralysis is prevented with a talisman, the book will come back.

I revive the fallen Will with [Recover].

[If it's like that then certainly you can't steal it]

[The guy is then handed over to the guards. Of course he is also banned from coming here again. Still, there will be some troubles, so I want to ask Rebecca-san, Logan-san, and Will to work as guards. It's better if it's acquaintances. If circumstances are not suitable, then I will commission guild people for employment]

[I don't mind. I think I can work 3 days of the week here, and the rest I will work for the guild]

I see. Hm? What about the remaining day? A holiday? I tried asking, and Will blushes and his eyes started swimming. Next to him Wendy was blushing too. While I was thinking, *smack*, somebody hit the back of my head. When I turned around, there was Elsie standing with a shocked face.

[As thickheaded as always. Make a guess. They have date, a date, you know. It is necessary to have at least a day to go to play together, don't you agree]

[Aa, Onee-chan, it is no good to say something like that so frankly...!]

Lindsey panics. But Will and Wendy's faces are becoming more and more red. Seems like it hit the mark.

Maa, I understand their feelings. Let's not meddle in it anymore. I leave the two people who have quietly started arranging the books on the bookshelves, and transform a chair into a recliner using [Modelling]. I let Elsie sit on it, and adjust it little by little until it became comfortable.

[Danna-sama's no-attribute magic is really useful, you know. I don't have an attribute, so I'm envious....]

Will stopped his hand and looked this way. Or rather, I want you to stop calling me danna-sama.

[My late grandpa was able to use no-attribute magic. But magic after all, is not hereditary]

Will began to arrange the books again while sighing. So that's how it is. The nature of magic is not hereditary. Even though there genes should be the same since Lindsey and Elsie are identical twins, Lindsey possesses 3 attributes, and Elsie has 1 no-attribute.

[What kind of no-attribute magic did your grandpa have?]

No-attribute magic is personal magic. People who can use identical magic are rare. Therefore the treasure house of magic does not seem to be all the more useful. Only makes the water slightly salty, what's with that. Use ordinary salt.

But I am still interested. Even if it's not usable, depending on the way of thinking, it might become usable.

[Grandpa's no-attribute magic was not a considerable magic. It was magic that could make things touched slightly heavier]


[t becomes only a little heavier. Honestly it was useless magic. It was called [Gravity]]

.... Wait a minute. That`s it.

[Will, could you later teach me in detail about that magic?]

[? Okay?]

If it is what I think it is, that magic is hiding unbelieveable potential. If that magic has something to do with [Gravity] as the name dictates...

(TL: In first mention [Gravity] is written in kana, and now, MC uses kanji for it).

Maa, that is for later. Before my eyes, the reclining seat is completed, then I start making one more.

I have yet to think up the menu. Something light so they can be picked up easily would be good. Things like cakes or sweets would be good too. I should also consider parfaits and such.


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